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  1. Developer Diary, Part 193 - Discussion

    I'm still in absolute aww at the rate and quality of work the team is pushing out. This is basically what kind of development every combat simmer has wanted for the last 10 yrs!
  2. Gun Cam Setup?

    Rjels answer here is the correct one. Follow that link and it explains how to accomplish a "gun camerac
  3. Same issue here. Very distracting when trying to clear your own 6.
  4. This thread had the fix for me!!!
  5. So I have completely reinstalled the game and its still crashing at the splash screen.
  6. So the game just CTD's at the start splash screen, even though I played just fine yesterday. I have given up and and trying to reinstall the game. But the loader has been stuck at verifying game cache for 4 hours. Any suggestions?
  7. Samsung Odyssey

    We can only hope that the VR dev on the team will enable that IPD setting, with all the headsets coming out, its very unrealistic to lock everything down until they have a headset to play with. This game still has an edge on other VR experiences, it would be a shame to lose that edge to other products because they don't want to open the controls to tweak the experience.
  8. Gonna need explanation

    Both the 71st and TWB do this nearly everytime we go after a groind target. Maybe join a squadron?
  9. Clod will never be adapted to the BOX universe. Completely different game engine. You need to contact the support team here that you purchased it from. Requesting a refund from Steam is pointless as you didnt purchase it there. Further more, you may want to do more research when purchasing a game in the future. Many games now adays are linked to the Steam world evwn though purchasable via a tbird party website. Further further more, what did you expect coming into a place, claiming a silly mistake, for a silly reason then beig offended when people question your irrational conclusions? Seriously, become accountable for your own actions, and you will have far less trouble. Mods, pleaae close this. It will go no where good.
  10. IL2-My Favorite VR Sim

    Has anyone tried the new HMD Odessy? Ive read it has a higher resolution that is sorely needed.
  11. I give up

    If you got the game working once Windows 10 is likely not the issue.
  12. My long overdue letter!

    You've nailed my feelings exactly.
  13. Omg I didn't even think about this but THANK FRICKEN GOD lol...
  14. My comments on the delay of PTO development.

    Oh i see, its ok for you to bash the team through inuendo, but when confronted, you wanna hide behind it. As long as you are making baseless accusations hidden as (What you think as clever) double speak, then ill be right here calling you on it.