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  1. Wish we had DCS ''Force IPD'' option added to IL2 VR. Use 60.5 when flying in DCS. Adjusted size based on youtube gopro cockpits vids.
  2. Can confirm that gunsight of most aircraft is impossible to focus my eyes on. Very difficult but aiming with one eyse can be helpfull. This 80% scale thing is real.
  3. Works of art here, very impressive. Eagles Squadron tribute skin: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1wITeRecrpYKoiJJbOw6QLK9UBo8T_p1H
  4. A lot of people report issues with Reverb so dont despair. Check out this video as theres a lot of basic tips which helped a lot of us. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nzt3PEQSEWY
  5. Looking at flat screen stick and all cockpit elements look great, however 3D changes everything. Maybe pilots head in vr is over-sized.
  6. IPD offset value might be the key otherwise we are left with flying 80% size replicas.
  7. 80% size is exactly what I meant, not sure how the negative ipd values work tho. -0.008 didnt change a thing but thanks for the info.
  8. Config file probably needs editing and some deep modding.
  9. I meant headroom and world scale, much smaller to the point that cockpit moves with my headset when moving arround.
  10. Speaking from a Gimp perspective, you'd have to flatten image and add mask layer (edited alpha layer) before exporting as .dds.
  11. Thanks for your advice, It seems like Spitfire cockpits are miniaturized but Ive been flying P-51 and Is similar to DCs one as far as size is concerned minus headmovement. Looking through gunsight makes my eyes go sideways and strain but again P-51 has no such issues.
  12. New to VR and was surprised how tiny cockpits are, especially Spitfires. No head movement at all, very frustrating to seat in a midget size aircraft. Have gone through some tweaking and failed. Was wondering if there will be a possible fix in near future...
  13. Can confirm that, getting the flickering on load screen in steamvr. Looking up stops it ho, very annoying.
  14. Maiden flight in HP Reverb today, no barf bag needed and still in awe. Mind = blown!
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