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  1. Jaegermeister, I have flown 5 missions and loved each of them. Great job with this campaign, although I must admit I've never heard of it before, but then with all the conflicts around the globe then, its not unreasonable for some of us to not know of all the specifics. Enjoying the campaign and keep up the good work. I've tried the ME; however, completing even a single mission can be overwhelming at times, so I really appreciate the effort it takes to develop and complete a campaign.
  2. I fully agree, it’s time to give credit to the developers of this GAME as to the overwhelming accuracy regarding aircraft, ground elements, etc. Also let’s not forget it is a GAME and not a substitute for history. The developers have demonstrated a great deal of fidelity to historic events and objects, so let’s support them in all they’ve done.
  3. Haash, Thanks for the fix. I'm out of town now but when I return I'll reload the new mission.
  4. Hash, Hope you can find the issue. As I said I tried to correct it but was unable due to my lack of knowledge in using the mission editor.
  5. Hash, I'm enjoying your campaign a great deal; however, I've run into a problem with mission 4. When attempting to take off a Ju88 that is on the runway turns towards me and the two other fighters in my flight and prevents the two wingmen from following me on the mission. I don't know if this is a problem with the new edition ( I'm using 3.01b) not recognizing older missions written before this or if its in the mission itself. As I'm not completely familiar with the mission editor I thought I'd bring it to your attention. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. You guys are incredible. I'm speechless …. and drooling in anticipation!
  7. Great update! So impressed I purchased the tank component and it didn’t disappoint.
  8. I’ll readily admit that I’m not as computer savvy as many here, but what does GUI refer to?
  9. Unfortunately, I’m out of town, but will download the latest fix as soon as I return. Judging from the comments above the team has done a great job as usual and you all should take pride in a job well done to make this the best. KUDOS!
  10. Great Update! Your team is beyond words, the things you keep coming up with are fantastic. Further your keeping a period in history alive what with all the discussions on the activities taken place during WWII, a period I'm afraid is losing its interest to younger generations. The discussions in this and other forums plus the literature cited could bring younger flyers into the fold not to mentions the wonderful graphics and settings you've developed for the game. I never fail to learn something new when I scroll through the forums. Keep it up.
  11. The more Spits, the better! Looking forward to this and my hats off to you Haash
  12. Jade, After a bit of research, I believe I found the solution to some players of your Spitfire campaign having difficulty taking off, particularly from the grass fields at the beginning of the campaign. I went to the Air Combat Tutorial Library on You Tube and watched the clip on flying the Spitfire Mk V. It noted that the rudder should be set to full starboard and that the pitch should be set to one increment down in preparation for takeoff. After using these setting I've had no problems taking off from the grass fields. Hope this helps as I've always enjoyed your missions and this campaign.
  13. Thanks for your reply; however, I’ve entered the default keys as you suggested and have yet to see the red icon in the top right corner or any track files to view. I’m a bit confused as to why I can’t record any flights!
  14. I’m not certain this the correct forum, but I’m having trouble recording tracts of missions flown. I’ve hit the suggested keys, but still no luck ... any suggestions?
  15. Great update, can’t wait for the new aircraft. Haven’t tried the tanks yet, but based upon the latest update I might have to try. You guys are the BEST...wonderful work, my hat’s off to you.
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