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  1. I have a number of settings in different 'Controls' that I want to preserve (Plane/Weapons/Camera), but I'd like to restore the settings in 'Tank controls' to default. I have the 'Tank control' window open - does the 'Default" button just restore settings within 'Tank control'? Never mind- I figured it out. Pretty slick really!
  2. Ummm . . . what is early access? I purchased it back in Dec. 2019. Do I get early access? Thanks.
  3. Re-saved the missions. Thanks! I purchased Battle of Normandy back in December of 2019. It's not showing up in my maps. Do I have to download it specifically? Seems like all previous maps have appeared with normal updates. Please advise. Also I can no longer control tank turrets with mouse. Only vertical adjustment with joystick. If I go into settings and choose default does that reset tank controls only or aircraft settings as well? Thanks!
  4. I haven't played in a while. Most missions are not working. "Mission description is loading" - is the message I get. Do I need to reload them? Also when I do get a tank mission to open - aiming the turret can not be controlled by the mouse. Shift "T" locks and unlocks the turret, but that's it. Is there a tentative date for BON release? I see updates regarding the Hurricane, and a C-47 - are those collector planes that have to be purchased separately?
  5. Beautiful Tigers Maillon! Thanks!!!
  6. Nice work guys! Thanks! Hey onlyforbrian - any chance you'll re-post your JG5 skinpack? The still shots look cool!
  7. Beautiful work Flowbee! Love the "rode hard put up wet look". My favorite Panzer IV skins. Thanks!!!
  8. After a second attempt to unzip the files into the missions folder they're functioning properly. I don't know what I was doing wrong initially but all is well now. Thanks!
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