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    Retired.Trying to retain my interest in flight sims as this was the genre that got me into gaming in the first place.It's difficult.I have all the time to dedicate to games but flight sims now only occupy a small percentage of my gaming time.If I could go back to the 90's I'd be a happy bunny again.
  1. According to their Facebook page it should be coming back shortly.
  2. OK guys,thanks. I thought it might be just me.
  3. Seems to have been down all day. Anyone else confirm/deny issues?
  4. Ok,done.Not sure why I didn't just do that,maybe the coffee hasn't kicked in yet. Mods,you can delete this if you want.
  5. How can I change my e-mail address? I don't see an option in my account just a change password option. In 60 days my ISP will deactivate the present one. Thank you.
  6. Best reply so far. I'm a very generous type,I have given away multiple items on a very popular flight sim forum in the past but I draw the line at begging unless that person is in dire need of help.A game isn't covered by that.
  7. He was indeed an amazing man,the like of which we will probably never see again. I found these facts about the man,some I had no idea he had done... Flew 487 different types of aircraft, a world record that is unlikely ever to be matched Piloted 2,407 aircraft carrier landings Appointed MBE, OBE and CBE Survived 11 plane crashes and the sinking of HMS Audacity in 1941 Met Churchill and King George VI numerous times Was at the liberation of Bergen Belsen Interrogated some of the leading Nazis after the war, including Heinrich Himmler, Hermann Goering and Belsen's chief guards Josef Kramer and Irma Grese
  8. Will there be any improvements to the mouse control or is what we have now all we're going to get?
  9. Broncos 33 Panthers 18 I haven't a clue about the game but it's a chance to win BoS so I'll have a guess.
  10. A bit of BoS night action would have been perfect footage to put in that list.Anyway,top 'x' lists can be so subjective,I'll bet not 2 members here would come up with the same one.
  11. I'm always struggling to find a populated server with decent numbers (GMT).Being a mouse player I'm excluded from some of the more popular ones (WoL) for instance. I only fly the IL-2 and PE-2 for ground attack and often find team numbers out of balance.Tonight the enemy team outnumbered us 2 to 1 and there was little chance of me getting unmolested to the target area but I always try to persevere even against such odds.
  12. Thank you Brano.My biggest problem is finding a populated server that doesn't have 'joystick only' My sim history dates back to the original Falcon on the Atari ST so I'm no newcomer to the genre.I just find it easier nowadays (painful joints/old age etc etc) to control everything with mouse/keyboard. Maybe if I had one of those fancy HOTAS set-ups lots of you guys have it would help but I neither have that sort of spending power anymore or want half my desk cluttered up with that sort of stuff when sims only account for around 10-15 percent of my gaming time.
  13. Personally I think the mouse control is excellent.BoS was dead to me before it was introduced.I only had a cheap joystick (Logitech 3D Pro) but trying to hit a target with it was practically impossible for me.The mouse gives me a nice steady shooting platform.Ok,so that's giving me an advantage over my previous control method but I'm playing almost full-time ground attack,I'm still an easy kill for other aircraft. In fact I'm not comfortable in the air-to-air role,the control method isn't as good as the one War Thunder implements to me. My only complaint is I wish there weren't so many 'joystick-only' servers.Ah well,I can't have it all.At least I'm flying the game again.
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