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  1. Im all the sudden having issues with Pitch, as if the throw has been reduced to 10% of normal. Anyone else? I calibrated the Stick (warthog) and it reads the full throw no problems, but its every plane in the game.
  2. Ermagurd! I can't wait to drive that t34!
  3. This is truly amazing! Purchased Tanks today! Cant wait till I get home and play!
  4. Well it was the only server available with the fly able DC-3. 😂
  5. Recently got a chance to fly one. It handled like a school bus... which I guess is EXACTLY how it was designed to handle.
  6. Im also down to help. ive already sent you some aamples jason Hooves
  7. Not a huge Luftwaffe fan, but that Dora..omg!
  8. Man, I always look forward to Fridays. Today did NOT disappoint! The city detail is amazing! Hooves
  9. I think of it as a over arching statement that the company trusts the community to create such manuals. That their quality is so high that making a manual of their own is not only a waste of resources but slightly less comprehensive. This community is much different than other gaming communities, we are niche and wear that as a badge of honor. The products coming out of our community are labors of love. Not mandated obligatory documents meant only to check a box. So in other words. Put a sock in it AI. Hooves
  10. I was def not set on immortal. so yeah that was amazing!
  11. So I tried to log in today, and it gave me the "invalid user name or password" thought, thats wierd, reset my PW, let me go in, game CTD'd, I attempted to log in again and i now have the message again. Is there a problem with the master server today?
  12. Guys for simming, you cant get better than the samsung odessy. Its tracking works just fine, its res is that of the Vive pro. And its 400 bucks. We demoed one at the show and I had at least 5 people tell me they made orders after trying it at our booth. Hooves
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