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  1. @JG_deserteagle540 Start from post No# 4 onwards, the answer to your question is there, you need a folder named 'common'.
  2. @ICDP; Could we please get an Un-censored version of your I/JG1 White 3 (A-6) on HSD.
  3. Arggh, NINJA'D by Madcop...., was just commenting on that observation also
  4. Bummer, would of been nice if the the Dornier was in Buzzsaw's list
  5. @pjmack11377; what an incredible shot this photographer has captured...
  6. FurphyForum

    Next Up...

    What about going with the conditional surrender to the Western Allies as originally asked for by the Wehrmacht and the continuation of the war in the East as request by both the Wehrmacht and Patton - Lets not stop at Berlin scenario.
  7. Det, you do know what happened with Tom, do you?. No no I get why you released this as by your threads previously.
  8. @DetCord12B @Raptorattacker @sevenless @AnKor @szelljr @E69_julian57Thanks for your time and effort in giving this product to us. It's a shame that Tom never got to embark on this also as had originally been planned.
  9. @343KKT_Kintaro: The point of that copy/paste was to enlighten you of what you have stated previously, and It doesn't matter what thread it came from, because in one thread you are pleading to give leniency to the beginner and give them all the help they need and then, in this thread you state to leave it as it is..... where as other mbrs are advocating that there is a problem and it needs fixing. What I am saying here is you are not being consistent with your statements in order to help the new generation of players.
  10. Kintaro, I'll paste a quote from you, from a thread we had awhile back. These are your words....
  11. @Administrator Can this be pinned, please.
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