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  1. And he's usually the first to nip the rumor control in the bud. So with no direct input comment from him, how can one not but think something might be astray. I hope not.
  2. @Madcop; Do you have any info on this FW 190D, skinned by E69_julian57, as it seems he didn't (nor did I); Cheers
  3. @III/JG2Gustav05; Great to see your skinning again.
  4. @Rap, thanks for the update with Bazi Weiss's machine
  5. All day this has niggled me! My conclusion also was that the band colour has been misinterpreted by the book illustrator. As the author states that it is III.JG 6 in the caption - however the profile has the wrong middle colour in the band for that JG. Thanks Frenchy and szelljr.
  6. Ok, please some help, what Unit does Schwarz 4 belong too?, as I could not find any unit with those exact tri-colours under the Reich Defence Bands / Geschwader Identification Bands.
  7. And here I was thinking that it was just my imagination, glad somebody else thinks so too.
  8. Hi Det, nice work on the Sonderbekleidung for the Army's (Heer) Grossdeutschland Panzer uniform. Just some points for you with your testing uniform on the first and second skins, if you want to take them on board your choice or not. On the first skin and I understand that is a generic Enlisted rank's Sonderbekleidung; Don't forget to add the Totenkopf inside of the collar patches and the National emblem on the right breast. Please remove the Doubled pronged belt as this was used by Army Officers only and replace it with the standard Enlisted ranks buckle. On the second skin: By placing a pip on the shoulder strap, you've indicated that the the wearer is of an NCO rank (Feldwebel), however you would also need to place silver Tresse on the shoulder straps edging all the way around. As is, is a miss match and doesn't conform to known archives. The Chain stitched GD cipher on the shoulder strap was used by the Enlisted ranks and was not normally used by NCO ranks, which used a pinned metal GD insignia. Don't forget to add the cuff title 'Grossdeutschland' on the right lower arm and please remove the Doubled pronged belt as this was used by Army Officers only, same as above. By the time frame given (shown by the wearing of the Crimea badge) generally all these Chain stitched / pinned metal GD cipher were to be removed under 'Allgemeine Heeresmitteilung 1940, Nr.159 of 24 Jan 1940', (for all field uniforms including the Sonderbekleidung) but often or not these General / Standing orders were ignored in some cases. However these Test skins are well done.
  9. LOL thanks for categorising myself in that category.... I am pleased to join you there. Sorry mate. I tried that, but I couldn't find 'translate to Australian' Gents, I hold no grudges to any of you, but at no time was I even remotely obnoxiously rude to the gent, I made a simple request about being kind enough to to write in English, not Russian and enhanced it by a common emoji so all could understand a respectful request... and good on him for sharing his work, but KOHTYP should also respectfully reciprocate in future.... in English.
  10. Wine, women, and fine music! But really..... It is the english forum so settle down champ!
  11. A massive improvement from your last attempt, judging from your pics. 👍
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