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  1. qucik question.. I am kinda running out of Hard drive space. is it possible to delete the UPDATE folder of Il2 ? thanks a lot
  2. yeah, Im sure all these guys are about realism you know like having people die and fly again 3min later... or having airplanes smoking and leaking from 5 different spot and keep on fighting instead of bugging out etc etc...
  3. I agree.. though for having tested it a lot offline today, the mk108 is a one shot one kill weapon.... on fignters its devastating.. and shooting it from VR and oculus rift makes it very easy even in high deflection...
  4. I disagree. I have tracks to prove it. the time in which i emptied loads of 20mm on yaks and they kept flying with leaks all over the place is over.. they now break apart very easely. (or more like a german plane, Id say..)
  5. I strongly disagree... it is now MUCH easier to cut russian airplanes in half with the 20mm as well. I suspect its not the 20mm that is better, but VVS planes that are less strong than before. and no Its not the 13mm effect only. I tested the same flying the G2 and F4
  6. it works great in the game.. now ask yourself. Why do most russian servers ban the modification in their servers ?.....
  7. I confirm this. Mg151 way more efficient
  8. yet most server who allow the G6 don't give the mk108 option.. hahahha classic..
  9. My game keeps crashing at start after the last steam update- The first time I installed it it worked fine. Now it doesnt work anymore. Need your help, badly. Thanks a lot
  10. How can I imstall Blitz ? i ahve the original Il2 Clod on my steam but cannot seem tO UPGRADE
  11. thank you gentlemen.. installing Steam VR did it. then i simply had to find a way to get rid of the chaperone blue line. After that, it was ABSOLUTELY awesome. everything maxed out on ultra, and I was at about 90FPS in combat with 12 airplanes around ! Amazing
  12. I have the oculus rift and a 1080ti and I am unable to run Il2 BOS/BOM in VR I have selected the option in the graphic settings but even after a restart i get nothing in my oculus rift and the image on my monitor is normal 2D.. Anyone knows why ? how do you activate VR ? (yes, my game is up to date) thanks a lot for your help ! ps: all graphic maxed out, I get in between 135 and 450 fps in game in 2D ! A MA ZING
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