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  1. I have two green numbers top right of screen. 40/150. Am using a valve vr headset. Not sure what both numbers mean. Thanks , Hulldown
  2. It is an absolute blast to play in VR. Probably going to stick with my HTC pro until there is some fantastically new VR platform.
  3. I like my HTC vive pro. Problem is I have never tried anything different. Also I do use the prescription lenses. I am looking for the best VR for IL2.
  4. Sorry for the late reply. I think it was a software problem. I just downloaded the current drivers and the new patch. Works like a champ!
  5. Thank you! I will give that version a shot.
  6. Dog gone it! It is no longer playable. Let me know what version you are using.
  7. Thanks all. I just downloaded the latest Nvidia driver so far so good. I will let you know if it is a fail.. going to put her through the paces..
  8. Hello all, I have been using my sons VR HTC headset for a while. It used to work very well. I changed out my old.. MSI 980 ti for a new MSI 1080 ti. So I jump into IL2 via Steam VR all is well then about the 14 minute mark it stops working.. I get a frozen screen. Thanks!
  9. Yep down on this end too.
  10. The key is not active. Thank you all for the quick reply!
  11. I have pre ordered BOB and play Multi Player most of the time. I would like to use the Bf 109 G-14 and Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IXe But it is still locked in the Multi Player start screen. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, HullDown
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