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  1. Is this GPS icons or icons on aircraft? As I only play Il2-GB in VR and have done for the last 14-16 months, have never found the need for icons of the above to help in VR. I am not saying others don't have a problem, but icons to resolve VR issues or make it more friendly for VR users, personally I don't think that is the answer.
  2. Hi Coconut many thanks for the explanation. Are you planning to run this mechanic on the other planesets on your server in the future?
  3. Hi Coconut, have you changed the way aircraft are allocated to players as it seemed the only option to fly(fighters) in the present map on the LW side were E-7's and 202's. Even at the Kubinke base which is in bold cap's, which normally ment that any aircraft is available?
  4. Hi 216th_Nocke, I survived the encounter mate :). I hit the A-20 and he started to sprialling down so I left him, saw that it had corrected its self low down and that another 109 was attacking which I guess it was =LwS=Balapan (who also survived), so the two pilots who combined over 50% of the damage survived. I think it is a case of the resent patch updates on how servers (kills, etc) are being reported and the new damage model are taking effect now. So we will have to see how this all plays out over time :). Always have a great time on Coconut server <S>.
  5. 56RAF guys saw disappearing AI 109's, I spoke to them to confirm last night, same with us having disappearing AI VVS fighters.
  6. Upgraded to the latest 4.16.34 to try this motion smoothing. Like Tripwire says had too many artifacts, and I had a slight frame rate loss also, so I turned it off. You also reckon this new driver is bad, I will roll back to my old version driver.
  7. Yeah got the tacview if that is any good for you? Me and Black-Witch were the 190's it looked like the 109's were AI, the fight was about 10mins long, I was very hot after the fight and sounding like Darth Vader, fighting in VR does that too you lol. Black-Bart
  8. Had a good fight tonight with SvAF/F16_OndaAnkan, SvAF/F16_Katla, SvAF/F16_radek, we were flying the 190's, well flown:). <S> Black-Bart
  9. Hi, Keep get a warning saying you are not authorised to take an aircraft, even at the rear field? Should we ignore that and take off? As we have no access to any aircraft if not.
  10. Is It possible to de-register one side and register for the other, so no need to change in game profile name?
  11. Would like to thank =LG= for their time and effort for providing the TAW campaign it was very enjoyable <S>. I look forward to flying the next one .
  12. Thanks for the helps guys, I will take a look at the VA option. Good to fly with you Trip <S>.
  13. Has anyone came up with a reasonable way, solution to be able to use multiplayer chat while in VR effectively ?
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