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  1. Fantastic news. I can't believe how quickly the Developers are bringing new and exciting features to this game. Way to Go KUDOS! Falcon
  2. The team's ability to catch and correct defects is amazing to me. The new update is great and the response to users is second to none. Great job. My hats off to the team and Jason. Falcon
  3. Jag, Just flew two missions and true to form the campaign is a winner! Loved it so far, congratulations to you and the team. Falcon
  4. Jade, Just viewed the B-25 /Me110 video ... AWSOME. Hard to believe all that action took place in only a minute. Keep up the great work. Falcon
  5. Has anyone experienced a failure of the blocks in the ME to load? Opps my mistake ... sometimes we do the dumbest things!
  6. Jaegermeister, Any recent news about the release of your newest campaign? Have you sent it to Jason yet? I guess all this waiting around what with the Corona virus has got us all a bit impatient. Looking forward to your newest campaign. I've been playing around with a small campaign for the P-40 featuring the activities of the Tuskeegee Airman. Because our maps don't include North Africa, Sicily or Italy I'm using the Kuban map as in my estimation it has the water and mountains needed for an approximation of those areas. Rap has provided me with a number of skins used by the 99thFS of the 332 nd FG and things are coming along reasonably well, but just about the time I feel good about using the ME, I hit a snag. It takes a lot of patience to learn how to use the ME. Take care and stay safe. Falcon
  7. SYN_Vander, This may sound strange, but where do you place your utility? What folder in the editor is it to be found or do you use it from the desktop? Sorry about the question, but I'm not a computer guy, but I love creating missions and I'd like to place damaged equipment around captured airfields. Thanking you in advance. Falcon
  8. 361st Ripper, Just watched the video and it was fantastic. You guys are incredible, loved every second of the video. Falcon
  9. Utopioneer, Well done. I could have used these missions years ago when I first started with IL-2. Now after all these years I feel your work is still relevant as even an "old dog" can learn new tricks. Thanks Again, Falcon
  10. That's me on a vacation two years ago, and yes that's white hair!
  11. Rap, Wow, what more can be said! Show’s what really talented people can do.”
  12. Pat, I'm having some serious problems with installing your latest release. Everytime I attempt to install it I receive a message that says This application requires a Java Runtime Environment 1.08.0 (64 bit) Any idea what I'm doing wrong? I've downloaded Java several times but have yet to be able to install your CG.
  13. Pat, I've fully enjoyed your campaign generator (version 7.4.0); however, I"m using an earlier version and unfortunately I've misplaced the directions on how to install it. Would you be so kind as to provide me with instructions for installing the latest version or directing me to where the instructions exist? Thanking you in advance.
  14. Rap, Have you made any progress with skins for the 322nd FG as discussed above? I’ve started building but am making slow progress with the ME as it takes some time to understand and be comfortable with its use. I’ m also experimenting with various maps to see which ones have terrain similar to N African deserts. Stay safe and healthy.
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