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  1. Great pics. Yeah really looking forward to it's release.
  2. You must be close to a release Tom, they look great.
  3. @JG4_Kruger Nice work! Couldn't see it in your description, but does you skin pack include historically correct markings on A/C - with Hakenkreuz or are they marked as in the thumbs ? Thanks.
  4. Yep, can't say thank you enough to all the skinners and not forgetting the Dev team, as without them, no game/ template for skinning is possible. So THANK YOU all.
  5. HH, Bloody unreal! The above frame reminds me of a War time artist oil painting, depicting aerial combat that you would see in War Memorials.
  6. Ok another one, unfortunately not a great deal to find. Lt.Charles E.Adams' 'Judy Ann' P-38J-15-LO serial number 43-28796. The machine was assigned to the 15th Air Force’s 82nd Fighter Group, 95th Fighter Squadron. This is a MTO A/C.
  7. Ok a grab and dash off the bat for a skinner - provided info as needed for this skin as soon as the template is released. Lieutenant Carroll J. Anderson's Virginia Marie/Margaret’ P-38J-15 serial number 42-104308. The machine was assigned to the 5th Air Force’s 475th Fighter Group, 433rd Fighter Squadron. Oh and this is a PTO A/C.
  8. Ahh, NINJA'D! Swing beat me to it - LOL
  9. Yeah gotta luv those old box art renderings of the 70s, always brings back memories, for me, of a time when things were carefree and simple in life as a child.
  10. Well.... you can configure it, but you have to do it through the user.ini file, Sokol1 ( AKA Grand master ) gave a good description of how to do it, I'm trying to find it, hopefully he'll chime in soon?
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