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  1. I agree with you both. Given the team has gone to great lengths to provide squadron locations, history, etc., in campaign mode it would seem logical for the aircraft in the squadron you've chosen to have appropriate markings. Perhaps in the future, given the number of skins being developed for all sides, the team will provide such a means. After all they've done that for the new scripted campaign for the Spitfire.
  2. I’ve a question. With all the new skins being developed for various squadrons of the combatants is there any way to provide these skins in Career mode? I can do this in single player and campaign modes, but I’m at a loss for career mode. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Rap, Thanks so much. Regarding various planes for a flight (4) take your time as I'm certain other flyers want a piece of you too regarding skins. Great Job with "Miss Velma"
  4. You guys are the best!!!!!!!! Every time a new development comes along it surprises me no end. Great job and KUDOS to the entire team.
  5. Sounds great ... looking forward to your art. Would it be possible to create a flight from this squadron as it provides a more immersive game when the other planes supporting you are from the same squadron.
  6. Thanks Rap, your skins are great by the way. With the presence of P-51's in the sim I'm afraid all you skinners are going to be overloaded with requests.
  7. Rap, You're right, it is the 343rd FS. I spotted the attached and forwarded it to you in hopes you could see your way to skin this one.
  8. Rap, I've attached a pic of a general skin associated with the 348th FS, 55th FG for your use. I'm certain there are other planes with personalized names, etc.; however, I've yet to find them. Looking forward to see what you can do and I'll keep looking.
  9. Han and Jason, Great news, keep up the good work. I don't know how you do it, but keep it up! KUDOS to the entire team.
  10. Rap, Judging from all the comments and requests I know you're busy, but let me add one more P-51 to the list. Could you do one or several of the Mustangs from the 55th FG, 348th FS? I've always thought their colors were unique to the Mustang. Love all of your skins … a real testimony to your artistic skills
  11. Ouky, Do you think you would have time to prepare a skin for P-51's from the 55th FG, 348th FS? Love your skins.
  12. Julian, I figured a way to get the skin into the game. Thanks anyway and great skin by the way.
  13. Julian, Great skin; however when I downloaded it and moved it into the proper folder it didn’t ‘t show up in the game. Any thoughts?
  14. Jason, With the last patch I was under the impression that a new setting for clouds would be available; however I don’t see a new setting. I play on steam and perhaps they’ve yet to install it, but they have announced it will be available. Any thoughts? .
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