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  1. Pat, I've fully enjoyed your campaign generator (version 7.4.0); however, I"m using an earlier version and unfortunately I've misplaced the directions on how to install it. Would you be so kind as to provide me with instructions for installing the latest version or directing me to where the instructions exist? Thanking you in advance.
  2. Rap, Have you made any progress with skins for the 322nd FG as discussed above? I’ve started building but am making slow progress with the ME as it takes some time to understand and be comfortable with its use. I’ m also experimenting with various maps to see which ones have terrain similar to N African deserts. Stay safe and healthy.
  3. Jason, Great video as I believe these images go much further than written descriptions. Looking forward to having these improvements in the next release. By the way, stay safe and healthy, as this is a most frightful and confusing time in the world’s history.
  4. Jade, Thanks for the tip. I've now two versions of a very good mission, keep 'em flying
  5. Jade, Let me start by saying that I’ve enjoyed your missions greatly. In playing the recent P-47 mission “knocking on enemy gates” I thought it might be fun to fly the P-51 escort to deal with any German interceptors, so I changed the “Player” to the P-51 but as yet have not been able to duel with the Luftwaffe. I know there’s an ambush feature in this mission, but have yet to figure out how to activate it. Any suggestions?
  6. Jaegermeister, Looking forward to your missions and the P-38 skins. I’ve enjoyed your other campaigns a great deal and expect this one to be up to same quality and depth. Thanking you in advance.
  7. Rap, UnGTP? Please explain.
  8. Vapor, Just found this group of videos and they are wonderful...a great help for those of us just beginning to use the mission editor! KUDOS to you and I hope you’ll continue the series for the benefit of all us neophyte mission builders.
  9. Rap, Thanks for your generous offer. I plan to start the Red Tails campaign in North Africa where the 99thFS was based on a former Luftwaffe base outside the city of Fez in Onediger, Morocco. The squadron flew P-40L's the Merlin engined version of the plane; however, I realize we don't have that plane in our sim but we can make good use of what we do have. I have an excellent book on the 332nd FG which shows the colors used by the Group in these early years, published by Osprey and is written by Chris Bucholdtz and contains some excellent prints. Perhaps, given your work, you may have a copy. If not, I could copy some the plates and forward them to you and in the meantime I'll keep looking. Haven't decided which map to start with yet, any suggestions given North Africa is desert and near the Med?
  10. I've been reading two informative books on the 332ndFG, "Red Tails" by John Holway and "Black Knights" by Lynn Homan and Thomas Reilly and was struck by opportunity to create a campaign in our sim based on the history of this group. First they flew a number of planes we have in the sim, namely, the P-39, P-40, P-47 and P-51; however, what we don't currently have are many skins in the colors of the 332nd FG and the 4 squadrons which made it up, the 99thFS, the 100thFS, the 301stFG, and the 302ndFS. Now I don't profess to be a top notch mission builder, but I'd like know if some of you who do build missions would be willing to take this on. I've outlined some of the missions described in the books above and would be willing to work with someone more experienced in mission building. I also realize we don't have a map of North Africa or Italy where the 332nd conducted their missions; however, I've seen posts talking about moving to the Med or using other existing maps to create campaigns in this part of the world. What do you think?
  11. Tip, Thanks for the reply, but can you further explain Spontaneous Luftwaffe Combustion helps our CPU? I'm not as informed as some of you regarding computers, but a little more info would help a great deal.
  12. Tip, I really love your missions, particularly the re-arm, re-fuel feature, it very immersive. However, I had an interesting thing happen the other day flying the Action at Asch mission. After escorting B-25’s we encountered EA at altitude and in the fighting I noticed that several EA appeared to suddenly explode without my firing a shot! Can you explain this, is it something you put into the mission or is it a bug of some kind? I’ve never experienced this before in this sim! By the way keep the missions coming ... great work!
  13. To All That Responded, Thanks for the input. Flying as the commander does allow one to reconfigure your flight skins ... didn't know that! Thanks again! Sorry for the delay in responding but the Holidays for in the way ... Have a happy and safe new year.
  14. Tips, I fully enjoyed your Neptune 4 mission, particularly the re-arm and refuel feature. It allows you to attack all enemy facilities and to do more complete patrols. One thing I’d like to more fully understand is how do you set up the random enemy attacks, e.g., German fighters attacking P-51’s during their takeoff runs or shortly thereafter. Great mission
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