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  1. Cables notoriously brake despite of tightening to the headband, plastic does not last long also. Built in headphones breakup and crackle when moving around, dead pixels pop out (luckily in the corner). Overall built quality is poor and probably returning/getting replacement just before warranty runs out is a must.
  2. Blue pilots looking forward to it the most, one might guess. Nice fat target.
  3. We had a lot of issues with steam vr and wmr, only solution was fresh reinstall with CCleaner running before doing that. Thuds guide: https://discord.gg/QbrjXk Pozdrowienia
  4. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eR-mHWdkuT7vja3vVW2ap8CgqRKPmSXB/view?usp=sharing
  5. Would we all want a force feedback joysticks? Was that tech patented ages ago? What company owns that? Like I said best of luck to our friend!
  6. There are much more resourceful entities out there that might want to dominate the market. Whatever breakthrough technology you use make sure is patented and owned by you. Best of luck.
  7. There are possible chances of someone stealing your idea, just saying.
  8. Niche market has been established already but... I just hope hes got the legal aspect sorted out. This stuff has to be patented and copy written not to mention a solid business plan. Fingers crossed, "free market" still exists.
  9. Unedited, raw in game picture.
  10. Pilots of No.303 Squadron paying tribute to our late friend Patryk "Kwiatek" Kwiatkowski
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