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  1. Rob, I’ve done as you’ve suggested and I still have the transparency issue. Pardon my ignorance but can you tell me how to take a screenshot so I can forward to you what I’m seeing. By the way the way the Jeep that has the transparency issue is located to the left of the P-40’s getting ready to takeoff, not the one located near the windsock. Bill PS I’ve sent an image via e-mail that should help as I figured out where the screenshots were kept.
  2. Rob, I did as you suggested and changed the name of the Jeep file, reloaded your MOD, but the Jeep, although darker, remained transparent or skeletal. I’ve sent you an e-mail with the attached mission files where this has occurred as requested. Regards Bill
  3. Rob, I tested the update this morning and it was better, but the jeep still appeared skeletal but darker. For your information I'm running your MOD with the hotfix and War in the West. Hope this helps. Falcon41
  4. Beebop, I went back to the ME in an effort to sort this out and realized that with the MOD installed I saw the willys jeep where I had placed it. However, next to it, in the skeleton appearance, was another. Looking in the ME I realized there were two willy jeeps one was a static willysmb and the other one under Vehicles, its the willysmb that has the skeleton appearance. Hope this helps. I've checked this out with both the MOD on and uninstalled and its shows up. Falcon41
  5. Beebop, I checked the mission I was referring to with the MOD uninstalled and on close examination in the ME I noticed the Jeep was still there as described in my initial post, basically a faint skeleton. I was able to replace it and it showed up just fine. Don't understand what's happening here, as you and Rob are more knowledgeable in this regard than I. As I mentioned in my earlier post I saw a similar effect with the control tower and Rob noted he saw it also and was able to correct it, "it" having something to do with an alpha channel correction. Thanks for your explan
  6. Rob, I've noticed that when playing the SIM with your MOD unselected the Willys jeep appears as if it's not completely filled out. If you recall you had a similar problem with the control tower a while back. I love the MOD and look forward to any improvements you make. He Falcon41 Rob, Just a quick follow-up, what I meant to say is that your MOD is installed but I was playing on another map when I noticed the jeep was just barely visible, actually I taxied into it! Falcon41
  7. Stoops, I guess I wasn’t very clear in my question. What I meant was, does the size of the base map have any bearing on the number of ICU’s needed to reduce the map area when viewed in the cockpit. Having worked on several missions now it appears that just placing an icon or two near the target area is enough to provide a good reference map for the pilot, i.e., a smaller area. I’m using the Kuban map now; however, when using the Stalingrad map I needed more icons to show a smaller area on the map. In any event, you helped me a lot as I’ve been struggling in figuring how to provid
  8. Stoops, Thanks again. I did what you suggested, i.e., placed one Translator Icon ICU (cover observation balloons) with the others I had placed forming a box around the combat area. When the map mode was toggled in the cockpit it showed the area I had outlined with the Translator Icon ICU's and not the entire Kuban map as it did before. I've seen nothing about this in the manual , so your suggestion has really helped. By the way does the map size make a difference regarding the number of ICU's needed? Thanks again. Falcon41
  9. Stoops, Thanks, I’ll try this tonite and let you know. Falcon41
  10. Stoopy, I've tried your suggestion regarding scaling the size of a map to an area defined by Translator Icon ICU's; however, after doing that the map displayed to the pilot is still the entire map area. How many Translator ICU's must be used to have only the area in which the action is taking place to be displayed? Falcon41
  11. DetCord12B, Well I don't understand what I did, but all seems to be working as its supposed to! When I now disable WinW and make certain that MODs are also disabled in the game all is fine. When I enable WinW and make certain MODs are selected, it appears to be working just fine. One thought however, when you install the v0.7 patch you say to copy several files into the Data directory. For those of us who are not so computer savvy it might help to point out which Data directory you mean as there are several. Just a thought and thanks to you and the team for all your work on this
  12. DetCord12B, I'm using JSGME!
  13. DetCord12B, First let me say I'm enjoying your team's MOD; however, I do have a question. The splash screen for WinW shows up when I open the game even when I've not selected WinW in my MOD selector. When I turn MOD's off the regular splash screen shows up so I'm not certain what I've done wrong. The game seems to run well, its just the splash screen seems to be operating strangely. Any ideas? By the way I've updated the MOD to the most recent update v.07. Falcon
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