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  1. 71st_AH_Hooves

    American and British Voice "Actors" Needed ASAP!!

    Im also down to help. ive already sent you some aamples jason Hooves
  2. 71st_AH_Hooves

    Developer Diary 207 - Discussion

    Not a huge Luftwaffe fan, but that Dora..omg!
  3. 71st_AH_Hooves

    Developer Diary 206 - Discussion

    Man, I always look forward to Fridays. Today did NOT disappoint! The city detail is amazing! Hooves
  4. 71st_AH_Hooves

    Where is the Game Manual/Instructions?

    I think of it as a over arching statement that the company trusts the community to create such manuals. That their quality is so high that making a manual of their own is not only a waste of resources but slightly less comprehensive. This community is much different than other gaming communities, we are niche and wear that as a badge of honor. The products coming out of our community are labors of love. Not mandated obligatory documents meant only to check a box. So in other words. Put a sock in it AI. Hooves
  5. 71st_AH_Hooves

    Interview at FS Expo with Jason

    I was def not set on immortal. so yeah that was amazing!
  6. 71st_AH_Hooves

    Interview at FS Expo with Jason

    hahaha I'm an ACE and you know it!
  7. 71st_AH_Hooves

    Interview at FS Expo with Jason

    That Mike guy is an amazing pilot!!!
  8. So I tried to log in today, and it gave me the "invalid user name or password" thought, thats wierd, reset my PW, let me go in, game CTD'd, I attempted to log in again and i now have the message again. Is there a problem with the master server today?
  9. 71st_AH_Hooves

    Oculus Rift and Vive communities

    Guys for simming, you cant get better than the samsung odessy. Its tracking works just fine, its res is that of the Vive pro. And its 400 bucks. We demoed one at the show and I had at least 5 people tell me they made orders after trying it at our booth. Hooves
  10. 71st_AH_Hooves

    FS Expo Post Mortem report

    Welcome Axe! I'm still working on my tacpac stuff. Hooves
  11. 71st_AH_Hooves

    FS Expo Post Mortem report

    We actually had a monitor on the side playing gameplay and sponsor logos for people to check out. People were more interested in playing.πŸ˜€ Hooves Only a few. And I have to be honest, the gentleman that reported being the most queasy was a little worse for wear anyway. So not sure if it was him or the sim. Most likely the combination. But even then, he was willing to come back and give it another try later. I'm not sure if he had any more issues as I was attending to another guest at the time. Hooves
  12. 71st_AH_Hooves

    What happens in Vegas......etc, etc, (thanks Jason)

  13. 71st_AH_Hooves

    What happens in Vegas......etc, etc, (thanks Jason)

    It ain't all that bad πŸ˜‰
  14. 71st_AH_Hooves

    Flight-Sim Expo 2018 Update and Special Thanks!

    Hey Feathered, We actually did set up a few folks with unique QMB scenarios. A few in the A20, and a few at sunset and sunrise. And as expected, the visuals wowed everyone looking. The tough part was cycling through people as fast as we could because there was NEVER no one in line. So I attempted to keep a 5 min timer on each experience, and then get the next person in. So it was somewhat difficult to ask them what they wanted then set it up for each. Especially since many had not heard of Il2 (crazy right?). Regardless, most people just wanted to get directly into combat. And the QMB didnt disappoint. We also had all the beginner settings on to make it as "jump in and fly" as possible. Everyone was over the moon with the experience and it was smiles all around when each was finished with their turn. We had MULTIPLE people cycle back through the lines to get another taste. It was awesome! Hooves Aero, It was packed. ALL DAY! Super great turnout! Hooves
  15. 71st_AH_Hooves

    Flight-Sim Expo 2018 Update and Special Thanks!

    Yeah I heard that. I have nearly lost my voice from all the folks I talked to about the new series. But alas, I couldnt reach them all. But the good news is our booth was EASILY one of the most popular. We never had a single moment of downtime in the demo systems, everyone was absolutely blown away with everything about the new IL2!