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  1. Last friday's mission on Finnish server. 6./ZG26 flying Hurricanes
  2. Welcome Saker !!! 6./ZG26 Hurricane Day !!!
  3. Hello Devs !!! Can we get Moscow unlocked for overfly and targets or do You intend to do it in near future considering we have better PCs now??? Cheers !!!
  4. Calm down!! Calm down!! Turrets are prohibited on this game.
  5. We had it on ship strike missions with He111s and Ju88s armed with torpedoes along with the torpedo computer.
  6. Nice !!! Love tanks !!! Can we have those binoculars on the german bombers like we used to have on classic IL2 ????
  7. One doubt about Steam version. Is it possible to buy it or another battle as stand alone product? ?? Or stand alone versions are only available on IL2 website??? I really loved the plane set and map choice! ! Congratulations! ! Buying it when getting home.
  8. Finally someone reasonable. "A well reasoned response" properly refuted by math
  9. You are the one losing time joining a discussion that you don`t belong to it And if you want me to stop, you can start to pay my bills in first place You are simplifying things. A MG81Z is capable of ~3200 rounds per minute . It would make 53 armor piercing rounds through your engine every second and you expect nothing to happen !? I will say it again, 53 rounds every second. If you park your plane behind this defensive system, and it a is very common situation for the medium pilot, you will have hundreds of rounds on your plane.
  10. Do you really think an engine can easily survive a burst from a 7.7mm ?! Try shooting a working car engine on the nearest firing range to look for yourself what a few perfurations can do. I really don't know what people have been expecting but the P47 in game looks very close in all aspects to what is written on all Brazilian Air Force books available. If those books were in English you would be amazed like I was to discover how easily a P47 could be shotdown by German flak auto cannons. The engine usually survived for a few moments before the pilot had to bail out. Tha
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