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  1. This is a pretty exciting development.
  2. Id normally agree with you, but I had track after track after track of slapping the 109 and 190 with rounds EXACTLY where you are saying to aim for, and nothing, occasionally if I get crazy lucky I’ll get a round in the cockpit, but dude, it wasn’t like this in WWII, you constantly here of the aircraft it encounters getting shredded and crashing in flames, that is so rare in this sim right now it’s almost a miracle when it does, something is really out of whack here. And on another note the “Floppawulf tactic after the plane has been shredded with 100 -200 rounds and still able to do that is
  3. Well I’m hearing that the boys in WWII had .50 HE? Could that be why it takes so long to down an enemy plane? Is that really the case that they had HE? If so, why we only have AP is pretty frustrating.
  4. Well I got about 20 people who are agreeing whole heartedly on the is Discord. We just get tapped and our planes are junk and we have to waste SO much ammo to get anything comparable in damage, in the mean time the whole god damn German team converges to help and we are still pecking away while they take .5 second burst and flame us, that's p47s, and Mustangs. Have to take a SPIT or a Tempest to even have a remote shot at downing a bird in a few bursts. 50 CALS ARE BROKEN.
  5. What on earth happened to .50 cals? It takes on average half my ammo hitting an other airplane to even get damage on it. But if I get breathed on by a 109 or 190 I'm smokes, something in my airplane is so trashed I cant fly it. I've downed other planes but it takes WAY too much damage and stays combat effective. I've seen 5 planes gang up on a 109 and its leaking everything including the pilots piss but still maneuvering like its not even touched. Anyone else having problem?
  6. Im all the sudden having issues with Pitch, as if the throw has been reduced to 10% of normal. Anyone else? I calibrated the Stick (warthog) and it reads the full throw no problems, but its every plane in the game.
  7. Ermagurd! I can't wait to drive that t34!
  8. This is truly amazing! Purchased Tanks today! Cant wait till I get home and play!
  9. Well it was the only server available with the fly able DC-3. 😂
  10. Recently got a chance to fly one. It handled like a school bus... which I guess is EXACTLY how it was designed to handle.
  11. Im also down to help. ive already sent you some aamples jason Hooves
  12. Not a huge Luftwaffe fan, but that Dora..omg!
  13. Man, I always look forward to Fridays. Today did NOT disappoint! The city detail is amazing! Hooves
  14. I think of it as a over arching statement that the company trusts the community to create such manuals. That their quality is so high that making a manual of their own is not only a waste of resources but slightly less comprehensive. This community is much different than other gaming communities, we are niche and wear that as a badge of honor. The products coming out of our community are labors of love. Not mandated obligatory documents meant only to check a box. So in other words. Put a sock in it AI. Hooves
  15. I was def not set on immortal. so yeah that was amazing!
  16. So I tried to log in today, and it gave me the "invalid user name or password" thought, thats wierd, reset my PW, let me go in, game CTD'd, I attempted to log in again and i now have the message again. Is there a problem with the master server today?
  17. Guys for simming, you cant get better than the samsung odessy. Its tracking works just fine, its res is that of the Vive pro. And its 400 bucks. We demoed one at the show and I had at least 5 people tell me they made orders after trying it at our booth. Hooves
  18. Welcome Axe! I'm still working on my tacpac stuff. Hooves
  19. We actually had a monitor on the side playing gameplay and sponsor logos for people to check out. People were more interested in playing.😀 Hooves Only a few. And I have to be honest, the gentleman that reported being the most queasy was a little worse for wear anyway. So not sure if it was him or the sim. Most likely the combination. But even then, he was willing to come back and give it another try later. I'm not sure if he had any more issues as I was attending to another guest at the time. Hooves
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