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  1. Nice work guys! Thanks! Hey onlyforbrian - any chance you'll re-post your JG5 skinpack? The still shots look cool!
  2. Beautiful work Flowbee! Love the "rode hard put up wet look". My favorite Panzer IV skins. Thanks!!!
  3. After a second attempt to unzip the files into the missions folder they're functioning properly. I don't know what I was doing wrong initially but all is well now. Thanks!
  4. Yes Katowiz, Mods are always enabled. Thanks. Perhaps you could point me to the posts I should read. I unzipped "Example_Campaign_Extract_To_Data" into a folder I created in Program Files/BoS/data/Missions - "Tigre" as you suggested. The 'Tigre" folder appears in the "Missions" page when I open the program but when I select it (or more exactly when I select "Campaign" within the "Tigre" folder) - it prompts me to select a mission. So, obviously I'm doing something wrong. I appreciate your suggestions. Got any others?
  5. This is a confusing thread. I've unzipped all these various files into the mission folder - they didn't work (or even show up). I unzipped them into the data folder. They did not work/show up. I unzipped them into the campaign folder. They did not work/show up. I must be doing something wrong! Can someone please clarify which zip files and where to unzip them?
  6. Maybe I just don't know what I'm doing but the range finder of the Panther seems to be way off. Anyone else have this issue?
  7. I'm not seeing any Russians. Just a long drive to - and then through the town. I must have done something wrong. Please advise.
  8. I like/want them all. I don't see the links!
  9. Properly activate the mod package in JSGME? . . . I don't know what that is - but I want to. I've read through the entire thread and I have no idea how to implement the directions.
  10. This is not working for me. Norton and Windows thinks it's some kind of virus. I thought this Oculus VR headset would be easy (plug and play) but I can't get IL2 to cooperate. Google fu not working for me. Not much help in the IL2 forum that I can find. Someone suggested installing Steam VR . . . I have no idea how. Please help!
  11. Can you please instruct me on how to access the "game key bindings"? Nevermind - Got it! Thanks!
  12. Thanks anyway but - Duh . . . "open the curve in key bindings" . . . I have no idea what that means and I doubt that I have "another device id mapped to throttle" because I wouldn't know how to do that either! I just reinstalled IL-2 . . . everything's set to default as far as I know. Mouse, keyboard, joystick and a couple of external HDs are all that I have plugged in. 😕 Thanks again - I'll research your suggestions.
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