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  1. To All That Responded, Thanks for the input. Flying as the commander does allow one to reconfigure your flight skins ... didn't know that! Thanks again! Sorry for the delay in responding but the Holidays for in the way ... Have a happy and safe new year.
  2. Tips, I fully enjoyed your Neptune 4 mission, particularly the re-arm and refuel feature. It allows you to attack all enemy facilities and to do more complete patrols. One thing I’d like to more fully understand is how do you set up the random enemy attacks, e.g., German fighters attacking P-51’s during their takeoff runs or shortly thereafter. Great mission
  3. Bugsy, I thought you were going to take the Holidays off … well we will all enjoy your great skins. Wonderful work and hope to see more in the new year!
  4. This may have been addressed before, but is there a way to put custom skins on aircraft while in Career Mode?
  5. Bugsy, Thanks for looking into Red “Millie G”, I knew something was amiss, but for the life of me I didn’t know what. Have a wonderful Holiday and will talk to you in the new year. I’m on the road right now, heading to Canada to visit children and grandchildren.
  6. Bugsy, Wonderful skin as usual, thank you very much and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. It’s time for you to spend time with family and leave the skinning to the new year. By the way ... any idea why the “Red Millie G” skin would be so shiny and metallic?
  7. Bugsy, These skins are incredible and you do them so quickly! My hats off to you, really GREAT WORK. By the way I noticed something I've never seen before with your skins when I selected "Red" Millie G the portions of the skin that were supposed to be yellow showed up as a brassy yellow and were highly reflective. Not being a skinner I believe you might want to look into this. I also went back and checked the "Green Millie G and it appeared to be OK; however, I also noticed that the squadron lettering on the "Red" Millie G appeared to be polished metal instead of white.
  8. Bugsy, Fantastic skins! I can’t provide any more info on the skins other than that already given to you by ”Spitfirejoe”. I love the skins and think they are some of the best to come out of that era. Many thanks for your efforts.
  9. Bugsy, Great skins. Any chance you could see your way to do more skins of the 55thFG, 343rd FS? In particular the "Cape Cod Express" or the "The Millie J"?
  10. Pat, I just downloaded you campaign generator and WOW ... what a great piece of work and how it adds to the immersion of the sim. KUDOS to all.
  11. Blitzen, I don’t know if you’ve tried Pat Wilson’s Campaign Generator (PWCG), but I suggest you give it a try as you can shorten flights very easily on the new map. You can find it’s location on this website, just use the search function. I think you’ll find the generator easy to run and you won’t be disappointed with the results. You can also check the Air Combat Library for additional info on the installation of the PWCG.
  12. Bo_Nidle, Have given any thought to skins from the 343rd FS? I think their colors are particularly cool what with the olive drab fuselage and a red stripe between the olive and aluminum skin, together with the green and yellow checkers on the nose and the yellow rudder. I’m certain you’ve seen the “Gunfighter”, “Cape Cod Express”, and others. Just a suggestion.
  13. Lemsip, Just watched your “The Big Show” and as it turns out I was reading Clostermann’s book at the same time, and you’ve done a masterful job of capturing the story he wrote right after the war ended. I think one thing he emphasized was the incredible stress these fighter pilots were under, not just from air combat, but from seeing friends and comrades die horribly from flack and the low altitude attacks. He recalls these events so completely you begin to feel his remorse. We, as simulator flyers, can’t even approach that type of stress we can only appreciate the skill and determination of these young men. Again, well done.
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