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  1. I've been so busy lately that I haven't even been able to fly! Glad that there are so many P-51 skins out there. Excellent work! Specially because it is a nightmare to line them up(but, not as nightmarish as some 3rd party planes in P3D - Suffice to say, one took me a week to do it).
  2. I've decided to create its own post for Dallas Doll, to avoid further confusion(and so I can link it). It has come to my attention that the shine is wrong. Unfortunately, I can't find any historical pictures that depict it properly. The only one I found seems to be cloudy, as it looks like it rained quite recently when it was taken. Also, the sources I found all seem to have some different positions or extra markings. It could be, as it was explained to me, based on different time periods. So, I made 3 skins. Hopefully one of these is the correct(or mostly correct?) one. DOWNLOAD (It's the same version and link from my previous posts, no update): https://www.mediafire.com/file/hueu7o5c1y5x6m3/Dallas_Doll_414_495_A_V1-_B_V1-_C_v1.7z/file SCREENSHOTS:
  3. Yep, https://www.mediafire.com/file/hueu7o5c1y5x6m3/Dallas_Doll_414_495_A_V1-_B_V1-_C_v1.7z/file Although the shine, based on some modern pictures, seems to be wrong. But I can't find any non-cloudy picture of the plane to fix it.
  4. Yep, that was a major pain! In the end I had to place some numbers on them, turn on the wire frame(barely helped) and do multiple resaves until I could get it fixed.
  5. The fonts I had it fixed by now heh! But the shine, I only saw your message now, after I finished 3 versions of it. Do you have a picture of Dallas Doll with a way for me to compare the shine? The only picture I found, the underbelly invasion stripes were different from the other sources and it looked like it was cloudy. So, I based all the shiny stuff on the other P-51s. Here's the link, until I fix the metallic shine with a picture: https://www.mediafire.com/file/hueu7o5c1y5x6m3/Dallas_Doll_414_495_A_V1-_B_V1-_C_v1.7z/file
  6. Ha! Good point! Hopefully, I can do all this tomorrow + fix a few bugs on the skin. Otherwise, I will only be able to release it on Monday next week. Since I will only be able to get back to it on Sunday. My custom nose art manage to sneak in on the alpha and I only caught it ingame haha
  7. There are so many variations that... I'm a bit lost. Which one is the correct one? Then I found this picture, and it differs, slightly, from the one I'm painting. Ignore the alpha transparency issue + the metallic look(those are left for last)...
  8. If no one picks it up, I think I can do it. Since I have, partially, done the alignment of some of those things for the F-86 skin I made.
  9. I just had that problem, one of the extra dirt stains was causing the alpha to be too black. So, I lowered it, and lowered the opacity on the alpha template. Problem solved Maybe that's what's causing it. To do a quick test, use the colorize option in the blending. If that fixes it, you can disable it, and manually do it.
  10. lol, reverse search gives me this ! hahahahaha
  11. Thanks again! Will take a look on that.
  12. Yep, I'm doing a non-historical repaint of an F-86 Sabre FF-0666(a bit of a troll on 1CGS/777 and the 666's I keep seeing on MP) "Temptation", but I couldn't find any with high resolution. And to release it to the public I wanted it to make it as close to that as possible. So, for now, all I can do is screenshots. Ah, thanks! Yep, that seems to be the only way... Since all I found were very low resolution. Damn!
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