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  1. Could I have some clarification from others as I call into question the Art profile depicting a D model assigned to the IV./JG 3. From what I see / read the IV Gruppe never used D models, only A models; http://www.ww2.dk/air/jagd/jg3.htm https://www.asisbiz.com/Luftwaffe/jg3.html These two site corroborate what I have stated. @LukeFF, @Pierre64, @Madcop Could you gents shed some light on this? This skin however, is, as always excellently reproduced. @E69_julian57
  2. Oh please.. he posted an idea, did you not think that he wouldn't get any negative feedback from some mbrs of the forum, and that we'd all jump straight into bed with that idea?. Hello.... it is a forum for discussion - good or bad, negative or positive. it's what makes an idea come to fruition or not. And not all the comments are negative to his (Jollyjack) idea, there are other members that would like to see it implemented. to say otherwise is being disrespectful.
  3. Valid point, and I can accept some of that , However, to counter that point of view there's no better way for a beginner in a flight sim to learn, then to use the gauge's that the devs in all their time consuming effort have gone to make workable, go to waste. Players already have the ability as it is to either check OR un-check the panel control realism as it is to either make it benign or realistic. Standard feature from the beginning.... No? Look, at the end of the day I'm not here to to be obstructive or to argue with you or any of the forum member (unless they want to be a smartarse to me in comments) but just think about this, It's human nature to take the easy route and once you start the easy way its harder to change your habits later.
  4. I'm not forbidding JJ from expressing his point of view at all mate. Nor am I saying that my way is the right way. What I am saying, again, is 'Is it too hard to use the KPH/MPH Guage'? Why do you feel the need to state that you need to apologise to me??? Of course you don't.
  5. I think you've been sucking on too many gold flakes and just like your avatar, it has you all choked up mate, say what you really mean..... No. I totally understood what JJ was requesting and I'm well aware of how many possible variations of HUD's that can be displayed on an individual screen. We were not asking for anything to be removed, nor are we asking for it to be turn into an arcade game. What we were agreeing to was, for it to be left as is - without going over board and adding a HUD speed read out as in BOX. In other word use your KPH/MPH guage - just like your in a Flight Sim. Nothing more ... end of story.
  6. FurphyForum


    I like the v.4 effects, esp the city smoke - no more black smoke looking like a used tyre factory burning.
  7. Yep. 100% agree. I knew the AI wasn't going to be a walk over, but it can do with some adjusting.
  8. How could you want VR before this - True sky? What I mean is, by having True sky implemented first and then VR at a later stage, VR would be further enhanced by the virtual wow factor generated by the realistic looking sky.
  9. No, neither have I, So I'm keen as mustard to see how this fly's (no pun intended).
  10. You guys are un-bloody-real. My hat goes off to to you gents for the continued hard work to repair /fix and consistently update this SIM regularly. Thank you.
  11. I hope he has the integrity to man-up and own the mistake he has made, but I fear for his sake that it will never occur and now he has the wrath of the community on his back after they read this or by the word of mouth of his misguided doings. He now has the 'monkey on his back' - so to speak. With regards to the skins, yeah I think I've snaffled up just about all the skins from the major players on the ATAG forum and the Asisbiz site. CAPT Farrell's skins are as rare as chooks teeth, so any opportunity to grab them are a must. But that's not to say that any less effort or hard work hasn;t been put in by the rest of you skinners - so don't sell yourself short on that . It's a big 'Thank's to you guys for this.
  12. @BOO, Had I know that this Con artist ripped off your hard work I would never have givien him +1's. I apologise to you for giving this cretan 'Like/Thanks' and have since withdrawn them from him.
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