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  1. According to discord, it should be working again. Just to let you know
  2. i add to this a suggestion from discord, submitted by @III./SG77-F_Fuss: “- Great news for train stations! - I understand for tanks problem and AI bombers - For the planesets (7-8-9) I'm thinking of pilots who don't have BOP yet or of those in love of a certain plane. German planes suggestions: bf109 G2, bf109 G4 and Fw190 A5 Red planes suggestions: Yak-7B, Yak-1 and P-39„
  3. Totally with you on this one. was hoping for the G-10 but G-6/AS would be good too. Another G-6 almost identical to the collectors G-6 from 1943 is not really attractive and does not give guys any relevant choice for later scenarios such as BoBP if they did not buy that yet.
  4. You need to press the buttons to reload all guns after getting some ammo. Think of it as chambering a round into the gun
  5. Holy shit that‘s a d-day reference https://books.google.ch/books?id=yPdABAAAQBAJ&pg=PA176&lpg=PA176&dq=FURTHER+FORECAST+-+SHOWERS+IN+THE+NORTH,+FAIR+WITH+BROKEN+CLOUD+IN+THE+SOUTH.+GALE+WARNING+IN+OPERATION+FOR+DISTRICTS+7,+8,+13+A,+13+B,+17+AND+18+AT+TIME+OF+ISSUE+0800+SUNDAY&source=bl&ots=VoZGGO7-kU&sig=ACfU3U2RD-q4bfPhqEU6andg799f-1S0Rw&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiZg-3MiYjmAhXHiFwKHdzjBu8Q6AEwAHoECAIQAQ#v=onepage&q=FURTHER FORECAST - SHOWERS IN THE NORTH%2C FAIR WITH BROKEN CLOUD IN THE SOUTH. GALE WARNING IN OPERATION FOR DISTRICTS 7%2C 8%2C 13 A%2C 13 B%2C 17 AND 18 AT TIME OF ISSUE 0800 SUNDAY&f=false
  6. probably because the airframe is slightly different
  7. @Ramseur we‘ve guys who are very experienced and also guys who are no that experienced. As long as you are willing to learn and are somewhat active, you should definitely come give it a go. I myself joined 3 weeks ago and it‘s amazing. Should have done that much earlier...! Check the application form linked in @III./SG77-R_Lehmanns first post and come say hi. we use discord for most things but TS for the official flight on sundays. hope to see you soon
  8. Why oh why can‘t this be upvoted multiple times?👍
  9. Saying the g-14 is good enough is like saying the spit 9 is good enough, no need for mustangs. It‘s just bullshit. the g-14 is competitive, i agree. The k4 is more of a challenge to perform as well in. But holy shit, do you want germans to only fly 1 fighter? The Fw190 hardly counts as one. It‘s a damn shame for everybody who bought bobp to be able to only fly g14 as a fighter (online) i‘m not saying don‘t restrict the amount of k4s somewhat, but the whole tempest spam is not nearly any more realistic than 50x k4 i do not say the g-14 is useless, but personal favorites should not impact game balance. you got shit on for not having a p38 in one mission, leaving still 3 BoBP fighters available. But then the 262 / k4 /D9 should be restricted or completely removed, leaving only 1 pure fighter available? of course you get negative feedback from LW pilots. It is not rocket science, but one would have to be willing to look at it in an independent manner. go fly g14 for days and days against tempests, p51, boosted spits and p38. It will bore the hell out of you rather quick. Then do the same with alternating k4 / d9 and g14. Be surprised about how much more attractive the game becomes. That statement of yours says all about you. I‘m not even mad. Very constructive
  10. So you want a reenacting of history in a game where people choose to fly either red or blue. with teams not being balanced due to "extreme" realism, players will simply not join anymore just because they know they can only fly lawnmowers and get dusted by a fleet of tempests etc. Will result in the server being empty due to missing opposition, based on very historically accurate, but gameplay wise unbalanced settings for a GAME. Just as pre patch, where there was only LW planes flying cuz you guys did not want to fly spitIX and P47D anymore because they could not compete. K4 was heavily restricted by then already, and now where there is some opposition on par with it, giving it a reason to enable more K4s and D9s, you guys cannot stop bitching about how they should be limited due to low amount of built planes IRL. All you red jocks need a week of only flying G-14 and A8 to really understand.
  11. Maybe it‘s the other way around and one guy needs 2 spies to shoot down the only other remaining lost soul flying Luftwaffe
  12. Yeah, that‘s why cb is popular AND running the exact same setting. Valid reason my guy
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