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  1. You have 3x 10 minutes of emergency on 100%, but need to fly on combat for 10 minutes after each use. And you have max. 1 minute of emergency anything lower than 100%, if you exceed that, you‘ll destroy the engine. So make sure if you go emergency, go full throttle. do not use it above 6k at all. the in game specification states this aswell.
  2. Could not agree more. If he is closing in on you, your turn rate is better, and due to tempest pilots not having G-Suits, an instant break will black him out. This can be exploited but is also very close to your own blackout. Once you broke hard and he overshoots, instantly climb shallow on full boost. this will position you a little better and he will bleed speed on the turn back and the climb back to you if he really commits, if he does not follow, just run and come back at altitude.
  3. In the 109, the trim is done by using the adjustable stabilizer axis (so it's called in the settings). Personally i adjust stabilizer a lot during the flight, and level flight setting depends on your speed. but around 400kph i find a Stabilizer of 70-75 nose down to be level. If you watch some videos of people with Technochat on, you can see their adjustments as it is called "stabilizer" in the technochat Use the stabilizer as assist to pull out of high speed dives when your elevator does not respond well anymore, but don't overdo it, you'll end up looping Stabilizer effects are a bit delayed, so be gentle with it
  4. right-click the startup.cfg ->properties -> activate the box "read only". Keep in mind, you need to deactivate the box to make changes
  5. I'm also hoping for it to be changed, i flew a good amount using the new visibility and while at closer ranges it is mostly like it has been all the time (within 10km), further ranges seem really "dumbed down". add to that, if you zoom in to ID a target at further range, it actually shrinks and you see less than without zoom... ID below 10km range is still good, although the sun reflections at times seems a bit over the top.
  6. As of 8 h ago, both Kota and CB were running alternative visibility.
  7. I‘m sure they‘ll find a sweetspot where the majority of pilots is happy with or at least can live with. As with all new things, it will require some fine-tuning, based off of constructive criticism and feedback. We‘ll get there eventually.
  8. That is it. You can refer to the map squares then and get a pretty accurate distance, especially if you‘re on the same altitude. take kuban as example. The distance from kerch to taman. Basically you took off in bagerovo and could already see the clusterfuck over taman and even further east, pretty detailed too. No matter how they maneuvered, you could count them easily and keep track of a single plane. And not with searching for them, but it basically jumped into your eyes, almost like an icon. To me, that‘s unrealistic.
  9. Funny how i represent my own opinion and my clan member has his own, we're not a dictatorship where my word counts more than theirs. i represent my own opinion, not his. Still i like flying with him. Weird right? I myself think that 100k is overdone too. It was great from a point to see what the engine COULD handle. not that it was perfect with 100k vis. could have flown with icons on, would've been almost the same. 25k is my personal sweetspot i think. Doesn't show you all the way across the map and still is a reasonable distance for aerial combat, leaving some "sneak" options for bombers and fighters.
  10. How would they know how much was too much and how little is too little without trying it out and get some feedback? This change to reduce distance could be the first step in finding that "fix" to get to an acceptable sweetspot between "realism" and "playability" as if that would be the visibility solution to the end of days, you guys freak out waaaay too much and waaaay to fast. Relax. Breathe. it's gonne be alright
  11. its‘s not as limited as before the big update, but does not seem that it‘s a lot further than the pre-bodenplatte version. however, they now have an indication of what feels like too much and also what feels like too little. So i guess it‘s gonna be adjusted again rather sooner than later, with a result somewhere between those 2 settings, which would seem to be just about the sweetspot and a value that the majority of players can live with well.
  12. See, that‘s it. A point to start. Would love a middle point of those 2 „extremes“ too.
  13. I get your point. As with all releases of any software, there is a point where it is ready to release, then you get some feedback, sometimes a bit less mature than one would hope, indicating that stuff needs to be adjusted. Then you adjust, get feedback if you nailed it or not quite yet, adjust more etc etc etc. Just relax, it‘s gonna get tweaked at least 1 more time.
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