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  1. https://discord.gg/jM9zAk
  2. Only if it had stronger wings a couple of .50s more... Love the A-20B! Skin: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ye3NENVowk5q0jkHu7P1prfiybnLmYIV/view
  3. The soviet ace maker continues to cause feelings of disappointment, apparently some people are happy with its performance.
  4. There was almost no LW presence over France. Laborious way of correcting bt thanks anyways.
  5. Makes perfect sense, new collector planes 19.99 each. However, the game is missing large B17 formations and escort missions as by D-day there was no LW over France.
  6. P-51 damage model is a different story but I just hope Razorback will be much harder to disassemble.
  7. Make a copy of alpha layer and lower the brightness to -120%, add that as a mask layer before exporting.
  8. Use 4K textures was the primary cause of stuttering in my case, lets hope it will get fixed soon.
  9. G force - the great equalizer, or is it not?
  10. Have you tried to move default alpha layer to layers and reduce brightness using top menu to -120? than move it back to channels tab and use it instead of the default one? Simplistic but gets rid of glare.
  11. Thanks for replies, MkV mirror works perfectly well and was wondering what caused that.
  12. Is the mirror angle correct or you suppose to watch your rear fuselage?
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