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  1. @Wulfkai, Hi mate , It's on p1 of this topic, Author is BP_Iceman.. edit; sorry my mistake, it's 4M+KB
  2. @E69_julian57, Thanks 👍
  3. No worries, I understood what you meant.
  4. @E69_julian57, Mate, that is a fantastic job! I appreciate your time and effort. Thank you.
  5. Ahh, just like a kid in a lollie shop....Hard to say which AC to fly first, as so much hard work and effort has gone into making these AC, and it does show. Well Done.
  6. @E69_julian57 PM sent, Thanks
  7. Your PM and our Trade Minister talked about a Fair Trading deal 24hrs ago ; with ref to 'Tim Tam' Biscuits vs Penguins. Yeah bit of Rain here also.
  8. @Jaegermeister Would it be possible to add a historical correct (with Hakekreuz) skin of the Bf 109G-4 of JG 27 also? Thanks.
  9. Yep, 'Well Done'.. Stalingrad map is a dull map... No so now with this mod added.
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