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  1. Calm down!! Calm down!! Turrets are prohibited on this game.
  2. We had it on ship strike missions with He111s and Ju88s armed with torpedoes along with the torpedo computer.
  3. Nice !!! Love tanks !!! Can we have those binoculars on the german bombers like we used to have on classic IL2 ????
  4. One doubt about Steam version. Is it possible to buy it or another battle as stand alone product? ?? Or stand alone versions are only available on IL2 website??? I really loved the plane set and map choice! ! Congratulations! ! Buying it when getting home.
  5. Finally someone reasonable. "A well reasoned response" properly refuted by math
  6. You are the one losing time joining a discussion that you don`t belong to it And if you want me to stop, you can start to pay my bills in first place You are simplifying things. A MG81Z is capable of ~3200 rounds per minute . It would make 53 armor piercing rounds through your engine every second and you expect nothing to happen !? I will say it again, 53 rounds every second. If you park your plane behind this defensive system, and it a is very common situation for the medium pilot, you will have hundreds of rounds on your plane. I donยดt think people can beat math with their in game impressions saying P47 DM is broken somehow. When you lose your wings instantly be sure it was cannon fire. I always record my missions and I have never seen anything wrong with the P47. Why don't you call a friend and take a 109 E7 or Stuka tail gunner firing MG only on P47 trying to rip off wings to prove your point about DM.
  7. Do you really think an engine can easily survive a burst from a 7.7mm ?! Try shooting a working car engine on the nearest firing range to look for yourself what a few perfurations can do. I really don't know what people have been expecting but the P47 in game looks very close in all aspects to what is written on all Brazilian Air Force books available. If those books were in English you would be amazed like I was to discover how easily a P47 could be shotdown by German flak auto cannons. The engine usually survived for a few moments before the pilot had to bail out. That was the rule BUT this is REAL ruggedness. Other aircraft would be down during the attack run like you can read about the Tempest on Clostermann book.The P47 could take a few heavy hits and keep flying out of the danger zone buying some time for a belly landing or bail out saving the pilot while other planes would be burning metal and her crew dead. But if you expect to have your skin saved and still be able to be airborne by this "legendary" rugged plane every time you make a mistake, well You need to improve your tactics and read more books to get a more realistic view of this situation. I believe people are mostly disappointed because they have to fly CAS missions where you have the worst possible performance situation for a P47 without water injection where you will be bounced all the time by heavy cannons armed German fighters. The P47 was built for very high altitude interception role. She was built around a turbo charger like the A10 was built around her cannon. Maybe when the B25 become flyable and we have very high bomber interception missions, the P47 will shine and people will change their minds about her performance.
  8. Where are those P47 pictures with 21 cannon holes and +200 MG holes?? You are the one creating theories. I will say again the pictures available are telling another story. Switching from emotional mode to legalist one?! It won't work too. Do I need to list some bad laws like Apharteid to prove that the paper accepts anything to make clear the legalist argument is not valid?!
  9. Those pictures ARE evidence and very good ones. Those pictures really tell another story. To say that the dead cannot defend themselves is only emotional appeal and will not work for me. 9 in 10 that he exaggerated a lot about that day.
  10. Where are the other 19 hits of 20mm and the 200 MG holes?? All in the wings and engine?? I am pilot and I know some pilots exaggerate a lot. The other day I entered this store looking for aviation stuff...
  11. Last TAW I really flew a lot the Yak family and it's an amazing fighter. The only drawback is the low top speed around 500kph. The hurricane will be great if she comes as a solid and stable gun platform as used to be on classic IL2 series. A true bomber killer. The OP-40 can have some rest ๐Ÿ˜…
  12. I have his book. There is a big disservice about this occurrence that it's Discovery channel's "documentary" taking the P47 ruggedness to mythic levels. The real evidence are these pictures and tell a different history. Especially the last one. If someone have more pictures to share. ..
  13. I hope it is not Robert S. Johnson because I saw the pictures of his P47 and there is only two visible 20mm hits (rudder and behind canopy) plus few MG holes. He probably was so scared that he tought he survived a thousand shots when talking about this later that night on the bar. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
  14. My maximum spoting distance on daylight is around 20 kilometers for planes like B737 and A320 using TCAS to look on the right direction. It's the distance where those planes are an almost invisible dot. Considering modern ships, you can easily see parked ships on a harbor from distances over 80 nautical miles. Maybe this can help in tweaking visibility.
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