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  1. Assuming most people here are familiar with Sutton or possibly Irving, its all good! Lets enjoy this beautiful game, however freedom of speech must prevail over any attempted censorship. Otherwise we will be fighting with each other over politics.
  2. Airacobra even with sound turned down gives me claustrophobic feel. contrary P-40 is like a XXXXXL OVERSIZED cockpit. other than that game is awesome!
  3. http://video.flyingheritage.com/v/117077724/michal-gladych.htm https://flyingheritage.org/Watch/Chronicles-of-Courage.aspx
  4. The 109 tail story deserves a shocking headline! Game changer for all 109 drivers I guess. The posters look great, best devs ever!
  5. With the upcoming Griffon Mk.XIV they will hopefully revise some of the issues such as annoying taxing, gyroscopic prop rpm effect and the list goes on and on.
  6. Autobahn, power lines, possibly road network would be nice addition! Thanks for constant improvements!
  7. Lovely to see some discussion, got some more serious stuff to consider tho: https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/makeapp-makeup-removal-app_n_5a0c56bde4b0b17ffce1aca1
  8. There are mods available and game looks amazing in reverb. Flying an empty plane interacting with environment not being able to see pilot shadow. Flare and pistol are great addition especially in reverb.
  9. Had a quick skim through the posts and it seems like developers are relaying too hard and reinventing the wheel. The core game is missing few things: -we can’t see the pilot shadow from the cockpit, major immersion breaker. -newly added features, custom_photo can’t be selected just like we chose with skins, again seems unfinished. -I can see that adding random serial number generator was conveniently omitted. it should come with squadron. - with regards to DVD again it should mainly based on what we see from the cockpit. Battle damage, bullet holes of canopy, instruments, side
  10. Witam wszystkich pilotow! Szukamy ludzi do wspolnego latania, jak sama nazwa mowi, dywizjon jest oparty na historii raczej niz wynikach i statach. ''Ci cholerni Polacy'' to grupa jeszcze mozna powiedziec 'w powijakach' jednak sporo ludzi dolaczylo do nas jako weterani ze starego ilka. Dobra zabawa jest oczywicie podstawa jednak kazdy z nas ma w sercu dokonania naszych pilotow 1939-1945 i rowniez bedzie ta tradycja zawsze kultywowana. Bez zbednej gadaniny zapraszamy na: Discord: https://discord.gg/pHkY9cCks2 Mamy strone w budowie: https://bloody-
  11. P-51 decals look alright even without the serial numbers. The dvd tech hopefully will bring more detail to the cockpit view and its battle damage. Self sealing fuel tanks and fuel tanks management coming Soon.
  12. Lovely to see you all participating in the discussion!
  13. If you are a player, they all know about each other and compeat for your attention. Possibly the reason why multiple pictures was buried by dads and standup husbands.
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