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  1. As far as i remember, this thread is not about how much it takes to kill a plane, but rather on how much drag .50 cal hits add when hit by them...
  2. Sidebar where you choose armament, has another tab for photo. There you can enable or disable the photo
  3. you're wrong. there is 2 panthers per artillery spawn per mission (so 4 in total). if there is only 1 left, some dudes have wasted the panther already. edit: source:
  4. Tacview is disabled at the moment due to an exploit that can be used. Once it‘s fixed i‘m pretty sure they turn it back on
  5. Funny how this topic originally was about how much the .50 cal affects speed by inducing drag, and now it‘s so off topic like the other thread that was locked almost months ago. Some of you should read the 1st page instead of dragging it down the drain like the other thread
  6. bad weather counters the air quake that occurs near tanks like it's berloga, would be a win - win with more frequent bad weather
  7. Yeah just like it was 1943,1945,1944 😅 But on a serious note: they began fitting mw50 and stuff from early 1944 on forward, so i guess the g14 is sort of a standardization from all the different g6 variants (old/new tail, erla/no erla canopy etc etc)
  8. Well there is on the map. It‘ll show a plane icon and amount in a certain radius of the field. air raid sirens would be cool tho. It‘s a warning but not a defense like AA
  9. Issue with that is that a G6 is a collector plane and not too many have it. It‘s not exactly a must have.
  10. and there your point in game fails. people dont care if the sides turned. it's a game. people expect scenarios like 1945 to be reenacted in this sim, expecting to heavily outnumber the axis side (and vice versa in early scenarios). funny enough, in this sim, the sides are either about 50/50 or still axis heavy. why? because nobody cares and if people want to fly axis, they will fly axis. by experience, the planes appeal to more players due to the very forgiving and easy to manage engines. less workload. more time to focus on actually fighting. people don't care about historical out
  11. It‘s been going in circles for about 15 pages now...😆
  12. I think he misstook it from discord messages. But the in game chat beeps are where @RedKestrel said.
  13. the G2 is arguably one of the best performing 109s in the game. none of the 109s are very good at turnfighting, you'd better stick to vertical maneivers at medium to high speed instead of turning. every plane is an energy fighter. and the 109 probably one of the easiest to learn and a challenging one to really master.
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