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  1. "If" 5ghz on all cores is really the benchmark mark we are looking at which seems to be even the next release of cpu, is it worth getting anything over the i5 9600k and overclocking that to 5ghz on all cores? Is the 9900K, or 10900K faster really for this game with their extra cores? I have a i7 6700k running at 4.7ghz, and looking at getting to the 5ghz point, which hopefully improve things, but to do so would need a M/B and CPU upgrade. If the next cpu's are not going to push way ahead of 5ghz, then the 9600k might be a good way to go?
  2. If flying in VR find a good wingman its multiplayer thats the issue and the answer;). Team up with some one or join a squad(there are loads of good ones out there). Then try flying line abreast as a pair, not finger four(finger tip). The wingman flying between the 2-4 oclock or 10-8 oclock position and a good combat spread of 400m-800m max, it makes it a lot easier in VR as you only have to look left or right 90 degrees. You will see the bounce coming in, admittly not all the time, but I reckon it has worked atleast 95% I have used it. It really does add to the extra immersion that VR also brings. Get in to the habit of of saying clear when checking your wingmans six, so he knows its clear, you will soon find out if he has being doing it correctly if rounds start flying over your wing and he has just told you clear ;). Have found since using VR you have to make adjustments to suit the viewing system to make it work smoother and better. Its come a long way from Hat switch/TrackIR viewing methods so you have to adjust for it. I know this does not answer for the single player flying online, but do you need to be alone on multiplayer ;).
  3. Thanks for letting us try the expert visual setting on the server, my personal opinion is that I do prefer expert setting compared to the alternative visual setting. I do fly in VR not monitor. Alonzo I do have a question, have you got a lot of objects (like static aircraft, etc) added to the airfields as I always seem to get a bigger frame rate hit at the airfields during take off and flying over them? keep up the good work btw <S>.
  4. I have an example of the invisible aircraft where it is not friend against foe, but friends not seeing one another which is the clearest example we have experienced. Whilst flying on KOTA server on the 21st, we had 4x Spitfires escorting 4x Pe2's. The 4x Spitfires took off from the Anapa base, and the 4x Pe2's took off from Airfield-3 which was further to the north east, so two separate airfields. All the Pe2's could see one another, and the Spitfires could all see each other also. Meeting up over the sea to the south of Anapa it turned out that 3 of the Spitfire pilots could only see 3 of the Pe2's, whilst the forth Spitfire pilot could see all four Pe2's, so you could imagine the conversation going on, lol. Anyway the Pe2's test fired their guns and then the invisible Pe2 appeared to the 3 Spitfire pilots that could not see it orginally. So the invisible Pe2 by firing its guns made it viewable, which could also be the reason that the defender does not see the attacker until that moment. See this report on the experience also: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/52131-invisible-enemy/?do=findComment&comment=811565 I took a small tacview of the incidence to prove we were not going all mad. Now I know this is not going to be easy to fix through one example, but hope it helps. As it does make you think that the multiplayer experience is not what you are seeing all of the time. Also maybe the possible impact it could have on the air marshal mode that is coming out in the future. My sortie log: http://kotastat.com/en/sortie/log/119478/?tour=8 6 of the players are in the UK, 1 in the Netherlands, 1 in Poland, as a help to what ISP they are using. invisible.zip
  5. Only fly using VR and online, have the Valve Index, can do all of the above, fly with @Black-Witch @56RAF_Stickz @56RAF_Boot cheers Bart
  6. Operation Huskey (Kota Server 24/07/19) After destroying two Spitfires, just 10 seconds apart "Black Rotte" Returned to base and landed. Black 23 Black 2 Return to base and land
  7. Horna, I don't do GA normally so I cannot really judge from past using Vive, etc, but I did a very very quick test as you asked. I had a hard time spotting them from 3000m(not sure if that is the ideal alt to look from). Once I had spotted them the detail was very good, like I say in my first post the picture clarity on the objects and aircraft detail is better than the Vive. Not sure its going to make it easy to spot ground objects, some one down the line who does GA might be better to answer that, sorry. <S>
  8. My wing leader Black-Witch actually got his yesterday and as he was testing it out, all I got was how good it was, etc, so as you can guess it was a long day lol. From what we tested yesterday me in the Vive and him in Index it seemed that he could see more width and height in the cockpit than me, but nothing major. I know not a great answer like exactly in degrees. But FOV has never been a problem for us as we always fly as a pair, and line abreast, which off sets it a lot. <S>
  9. I have had a HTC Vive for 3 years and been playing IL2-GB for about 18 months on average 3-5 days a week so I have had a lot of usage out of the Vive. I have enjoyed every minute I have flown online(only fly online MP unless testing new aircraft) using it. The new Index headset has turned up today and I must say I think it has been a great upgrade from Vive. The picture clarity is way better, can see way more detail on objects, aircraft, etc. Never had a problem with spotting aircraft, but now can ID them a lot sooner ;). I am still testing settings on how to get the best balance, but at the moment preset= high, clouds=high, HDR=off, Shadows=low, Mirrors=simple, Distance Landscape Detail= 3x, AA=2x, Steam VR=100%, 80hz and it seems to be maintaining the 80fps. The big test will be on an online server, so testing still to be done. The sound from the speakers is very good also, bit more bass. One big difference I noticed was the brightness if I was using the Vive my gamma would be set to 0.6, now with the Index HDR on 0.8 or 0.9, HDR off 1.0 or 1.1. My PC is a 4.7OC 6700k, 1080Ti, 16GB 3000mhz Mem. Everyone has their own take on what settings they like to run in the game, and what headset they like, but from what I have seen so far today the Index is a good upgrade from the Vive :). <S>
  10. Is this GPS icons or icons on aircraft? As I only play Il2-GB in VR and have done for the last 14-16 months, have never found the need for icons of the above to help in VR. I am not saying others don't have a problem, but icons to resolve VR issues or make it more friendly for VR users, personally I don't think that is the answer.
  11. Hi Coconut many thanks for the explanation. Are you planning to run this mechanic on the other planesets on your server in the future?
  12. Hi Coconut, have you changed the way aircraft are allocated to players as it seemed the only option to fly(fighters) in the present map on the LW side were E-7's and 202's. Even at the Kubinke base which is in bold cap's, which normally ment that any aircraft is available?
  13. Hi 216th_Nocke, I survived the encounter mate :). I hit the A-20 and he started to sprialling down so I left him, saw that it had corrected its self low down and that another 109 was attacking which I guess it was =LwS=Balapan (who also survived), so the two pilots who combined over 50% of the damage survived. I think it is a case of the resent patch updates on how servers (kills, etc) are being reported and the new damage model are taking effect now. So we will have to see how this all plays out over time :). Always have a great time on Coconut server <S>.
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