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  1. A Tribute to Eugeniusz Horbaczewski. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eugeniusz_Horbaczewski My small contribution in memory of fallen aces. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbpr3V2CIb0
  2. Just compared wit animation in A8 and it seems D9 is not working. Switching form forward and back fuel tanks is not working?
  3. Thanks very much @Black-Witch, really appreciate it.
  4. Probably opening a new project and pasting there the layer with the camo pattern, then exporting. That way I could just drop it and use as a new layer. Might be a better way tho. I use googledrive for file share.
  5. Would you mind sharing the Raf camo template/layer? Thnx
  6. Replay system was affected by stuttering, no?
  7. Lots of stutters, dont know how to get rid of it and just gave up fixing. Mustang driver defensive flying was epic. Hope you enjoy it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NwbUvEusudc
  8. Tested on Steel Skies server and I think I found the solution! Using gtx970 with gsync monitor. I game set target frame to 60 and vsync off, full screen on. Nvidia panel: vsync on, low latency off, antialaiasing: enhance application and application controlled.
  9. Its clearly the multiplayer that has been affected, question is why? Was it on purpose or just random?
  10. Stuttering in multiplayer aside, the patch is amazing. Greyout effect is nicely modeled probably a gamechanger for some.
  11. I'm ruining GTX970 with Gsync monitor and after the patch cant get rid of those stutters in multiplayer. However, with ingame Vsync OFF its just barely flyable on Combat Box only, FPS counter shows 60 and above but stutters and makes it unplayable. Any solutions?
  12. When you get bored with stock K4 skins: Skin link https://drive.google.com/open?id=1tlZfBXNCMeRUR7jVmwP2O1ZxEEo33vKZ
  13. Had similar issues and finally made some changes in Nvidia control panel that probably caused game to crash. In game graphic settings and Nvidia panel have to match or at least in my case it fixed the crash but not the stuttering in multiplayer.
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