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  1. Get in a plane and bomb them...they'll be sitting ducks!πŸ˜‚
  2. Thanks, but I've never had to before.. Just to add, it doesn't seem to have cleared the configuration as some assignments for my old joystick and keyboard mapping is still there.. Just my current joystick missing for some reason?
  3. Help! As title says I updated the game and now my joystick settings no longer exist.. It knows the stick is there because it will let me reassign them. Is there a way to recover please? 😯
  4. Why are you winging? What I have said are facts, so maybe learn to use your plane better? Many 109 pilots and a certain 110 pilot are almost impossible to beat unless they are caught off guard. PS.. The 110 pilot winged in game chat twice because I caught him off guard! Good idea! Winging like that just makes me want to practice getting better in the under boosted, overheating but brilliant MkIX
  5. Gets me how you 109 guys winge about Spitfires when the Axis have the most OP planes in the game. Every experience I've had, the 109 (especially G2 or whatever It is) will out pace, out climb and out gun a MkIX.. The 109s dive faster and somehow turn fight as well too. Almost every dive chase I've done in a Spitfire casuses a blackout whereas the 109 miraculously manauvers out of it, and not to mention the 110 G2 which easily out turns a Spitfire as well? Seriously what's your problem?
  6. NAKE350

    Developer Diary 208 - Discussion

    Sounds plausible, but still not sure figures should take priority over delivering awesome new vehicles and maps, especially when heads are only seen in external views. I know when they do arrive they will be worth the wait.😊
  7. NAKE350

    Developer Diary 208 - Discussion

    Looks like some amazing detail is going into them pilots, but I do wonder why when there's plenty of new planes to finish. I rarely see figures in game?πŸ™„
  8. CUJO's right..The MkIX is a great plane for sure, but neither this or any other allied plane compares with the speed and climbing ability of the 109s. Its how they are used that counts. I would happily fly an allied 109 if there was one. What's with the server stability lately anyway..I'm seeing regular stutter, lag, loss of audio and game crashes..two yesterday evening that locked my PC. WOL and TAW seem real stable in comparison.
  9. NAKE350

    La-5fn speed loss reduced?

    I use custom settings with most engine set on automatic.. at least for the time being. I'm not sure what games the auto limiter is activated in, and you're right it shouldn't be relevant in landing at all. I first noticed the issue whilst trying to land the mkIX in the EU server when the plane was first available. I thought it was a Hotas issue because I couldn't get the engine to idle just before setting it down. Turning the rev limiter off cured the problem. Turning rev limiter off on the La-5fn, seems to have the opposite effect and keep the revs/speed high. Another way I use to slow down in the Spitfire quickly is right rudder and left stick (or opposite way).. Nothing like skidding in sideways! 😁
  10. NAKE350

    La-5fn speed loss reduced?

    "Automatic RPM Limiter"....Prevents damage to the engine by over revving. Can be switched on or off with LSht+N .
  11. NAKE350

    La-5fn speed loss reduced?

    I think it's to do with the Rev limiter, which seems to be reverse logic to the Spitfire, i.e, I normally turn the rev limiter off to land or else the revs are held at a too high level, however in the LA-5, turning the rev limiter off seems to keep the revs too high to slow down. Keeping the rev limiter on allows the plane to slow down much better.πŸ˜•
  12. NAKE350

    La-5fn speed loss reduced?

    I haven't flown this myself for a while as normally use the mkIX. Maybe it's normal, but its like it has little or no weight.
  13. NAKE350

    La-5fn speed loss reduced?

    Has something changed on the La-5FN FM during the last update.. I noticed it difficult getting the thing to slow down for landing. I don't remember it being a problem before?
  14. NAKE350

    How do I find the new Tank Crew map?

    Very true, so I didn't expect all vehicles, if any more at all, but there's no mention of the new map not being available already. Not a big deal, just a bit surprised /disappointed. 😯