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  1. I belonged to the first adapters, read about Chris Roberts new project even before there homepage was launched. Paid 60 $ for a mid tier package in autumn 2012, within the first month after the crowd funding went live. All I wanted to have was modern continuation of the old Wing Commander games, some epic space combat single player experience. Back then they promised the Squadron 42 campaign for 2014, which seemed like a reasonable time frame after the demo they could show. Also that players could get any ship in game through gameplay alone, without paying extra, as in the Privateer games of old. Once it looked like Star Citizen could revive the entire space sim genre, but at the end it became a victim of it’s own success. Now, 7 years later I am still waiting with nothing in sight. I doubt they have any incentive to actually finish Star Citizen and go back to the normal business model once promised. Why sell a complete game for 60 $ again, when your are accustomed to people paying hundreds of dollars for star ship add ons? They are selling dreams and hopes which I guess will always work. If only the initial crowd funding had been less successful Chris Roberts would have been force to accept money from actual investors that expect a return of investment some day and have some control over development. Star Citizen is the major reason why I don’t like to pre order stuff any more. It’s better to only spend money when the features I want are actually available.
  2. Cunctator

    DCS news

    Than why do you come here and complain about what others are doing in their spare time? Some like sandbox games, some not. I am looking forward to fly the Corsair in DCS. For me, it's neither "ridiculous", "horrible planning" nor "a waste of resources". If a 3rd party thinks that there is a market for a particular aircraft or want to have it modeled for themselves they should be able to do it. Just because something doesn't make sense for you does not that everybody else has to agree with you.
  3. Cunctator

    DCS news

    Not the F-14B, the only one currently flyable, USN only and it will get its official campaign on the Caucasus map. What would you do if some news site reports tomorrow that Iran has retired the last Tomcats? Uninstall the module because there no more realistic future scenarios left? Play Gulf of Sidra or Desert missions forever, never utilizing the F-14 in the fleet defense/ bomber interceptor role it was designed for?
  4. Cunctator

    DCS news

    USN F-14 are out of service since 2006, the planes scrapped or in museums now. F-14s operating from carriers are as much history as WW2 or the Cold War. Almost any airframe in DCS is either already phased out, at the very end of its career or upgraded far beyond the capabilities in the sim, while almost every truly modern fighter is missing entirely. No Growler, Super Hornet, Eurofighter, Rafale, F-22 etc. Any realistic future scenario is impossible in DCS. There were no black woman fighting in the German army in WW2, that would be fantasy. But several Royal Navy home fleet carriers had Corsair squadrons deployed during the summer of 1944. Instead of bombing the Tirpitz in Norway they could have appeared over Normandy within days, if the the order had been given. It is an entirely plausible scenario that could have happened under different circumstances. Just as Fw 190A3 over Stalingrad.
  5. Cunctator

    DCS news

    Yeah. The last time any Corsair was made for a state of the art combat flight sim was Pacific Fighters in 2004 (!). And even then people were complaining about the half baked and incomplete Pacific scenario. I don't want to die from old age waiting for the "perfect" Pacific sim, flying virtual Mustangs and Bf-109s forever. Yes, it could have been an F4U-4, fitting into Korea as well, but at least with the upcoming Fw 190A8/F8 and a bunch of AI planes the material will be there for some convincing missions featuring Fleet Air Arm Corsairs. British Corsairs over Normandy during the Summer of 1944 is as realistic as F-14s over the Caucasus and nobody is complaining about that.
  6. I wouldn‘t say modern kids are the problem, their environment has changed too much. The magic of aviation has disappeared. Flying has become as routine as using the tram. Additionally PCs are no longer new and exciting. Me and my classmates were more focused on technology and more eager to try out everything. When I was a kid we often made a family trip to the nearest international airport. Back than parking there was cheap, they had historic aircraft on display in the main hall and a huge visitors terrace with kiosks, playgrounds and more aircraft on display. You could walk around and look directly into the airliner cockpits below. All this has disappeared since 9.11. At our local airfield we had regular airshows, always with some kind of highlight. A Harrier once, or an AN-2 or Ju 52 for rides. Their are gone now too, security reasons and nowadays people just complain about everything, especially noise. The public visibility of flight sims greatly decreased also. As a teenager I could walk into a Computer store and they had a great collection of sims, even more add ons for MS FS and a decent number of Joysticks on display. Everybody interested in PC Gaming knew about the offer. Today you have to actively search the internet for sims and peripherals. I can’t imagine how hard it is for some teenager to get into the hobby today. When I started flight simming 2X years ago, a simple joystick was sufficient, or not needed at all. I still could play EF-2000, or F-22 Total Air War with just the keyboard. Sims like CFS2 came with a thick manuals that explained everything. The basics of flight, the background of the Pacific war, the men and machines involved. It even had a chapter listing books for further reading. The old sims were less complex, had simpler fm and less detailed systems modeling. It still took me a long time until I could take off and land or hit anything. I took the time because I loved airplanes.
  7. The history of inline engined Fw 190s is long and protracted. The first prototype (Fw 190 V13) for the proposed C series with inline DB 603 engine had it's first flight already in march 1942, followed by V15 and V16 during the following months and V18 with turbocharger towards the end of the year. Since initial results were promising in Summer 1942 Kurt Tank could offer the RLM a limited Fw 190-C0 production run with all available engines for combat evaluation, which was rejected.
  8. +1 They could integrate the map into the career mode for ground attack Fw 190, Hs 129 or Il-2s and turn it into a separate add on for those not interested in tanks.
  9. I only encountered this problem when being flight leader. If choosing another position everybody attacked just fine.
  10. Usable in multiplayer, user made missions etc. yes, but will it be integrated into the career mode? The Battle of Kursk would be a direct continuation of the Kuban Fw190 Schl.G 1 ground attack campaign for example. Great to further flesh out the eastern front and an incentive to buy Tank crew if your are not that much interested in tankss.
  11. Also one thing in favor of a Solomon islands map should be that the total land area of these islands is actually surprisingly small. About 40000 km², mostly sparsely inhabited. An equivalent all land map is just 200 x 200 km². Thus I would anticipate that such a map is much easier to make than the Bodenplatte map.
  12. That's not really the point, you just have to fly to the battlefield to get plenty of opportunities for shorter ranged missions. The airfield on the Russels was operational when the New Georgia campaign begun, with months of fighting, months of missions over New Georgia, ahead until the islands could been secured. Even Munda point become operational before the campaign was concluded. Fighters operating from the New Georgia bases supported the Allied landings on the Trasury Island and so on. Kahili was bombed by the Allies well into 1944. Still lots of air combat over the base during late summer and autumn of 1943, when the New Georgia bases were operational. You can easily build an entire chapter of the career mode around it.
  13. It won't work that easily since the other Salomon islands are between Guadalcanal and Rabul. You can decrease the gap between Bougainville and New Ireland/Britain, but will help only marginally if people really want to fly from Rabaul all the way to Henderson field.
  14. A Salomons map would offer lots of opportunities for shorter ranged, tactical missions, well manageable by the current game engine. Just focus on the Allies islands hopping campaign in 1943, we can't get the ultimate Pacific flight sim in one installment anyway. Russel islands to Munda (New Georgia) 230 km Munda, or Ondongo to Treasury islands or Balalae 200 km Munda to Kahili 240 km Barakoma to Kahili 170 km Barakoma to Empress Augusta Bay 260 km Green Islands to Rabaul 230 km
  15. I met this behavior again and again during the last few years, already in the old campaigns. Originally during the BOS days, I believed that the AI is generally unable to attack ground targets with anything but bombers. In my recent Fw190 Kuban ground attack campaign everything was fine until I became squadron commander. As flight leader my wingmen never attacked, just circled the battlefield as before, when flying in a wingman slot they did as they should.
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