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  1. @JG300_Egon I'm not sure why DSR options is not showing for me then because I'm running the latest driver 442.19 and according to their website it covers most, if not all hardware, so we should be running the same thing.
  2. Looks like DSR support stopped at GTX1060 for PCI slot/ desktop cards. May Transparacy super sampling replaced this in later cards, or is it there for the 1060 too?
  3. I do not see DSR in my global or program settings (see image attached). I think it's only there for supported GPUs? For me, adjusting the AA settings and especially the transparency one in Nvidia makes a huge difference. I tried 8 x supersample, but it made everything super smooth looking and unrealsistic. I know the Nvidia settings did not make any difference if AA is turned off in game, but AA in game alone made no difference for me at all. Maybe these things work differently/ have different effectiveness with different GPUs?
  4. No DSR option for me.. Will try the Reshade SMAA Edit: Reshade didn't do much for me so experimented more with Nividia settings. I found super sampling under transarency. I settled on the attached which worked wonders once I'd set MSAA to 4 x in game and found any change in Nvidia control panel I had to restart the game for them to take effect.
  5. Sorry what's DSR please? PS this info is awesome.. Thanks for sharing guys! Edit : Found it... Nvidias Dynamic Super Resolution. I didn't even know that existed until now, so will have a go later.
  6. Sorry, just to clarify, The ingame AA does not work at all ๐Ÿ˜ณ? I'l reinstall reshade as you suggested anyway. Many thanks
  7. Changes to antialiasing setting within game of in Nvidia conrtol panel don't seem to have any effect. I'm sure they used to, but for some reason I can no longer get a good image. Any ideas please?
  8. Awesome thanks.. That's done it and an icon has appeared in Oculus home! ๐Ÿ˜
  9. That makes sense, thank you. Is IL-2need 32 or 64 bit version please?
  10. Sorry if I'm asking a daft question, but wondering why Steam VR is always used to run this game in VR for me anyway ? I always open from the desktop not Steam. It never shows as a game in Oculus home either? Is this normal as other sims just run in oculus.
  11. All the time.. I hardly play multiplayer on IL-2 now because of it. ๐Ÿ˜ข To be fair though KOTA is one of the better servers, just not sure why it's so quiet these days? ๐Ÿค”
  12. Obviously looking round, but I was looking for something more technological like a snapview work around... Im happy using the rear view mirror, but not many Russian planes on offer in MP games have them fitted. Like I said, playing on a monitor is as easy as hitting a key. PS recently moved to Rift S and sold the Vive.. Everything's so much clearer now!
  13. VR in this game has always been one of the best, but Its probably been mentioned before about the disadvantage constantly checking your six compared to the ease of a 180 degree snap view when playing on monitors. I wondered if anyone can share the latest tricks used for this, and if there's any hint of snap views been activated for VR by the devs?
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