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  1. Nice videos colonel ! I have taken the liberty of adding them to the OP.
  2. Thank you ! That's weird because from what I read, the russian 7,62 mm tracers were green IRL ? (I-16, some versions of the Il-2, early LaGG-3, MiG-3, Yak-1...) And the german 7,7 mm tracers were light orange ?
  3. Indeed it's from a book made for the russian AAA, so no top views unfortunately. It would be nice to find the same kind of book for pilots.
  4. One question about ID : can someone confirm that the russian and german machine guns' tracers have the same color in BoX ? (or maybe I am daltonian)
  5. Thank you for thinking about us, myopic VR pilots
  6. PRINTABLE FORMAT (A4) : Source for the silhouettes : memory on identification of airplanes from the read army (1944) Video tutorials by colnniny :
  7. Hi pilots, You don't need antialiasing in game if you use super-sampling... it's a waste of GPU ressource
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