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  1. Thanks anyway but - Duh . . . "open the curve in key bindings" . . . I have no idea what that means and I doubt that I have "another device id mapped to throttle" because I wouldn't know how to do that either! I just reinstalled IL-2 . . . everything's set to default as far as I know. Mouse, keyboard, joystick and a couple of external HDs are all that I have plugged in. 😕 Thanks again - I'll research your suggestions.
  2. I just built new rig (AMD Threadripper/MSI x399 MB). Installed IL-2. Using Logitech Extreme 3D Pro joystick. Throttle stuck at 100%. All planes. Throttle fully functional in Google Earth and when auto pilot enabled. Checks out OK in "Game Controllers" test and Logitech Profiler. I've searched the forum/google for every combination of throttle/stuck/malfunction/etc and gone over every settings menu I can find . . . I can't figure it out. Any ideas?
  3. Excellent! (as usual) THANKS!!! Any chance you'll skin another Tiger?
  4. Thanks julian & geraki! Bravo!!!
  5. Anxious to download but I'm not seeing the link . . .
  6. The devos consistently exceed my expectations. As I've yet to take advantage of the thousands of options currently available - additions to the game are just more "icing on the cake". That being said - I'm anxiously awaiting the next release (or two). The scale and detail of the Bodenplatte arena is absolutely astonishing! Bravissimo!
  7. Just the way I like it! Thanks again for the excellent mission!!!
  8. I won in A PzIII-m! With four rounds of AP ammo left! Probably dumb luck. Love the details in Zarubovka - the Neo Classical building, the domed church, the tower and whatever that statue thing is . . . what the Hell are those kids dancing around anyway? Glad to see the church by the way. Not that many in BoX. Razed by the communists before the war?
  9. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thad! A MASTERPIECE! (And my new fave). Your legacy is assured! I almost always win in the Tiger but the PzIII-m? A challenge indeed - AND I LOVE IT!
  10. Too easy is OK, wierd AI is OK too! I really want to have a go at it . . . but I don't see the download link. Are you tweaking?
  11. Really looking forward to seeing and playing another one of your outstanding missions! Thank You!
  12. I've been surprised by the negative comments as well. I'm still in awe! Hats off to the developers. I'll buy whatever they're selling!
  13. I'm on Firefox - running Norton and MalwareBytes. Got the "Dangerous Site" warning too. Probably safe. I'm not that curoius.
  14. Wow! Beautiful work! Thank You!!!!
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