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  1. @Buzz, Totally understand what your saying about design however, I'm not talking about clogging the cockpit up per say, I am however, saying that there should be some smoke residue emitting from the the breech end. As you've stated by factual armaments, More-so there are 4 x small arms calibre in a confined space, (dependent on current military terms as to what is considered under the category of small arms calibre) with oiled / greased mechanisms, will create smoke residue even inside of the cockpit and with a scavenger / filter system engaged. Not all powder smoke is / can be extracted via the design through the ejection chutes. Anyway, the teams achievement thus far is excellent.
  2. Great vid, luv the panning of the pilot looking at the wpn receivers and their animations, whilst their firing. Is there any intent of adding realistic fumes (Breech end) from the wpns whilst firing and filling the cockpit space? 👍
  3. @Blitzen; the picture choose wasn't as uncommon as people may think, with ref to spare link mounted on the turret. A Tiger II, belonging to either s.Pz.Abt. 503 or 509, destroyed in Hungary in 1945. This photo shows the method of attaching the side plates to the glacis, where the internal explosion has broken the welds, and the interlocking method used in the hull construction. Source: Panzerwrecks 3 In the final months of the war, some Tiger IIs belonging to s.Pz.Abt. 503 could be seen with additional track links fastened across the middle of the turret and even on the front corners of the hull, in an effort to provide additional protection for the crews. Source: Schneider
  4. FurphyForum

    Future for VR

    How could you not know? - LOL there's been like a gazillion, (ok slight exaggeration) 'Pls pls can we have VR' implemented requests in this sub forum, but yeah you gotta read. You know what, you'll appreciate it anyway as is . Have fun .
  5. @HappyHaddock I've notice this also, how, I could never really see the difference in rowdyboots realistic cloud mod (Yes my sub folder path are correct- so it must be me then) so I used to turn the mod on/off (via JSGME) to get a comparison between vanilla and the mod, to see if the rings appeared/ disappeared. That's when I noticed the difference as the stock/vanilla clouds seem more realistic than previous vanilla versions. Anyway that's what I see.
  6. Well Done TF. You guys have definitely got people's attention.
  7. Yep. I tended to go not before March 2020. Now seeing your evaluation of the timeline, I also agree with this assessment. And you're definitely right about having one one shot at it. I really hope they succeed.
  8. phuuu.... looking good for my next job......meteorologist
  9. FurphyForum

    No fog mod

    I'd like to know who the author is though, so compliments can be made
  10. 1 and 2 = Real 3 and 6 = 2D 4,5 and 7 = 3D Ok I've rechecked my test paper.... Can I go now?
  11. @LizLemon, Sorry for bumping this, as RL is the priority, but would it be possible to give an indication as to where your great mod is at? Thanks
  12. To Fast, too Furious -Tobruk Drifting.......
  13. @LizLemon, Did you ever get around to finish working on the airfield textures and the testing of the summer airfield miscellany?
  14. Sorry mate, but it was just too good of an opportunity, no hard feelings.
  15. Yeah well done TF! @=SFF=_cercataa Can't tell if your joking, but If you want to know it will require the effort on your behalf - start by going back through all the threads, they be highlighted with; ' Always with the negative waves Moriarty, always with the negative waves.'
  16. I meant to pass this along however I forgot. This mod now causes a CTD.
  17. Bugsy, Mediafire tells me that something is missing with your link for 'Blondie'.
  18. Yeah Mother, I would of liked to of seen an Italian campaign - without stepping on the toes of TF Dev team. Maybe it might be time to consider a PTO.
  19. I think he means a Do 217 Do 217 also has plenty to offer, carrying Hs 293 - now that would be intriguing in the wpns mod to load and remote fly in an A-T-S ordnance. And they also fit time and map location for BoN (III.KG100) and attempted attacks on shipping and bridges. Ah well, end of the day its up to the Devs.
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