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  1. Rob, Thanks for the help, that got rid of the WitW screen at startup. You've been a great help to me and I'm certain to others who have and are using your MOD. Can't wait for the next version with all new skins and the map with Tunisian and N African names. Regards, Bill
  2. Rob, Did as you suggested, but I still get the WITW splash screen upon startup. I’m only running your MOD. By the way there were no images in the logo folder. Bill
  3. Rob, I’m having a similar issue as Jollyjack in that I keep getting the WitW splash screen at startup although I’ve removed WitW with JSGME. Any thoughts? Bill
  4. Rob, I’m flying your A-20 mission that was provided in the update, thus the pilot should be set to British, correct? When I disable the MOD the gunner is fine. I’ve flown both with the Malta MOD on and off and there appears to be no difference, still get the standing gunner. I haven’t changed the pilot folder as you suggested, but will in the morning and let you know the results. Take care of yourself and your family and be safe. Regards, Bill
  5. Rob, I'm having a problem with version 4.0 in that I have the standing rear gunner in the A-20. I've attempted the fix you provided earlier regarding this issue but that doesn't seem to solve the issue. Bill
  6. Rob, GREAT job. Thanks for the work of all involved in this wonderful MOD. KUDOS to everyone! Bill aka Falcon41
  7. Rob, Something I noticed about the MOD recently, when activated the air cleaner on the Hurricane does not show up as an addition. When the MOD is inactivated the air cleaner is available. I'm not certain how this occurs, but could it be possible as having to do with the time the air cleaner was made available and the release of your MOD? Just another small point to clean up. Stay safe and healthy. Regards, Bill
  8. Jollyjack, I just found that in the ME when you look in the advanced properties for your aircraft, there are blocks that can be checked for unlimited ammo, invincibility, etc. Just one click and all was well. I learn something everytime I use the ME. Falcon41
  9. jollyjack, Enjoyed the mission greatly, good job! One question for you, did you set the mission up to be flown with unlimited ammo? My version only loads with that feature. Falcon41
  10. Rob, Will these skins show up in the current MOD or do we have to await the release of version beta 4? Bill
  11. Rob, This MOD is looking better all the time and I’m looking forward to your next release. Thanks for all your work and that of the others who have added to this MOD. Regards, Bill
  12. Bebop, I agree wholeheartedly with you regarding this MOD. I purchased “Tobruk” and was really disappointed, but when this MOD was released my interest in a campaign in the desert was raised, particularly with all the fidelity in the basic sim. Falcon41
  13. Rob, I’ve done as you’ve suggested and I still have the transparency issue. Pardon my ignorance but can you tell me how to take a screenshot so I can forward to you what I’m seeing. By the way the way the Jeep that has the transparency issue is located to the left of the P-40’s getting ready to takeoff, not the one located near the windsock. Bill PS I’ve sent an image via e-mail that should help as I figured out where the screenshots were kept.
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