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  1. Mine is wired, so it is not directly related to WiFi only.
  2. Action currently not possible due to spam protection. Please wait a few seconds and try again. You guys should look into this issue, it seems like it has been occurring near daily for an hour at a time, for at least a month now. Every 3 seconds it spams this once joining the server, and prevents anyone from joining channels. It will work great for a while, and then it starts doing it again almost like clockwork. A mod will need to go into the server and (Tools => Edit Virtual Server => Anti Flood) and probably increase the points. Teamspeak server may need a restart too, I'm not sure, but it sure is annoying when trying to setup a fly day with some people and we can't even use the Official Teamspeak
  3. The higher the resolution, the more demanding it will be on the system for sure. I'm waiting for the 8K units to get refined, much better quality of picture than even the newer Vive about to hit the market, they just haven't dialed it in quite yet, but it's likely going to require a beast of a computer to run a steady 90FPS. I find turning the resolution for the monitor down as much as you can will help slightly with frames, but with your machine it probably wouldn't make much of a difference. As for seeing chat, make sure you bind a key to hide the GUI. You should be able to see it once unhidden, I believe it should be enabled by default, but test it out by pressing the key you have it bound to, I have it set to down on my hatswitch on my HOTAS If you don;t know the TS, just search for it on here. If you need any other help I can hop on there and help ya out.
  4. You'll just have to figure out a way to get PTT to work, otherwise you'll have to leave it on continuous which can be quite distracting for others in the channel, I haven't figured out a solution to that yet so I've just been using it on the gaming PC. I'm sure there is a way to send a keypress through LAN but latency might be an issue.
  5. Wings of Liberty has been kicking everyone out lately, seems like an issue on their side, as its been happening with everyone in locations all over the globe. I'm lucky if I can get a 45 min flight in before I'm kicked and kill streak is reset.
  6. Personally I'd wait for the second gen of VR headsets about to come out so you aren't fighting with the damn screen door effect as much. Rift has better resolution, so if you will only be playing IL-2, I'd go with that over the Vive if you can not wait for second gen gear. I have the Vive and it was worth every penny so far, but I'm picking up one of those 8K X units once they work the kinks out of the display, I doubt your CPU would be able to keep up with one of those though so an upgrade would have to occur if waiting out for gen2 gear.
  7. Hey there. I've had a Vive for a while, but haven't been able to sort out the damned blue screen when losing tracking with the base stations. It always happens at the worst time- when in a dogfight or when about to drop bombs on some factories... and for half a second to multiple seconds. So far I have tried: "forceFadeOnBadTracking": false,- did absolutely nothing to fix the issue Turned off camera Turned off bluetooth Have tried sync cable, and without Is there anything else I can do to prevent this blue screen from showing up, and the tracking just freezing the head in its last known position instead? Its is the only game where this occurs frequently enough to be a problem. I flew face first into trees while trying to take out some tanks last night because I lost all visual aid for at least 2 seconds, and regained sight just before collision. As cool as that was, I nearly had a heart attack and would like to prevent that from happening again lol
  8. As mentioned above, I have the same issue, but once you get passed the login screen just by hitting enter, the mouse stays in game as it should.
  9. I still can't get this to work for myself despite all the suggestions in the thread. I've had to use the program on my laptop instead of my workstation which a major pain in my butt but its the only workaround to work for myself
  10. It would be nice to have only one eye especially for menus so I don't need the headset on to try to change settings. If you are trying to record just one eye, OBS has a plugin for SteamVR that lets you select left or right eye directly from the Vive/Rift feed. Its not perfect, if you lose tracking or miss frames ect, you get the blue flashing now shown on your Stream/ Recording
  11. Thank all the miners for messing with GPU prices. Hard to even find any GPU's right now. I admit I had an order in for 10 Vega 64's but AMD pushed back the date shipping new stock to retailers, so at the current moment, demand is much higher than supply. They have told most of the retailers that they need to put a 1 card limit per household restriction up so gamers can get their hands on cards, but its not doing much to stop people from buying multiple cards and shipping them to different PO boxes lol. I don't see the crypto market crashing anytime soon, even with the market looking like it does right now. Later this year when more alt coins make announcements, its only going to make it more difficult to get your hands on high end cards.
  12. Welcome to IL-2 and the Forums! I'm from Western Canada too, always looking for a wingman. I fly with a Vive and HOTAS/ Rudder setup, but find using Voice Attack for some of the controls makes life so much easier with the headset on- especially if you're going to be flying bombers and not just fighters. I find the hardest part of VR to be plane recognization once you spend the hour or two to set up controls the way you like. 4K monitors I have almost no trouble, but in VR is really hard to tell sometimes if plane is fren or foe Make sure to download TS3 and join us in there! Guys are usually more than willing to help a brother out in there!
  13. As mentioned in the OP, it resets to above my monitor. I can not ALT Space because I can not see the menu come up either. It was the very first thing I tried. Appreciate the suggestions, but as I already mentioned those are not doing the trick. 3/4 of the menu is above the end of my monitor, reseteditorsettings does not work, and can not see alt space menu, and when the menu was mostly visible it was greyed out. No combination of the above has worked. No offence, I would not have created a thread int he first place if I had not already tried those things. I'm on W10 if that makes any difference. Obviously the settings the cmd resets to are conflicting with my monitor resolution or with dual monitor setups. But I have tried disabling my second screen, and vice versa, and it still wont come down. Every other box is fine, just the property dialog is bugged.
  14. At least you guys can even see the whole Dialog box. 3/4 of mine is above my monitor and won't move down lol. Have you tried editing using a text editor like Notepad++? May be a PITA but as a work around you should be able to set time and date in the file if you edit with text editor.
  15. Unable to move the Property Dialog box in that fashion, move is greyed out. It has actually now moved up since my last PC restart, so now even more of it is missing! That was one of the first things I tried. Unable to now even select the map or terrain presets, how incredibly annoying.
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