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  1. FurphyForum

    Yak-1b (Series 127) skins

    LOL thanks for categorising myself in that category.... I am pleased to join you there. Sorry mate. I tried that, but I couldn't find 'translate to Australian' Gents, I hold no grudges to any of you, but at no time was I even remotely obnoxiously rude to the gent, I made a simple request about being kind enough to to write in English, not Russian and enhanced it by a common emoji so all could understand a respectful request... and good on him for sharing his work, but KOHTYP should also respectfully reciprocate in future.... in English.
  2. FurphyForum

    Yak-1b (Series 127) skins

    Wine, women, and fine music! But really..... It is the english forum so settle down champ!
  3. FurphyForum

    Yak-1b (Series 127) skins

    Please, in English.
  4. FurphyForum

    HS129 V2 WIP

    A massive improvement from your last attempt, judging from your pics. 👍
  5. FurphyForum


    Messerschmitt Bf 109G-2 8.JG52 Gunther Rall Russia Aug 1942; Messerschmitt Bf 109G-14-Erla 7.JG52 Veszprem Hungary Mar 1945; Messerschmitt Bf 109G-14U4 Erla 3.JG52 Deutsch Brod 1945;
  6. FurphyForum


    I'm surprised the Mods Lambretta is still standing, as there is no DM stomp mark on it from an Oi boy! 😎
  7. FurphyForum


    Rap, are you interested in doing some Bf 109G-2 and G14 skins?
  8. FurphyForum

    Crashing Tiger Moth in Trg missions

    Thx Tpr, Good to know that it isn't just my software playing funny buggers.
  9. FurphyForum

    Crashing Tiger Moth in Trg missions

    Any feedback on this Buzz?
  10. I always admire you gents when your willing to throw your hat into the ring to help out one another. Bloody great!
  11. FurphyForum

    Bf-109 K4 Skins

    @DingoDaddy420; Could you make a Historical correct one as well plz? (with Hakenkreuz) for both of your skins above?
  12. FurphyForum

    Fokker Dr 1 * WWI - SKINS *

    Yep, Tomi's style.
  13. What a shame, thanks for all your efforts and work Zargos. Don't stray too far and I hope the feeling for skinning AC returns to you.
  14. FurphyForum

    Official Skin Template Links (Updated 2/3/19)

    ^^^^^So..... your back. 🤭
  15. FurphyForum

    Developer Diary 214 - Discussion

    Gents, first off well done on modeling the First pattern Sonderbekleidung for the Army (Heer) Panzer crewman, but there are some uniform discrepancies that need to be point out. If this representation is of an Officer as shown - ( Silver aluminum piping on the crown and scallop seam of the M38 Feldmutze and Officers Double prong belt) then where is his shoulder boards (Schulterstucke) of silver cord appropriate to commission? Conversely If this representation is of an Enlisted rank (Mannschaften) then the Silver aluminum piping on the crown and scallop seam of the M38 Feldmutze and Officers Double prong belt needs to be omitted and the belt needs to be replaced with the standard EM Heer belt. For whichever version, there is no National breast emblem (Hoheitszeichen) on the right side of the jacket shown and yet you chose to show it on his M38 Feldmutze? there is also no metal death's head (Totenkopf) inside of the piped rhomboids on each collar whether they be the Danziger. Braunschweiger or waffen SS version? (the latter two were seen very infrequently) Headset and throat mike cords were not tucked into the jacket as shown as this is impractical and incorrectly worn. This is not meant as a destructive criticism of your work but rather feedback on what is in the pipes so far. So much effort and time has gone into getting the attention to detail right in other areas of AC, pilots uniforms/ flightgear, so please don't overlook the Panzer crewman.