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  1. Rap, Just watched the video on the 332nd FG and it was great! Thanks so very much for posting it, I believe all of us should watch and realize just how very special these airmen were and are. We all owe a debt of gratitude to these men. Yes America is not perfect, but to quote one of the Turkegee airmen, "...I'll hold her hand until she gets well." Falcon
  2. Very sad to hear of Tom's passing. My condolences to his family and he will be missed. Falcon
  3. Rob, I'm in the process of building several Tuskegee Airman missions and noticed that the eu control tower with the mod activated looks like a skeleton, no outer walls of any color and outlines of windows. Is there some correction that needs to be done? Or should I use another building/structure for the control tower? I've tried adding the control tower feature several times but it stills looks as if its only partially filled in. Otherwise the MOD is great, by the way I've tried the "Greek Fire" scripted campaign with your MOD and it adds a new whole dimension to the campaign. Looking forward to more add-ons. Falcon
  4. Jason, Food for thought. Is any consideration being given to providing the P-40 with optional engine configurations, such as the Merlin-engined P-40 L. That configuration could make the P-40 more competitive, at least in potential conflict areas like Tunisia, Sicily and Italy. I realize we don't have maps for those areas yet, but we have some MODS that attempt to duplicate these areas. Nevertheless you've provided numerous engine configuations for other aircraft, just a suggestion as I don't know what all would be involved in such a modification. Otherwise an outstanding update. This simulation keeps getting better, KUDOS!! Falcon
  5. Rob, Thanks for the reply. Your’s and Bebop’s explanation really helped me understand what was taking place. I’m really looking forward to the other features you’re including on the map. Great Work! Regarding the “orange cast” I spoke of above, well I was mistaken it was just my old eyes! Stay well and take good care of yourself. Falcon
  6. Beebop, Thanks for the answers, particularly the explanation of mod vs repaint which makes me understand why my mission objectives and circumstances didn't change only the look of the environment in the surroundings. Falcon
  7. Off_Winters I'm usually not one to use MODs; however, yours has really impressed me. I'm in the process of building several P-40 missions from the Tuskegee Airman while in Tunisia. I've loaded your MOD and its changed the environment completely, Great Job! I have noticed that not all German vehicles changed their colors to a desert scheme, but I assume its because all the changes you've made haven't been incorporated yet. A simple question however, did you mean for the desert environment to appear only when the MOD is activated? I build my existing missions using the Kuban fall map and when the MOD is not activated the environment is as originally produced; however, when I activate your MOD my missions take place as build only the desert environment is produced. There doesn't appear to be any difference in mission objectives and performance. I apologize for these questions but I've just stated using the ME and MODS. Also I noticed that the German uniforms have orange cast to them, is that intentional? Keep up the great work!! Falcon
  8. MP, I agree with FlyingFisch, it is a very moving video and underscores the sacrifices made by a few to the benefit of many. Great work. It would really be great if we could get a higher quality version, but as you said it was high end at the time and I'm certain it would take a great deal of work to redo the video to today's standards.
  9. Wonderful news ... you guys are incredible...KUDOS to the entire team!
  10. Oyster, Wow, your work is outstanding. Thanks for all your hard work, it makes the game that much more believable. Falcon
  11. Jade, Don't be gone for too long. The community will miss your missions and campaigns. Falcon
  12. Gambit, Finished the campaign and it was great; however, as reported above the two fighter sweep missions seem to have a problem with RTB for the flights, even after all enemy planes are downed. Keep up the great work. Falcon
  13. Jade, I don't know if this will help or not; however, I flew into the target area leaving the B-20's behind and the German ships were there. After a few strafing passes German planes showed up. The B-20's never entered the target area although when I signaled my flight to "do as I do" they entered the target area and engaged the German planes. Hope this gives you some insight into the problem. Falcon
  14. Jade, A question regarding your campaign. In flying the escort mission of B-20's attacking enemy shipping the flight gets to the attack zone, but never attacks, just circles and then returns to base with a mission complete ending. My question is, was this done deliberately, e.g., not being able to find the enemy shipping, or was this just a "hic up" in the campaign. By the way I'm enjoying the campaign very much and particularly the variety of missions. Falcon
  15. Gambit, You've done it again. Well done and I particularly like the American voice overs. I know just how hard it is to learn the ME, and you've done a masterful job. KUDOS Falcon
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