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  1. Oyster, Wow, your work is outstanding. Thanks for all your hard work, it makes the game that much more believable. Falcon
  2. Jade, Don't be gone for too long. The community will miss your missions and campaigns. Falcon
  3. Gambit, Finished the campaign and it was great; however, as reported above the two fighter sweep missions seem to have a problem with RTB for the flights, even after all enemy planes are downed. Keep up the great work. Falcon
  4. Jade, I don't know if this will help or not; however, I flew into the target area leaving the B-20's behind and the German ships were there. After a few strafing passes German planes showed up. The B-20's never entered the target area although when I signaled my flight to "do as I do" they entered the target area and engaged the German planes. Hope this gives you some insight into the problem. Falcon
  5. Jade, A question regarding your campaign. In flying the escort mission of B-20's attacking enemy shipping the flight gets to the attack zone, but never attacks, just circles and then returns to base with a mission complete ending. My question is, was this done deliberately, e.g., not being able to find the enemy shipping, or was this just a "hic up" in the campaign. By the way I'm enjoying the campaign very much and particularly the variety of missions. Falcon
  6. Gambit, You've done it again. Well done and I particularly like the American voice overs. I know just how hard it is to learn the ME, and you've done a masterful job. KUDOS Falcon
  7. OUTSTANDING!!! Great Job Team..
  8. Tip, Enjoying your campaign; however I experienced the same issue that WM-KMS described above, i.e., after RRR completed l couldn’t get my throttle to work correctly and join the flight. Any ideas? Also noted, I appeared to arrive early at the RRR site at Asch. I thought I had gone to the wrong site so I restarted and taxied around but returned to the initial site as I received a message to RTB and reload and refuel after which I was able to rearm and refuel, but was unable to take off as described above. Nevertheless GREAT campaign! Falcon Falcon
  9. Lemsip, Great series. Loved the way you adapted the descriptions in the book to the videos. Keep up the good work. Falcon
  10. Icky, I'm still experiencing slow running times after your updates. It must be my computer, not the fastest made I'm afraid. Hopefully in time you'll find a solution for us "slow" folks!!
  11. Juri, Thanks, but I'm afraid I'm not computer savvy enough to understand, but let me study several references I've managed to put together and see if I can make sense of the group file. Falcon
  12. Juri, I have only flown one mission, but fully enjoyed the mission. I am curious about an item you mentioned above, about flying a mission a second time but having different planes involved. How is this accomplished? Can you point me to a reference? Thanking you in advance. Falcon
  13. Thanks Rap, great work, don't know how you stay up to all the requests, but the community appreciates your work. Falcon
  14. Rap, I think the P-47 -22 of 2nd LT.Lloyd Hathcock would be fine. Thanking you in advance and Oh, by the way, I too prefer dirty airplanes. Falcon
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