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  1. Skin Viewer with added custom background (map selection) and pilot (select nation). Purely with skinners in mind and general aesthetics. Thanks for considerations.
  2. Made a compilation of historical skins for Spitfire Mk.Vb SpitfireMk.Vb Skin Pack
  3. Unless you can not see the humor, yes, since you clarified that.
  4. Good news for Normandy career fans:
  5. Tried here? https://discord.gg/uG2fVh
  6. This game is all about the balance and P51 simply balances Spitfire in the braking department.
  7. Female pilot should have a fantastic G-strain/G-breath audio effect. Rest purely academic issue.
  8. Severe motion sickness otherwise there is no going back to flying a monitor.
  9. Imagine sales figures if VR was implemented in the first place.
  10. Spotting using Reverb is roughly limited to 1km unless pressing zoom button constantly. Becomes most frustrating when watching tracers and flak while contact remains invisible.
  11. Business aside but please don't we are simply the elite. KillGates is on it lol
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