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  1. @LizLemon, Sorry for bumping this, as RL is the priority, but would it be possible to give an indication as to where your great mod is at? Thanks
  2. To Fast, too Furious -Tobruk Drifting.......
  3. @LizLemon, Did you ever get around to finish working on the airfield textures and the testing of the summer airfield miscellany?
  4. Sorry mate, but it was just too good of an opportunity, no hard feelings.
  5. Dunno, maybe try starting them up?
  6. Yeah well done TF! @=SFF=_cercataa Can't tell if your joking, but If you want to know it will require the effort on your behalf - start by going back through all the threads, they be highlighted with; ' Always with the negative waves Moriarty, always with the negative waves.'
  7. I meant to pass this along however I forgot. This mod now causes a CTD.
  8. Bugsy, Mediafire tells me that something is missing with your link for 'Blondie'.
  9. Yeah Mother, I would of liked to of seen an Italian campaign - without stepping on the toes of TF Dev team. Maybe it might be time to consider a PTO.
  10. I think he means a Do 217 Do 217 also has plenty to offer, carrying Hs 293 - now that would be intriguing in the wpns mod to load and remote fly in an A-T-S ordnance. And they also fit time and map location for BoN (III.KG100) and attempted attacks on shipping and bridges. Ah well, end of the day its up to the Devs.
  11. Great coalition and excellent collective work Jaeger and Raptor.
  12. Buzz. Are you allowed to tell us what engine is being used then for the sky? If that doesn't breach some type of your contract NDA.
  13. Smoke effects and ground look great, this just keeps getting better and better.
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