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  1. For those of us who pre-purchased "Auchtung Spitfire" what's the reason for it not being included with the latest update? Jason mentioned back in August that it would be included in the September update; however, it was not. I know putting out the latest version and the hot fixes occupies a great deal of the team's time, however, "Auchtung Spitfire" was completed, accepted and provided to the team several months ago. This comment is not meant to criticize the team, its just an simple question as judging from the positive comments about this scripted campaign by members of the community there certainly was a great deal of interest in it.
  2. WONDERFUL...All is running fine and since I just upgraded my video card, I'm enjoying the simulator even more!!!!!!! This development team deserves something special, other than simple notes from those of us who play this simulation. The detail and fidelity to history and detail is second to none. If I ever run into any of the development team the beers are on me !
  3. Gambit21, What I meant was that when using the ME I’ve noticed multiple ways of achieving a given result. I think it must be my unfamiliarity with the ME overall and the fact that several guides provide different solutions which to a novice is confusing. I just need to get more familiar with the ME.
  4. Jason, With all the discussion about bomb craters I’d like to know what are your plans regarding updating the Mission Editor. Since it’s release I’ve noticed several changes in the ME but have yet to see an update that gives us a final, or at least, the most recent version. What are the team’s plans?
  5. Jason, Great update, the team is amazing in the work they create, the P-51, the P-38 and the B-25 are works of art. Their addition to the series will make a fantastic simulation even better. Job well done 👍
  6. GREAT update. Demonstrates the dedication and professionalism of the team in giving us the best sim available today. I continue to be surprised by the fidelity of the sim, despite the nit-picking of some players; nevertheless I will continue to sing the praises this sim and look forward to what the team has in store for us in the future. BTW, if any of you guys ever get the chance to visit Kermit Weeks “Fantasy of Flight” by all means GO! Kermit has reduced the size of the museum due to lack of interest and the need to improve visitor experiences (apparently he’s working with folks at Universal Studios) . That said it’s still a great experience for guys like us. Great Update!
  7. Jaegermeister,, I had a computer problem the other night and had to reload all the campaigns I've collected. Long story short, I downloaded your campaign and now I'm not having the problem we discussed yesterday. Thanks for your help and who knows what goes on inside our computers. Yikes!!!!!!
  8. Jaegermeister, I went back to the very first mission and the leader's plane was in VVS colors. Perhaps telling me how to check in the mission editor would be a good first step as the missions themselves appear to run properly, its just that the leaders plane is always in VVS colors. Incidentally, I've played the entire campaign before the latest update with no problems. Only after the most recent update did this problem appear for me.
  9. Jaegermeister, I'm enjoying your campaign very much, very immersive. However, after the last update I noticed that the lead Spit is always in a VVS skin, while the others are in the appropriate African skins. I've tired to correct this with the mission editor, but with no luck. Perhaps you could give it a quick look and correct it. Thanks
  10. Thank you Jason for stepping in as this is not a suitable place for such discussions. The History section is the appropriate location. And thanks Jason for another great update, to you and the team!
  11. Samson, Thanks for a great campaign, I particularly like keeping close to the flight leader. Great idea and it improves your flying skills. I was really surprised by the first mission when we attempted land on a Russian occupied airfield. Keep up the good work.
  12. Walter, I've only flown one mission, but it was great. Can't wait to complete the campaign.
  13. Jaegermeister, I have flown 5 missions and loved each of them. Great job with this campaign, although I must admit I've never heard of it before, but then with all the conflicts around the globe then, its not unreasonable for some of us to not know of all the specifics. Enjoying the campaign and keep up the good work. I've tried the ME; however, completing even a single mission can be overwhelming at times, so I really appreciate the effort it takes to develop and complete a campaign.
  14. I fully agree, it’s time to give credit to the developers of this GAME as to the overwhelming accuracy regarding aircraft, ground elements, etc. Also let’s not forget it is a GAME and not a substitute for history. The developers have demonstrated a great deal of fidelity to historic events and objects, so let’s support them in all they’ve done.
  15. Haash, Thanks for the fix. I'm out of town now but when I return I'll reload the new mission.
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