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  1. Really looking forward to seeing and playing another one of your outstanding missions! Thank You!
  2. I've been surprised by the negative comments as well. I'm still in awe! Hats off to the developers. I'll buy whatever they're selling!
  3. The files appear to download successfully from both but when I try to open them with Winzip, I get the following message: "One or more files could not be unzipped. The following file could not be opened or is not a valid Zip file . . ." I'm getting the same message when I try to open the 512th FS/406th FG zip file. The "Wolf Pack" unzipped without a hitch.
  4. I'm on Firefox - running Norton and MalwareBytes. Got the "Dangerous Site" warning too. Probably safe. I'm not that curoius.
  5. I'm unable to download a working zip file of the Bf-109 E7s. Are those still available?
  6. Wow! Beautiful work! Thank You!!!!
  7. As a student of history and a lover of great archetecture - I'm looking forward to seeing even more of the pre-war condition of the various cities. I'll be better able to appreciate humanity's loss - the story a pile of rubble could not tell. The pre-view is absolutely stunning. Thanks!!!!!!! Truly gobsmaked!
  8. Let's see . . . Tanks don't crash on take off or landing. Tanks don't stall. The air war seems pretty sterilized compared to the nitty gritty on the ground. The details are amazing - the houses, the sycamores, carts, wells, hay mounds, the barking dogs . . . Nothing quite like it in the air. And there's just something about staring down the barrel of a T34 . . . Or a "run & gun" through Zarubovka in Pz.Kpfw.III . . . Or taking on a column of KV-1s! (I know it's not a fair fight . . .) Seriously, my ability to empathize with the poor SOBs that had to fight in these things . . . I think I would have preferred the infantry to climbing into the belly of a cold steel beast in the Russian winter . . . and the noise! What's it feel like inside a Tiger turret when the 88 goes off? Unimaginable!
  9. I've prepaid for Tank Crew but the only tank action I've been able to access are the SP missions I've downloaded. I can drive Tigers but can't find a single mission that allows me to shoot at them.
  10. As long as someone brought up "tanks" here - I'm jumping in. Is anyone else having difficulty seeing Russian armor in the 'Pz.Kpfw III, winter' version of "Last Man Standing"? It's actually the gun sight that's disappearing in the darkness. The Russians don't have to fight before dawn! As if it wasn't difficult enough to take on T-34s with a 50mm! (At least we can reload quickly)! And it seems like there are additional mechanical issues with the engine/transmission. I can never get close to the km/h specs. Oh well, I'm enjoying the challenge!
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