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  1. Falcon41

    Announcement: Achtung Spitfire!

    The more Spits, the better! Looking forward to this and my hats off to you Haash
  2. Jade, After a bit of research, I believe I found the solution to some players of your Spitfire campaign having difficulty taking off, particularly from the grass fields at the beginning of the campaign. I went to the Air Combat Tutorial Library on You Tube and watched the clip on flying the Spitfire Mk V. It noted that the rudder should be set to full starboard and that the pitch should be set to one increment down in preparation for takeoff. After using these setting I've had no problems taking off from the grass fields. Hope this helps as I've always enjoyed your missions and this campaign.
  3. Falcon41

    New Players start here ...

    Thanks for your reply; however, I’ve entered the default keys as you suggested and have yet to see the red icon in the top right corner or any track files to view. I’m a bit confused as to why I can’t record any flights!
  4. Falcon41

    New Players start here ...

    I’m not certain this the correct forum, but I’m having trouble recording tracts of missions flown. I’ve hit the suggested keys, but still no luck ... any suggestions?
  5. Falcon41

    Developer Diary 213 - Discussion

    Great update, can’t wait for the new aircraft. Haven’t tried the tanks yet, but based upon the latest update I might have to try. You guys are the BEST...wonderful work, my hat’s off to you.
  6. Falcon41

    Hello world!

    Just seeking a little advice. Currently I’m running an older PC and have my settings in BOS set for “balanced” and am getting FPS of 20-30. I’m considering a new PC so what should I consider regarding the processor and graphics card?
  7. Jade, Finished the Spitfire campaign and loved it, especially the taxiing from a hard stand ... much more immersive. Hope to see more from you in the future.
  8. You Guys are really incredible. I'm never disappointed by the updates and the sim just keeps getting better and better. Just finished reading "The White Rose of Stalingrad" and it would be great to have some of those missions incorporated into the sim, those ladies really contributed a lot to the defense and ultimately the offence of Russia.
  9. I couldn’t have said any better, “kudos” to you Memphis. I just hope the developers can put some of the insensitive comments behind them and focus on improving this great sim. Great job development team, particularly the improvement in FPS for lower performing PCs.
  10. Falcon41

    New Feedback Feature Launched

    I expect this is the place to ask ... what can be done to improve FPS for lower capacity pc’s?
  11. Falcon41

    Developer Diary 210 - Discussion

    Wonderful update guys ... keep up the GREAT work. I started with the very first IL2 and never expected the sim to develop into what we have today. Every update has been remarkable to me although I sometimes find the comments of “the purists” a bit much. Nevertheless, their comments may have spurred the developers to give us the products we enjoy today, as well as improving my knowledge of the history of time represented. Just finished reading “The White Rose of Stalingrad” ... remarkable story! Any chance we’ll see a female pilot?
  12. Jade, Just flew the first two missions and loved them, although taxing the Spit is a bit difficult; however, your advice helped. Keep up the good work. Jade, I meant to mention that in mission two the waypoints don’t correspond to the map providing you with the general direction and target of the flight. Was this done on purpose?
  13. AeroAce Thanks for the quick reply; however, I haven 't tried changing the view and see if that does the trick. Also where are the rockets that were to be fitted to the wings on the A8?
  14. Again the developers have done a super job. However, when attempting a flight in the FW-190 A8 I noticed that the windscreen was darkened to the point that it was difficult to see directly in front of the aircraft. Has anyone experienced this issue and I might add this same effect was seen on an earlier version on the same aircraft.
  15. Falcon41

    Developer Diary 199 - Discussion

    WOW, I just can't believe the detail this game produces! KUDOS again to the entire team>