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  1. It‘s off track, cuz of a hurricane
  2. Yeah that‘s quite annoying for me too. Would love to be able to remove the headrest...
  3. Current plane set: 6 http://stats.virtualpilots.fi:8000/en/faq/
  4. i recently tried Clod. the one thing i noticed immediately was that contacts below 10km are much much easier to see, even against different darker backgrounds. above 10km, it seems to be about the same as in BOX to me.
  5. The most noticeable thing is with alternative spotting, contacts can be seen way over 50km away and at about 10km+ they seem to be scaled up by about 50% so they appear larger. If you zoom in on them, they shrink again. This does not change how contacts between 0-10km are rendered, this is equally bad in both settings.
  6. Yeah you might be right. His 3rd sortie from the top is most „kills“ of guys who didnt even take off yet. can be possible in the south part of that map
  7. That is indeed „a little“ suspicious, given the distances on that map
  8. According to the last update, it has been tweaked somewhat. Dunno how much of a difference it really makes tho. And i dont know if the Spit 9 still cannot be stalled with flaps out. If i remember correctly, there was a pretty long and well made video about that some time ago. Dunno if that is fixed
  9. It‘s too late for a DD this week. Maybe bext week
  10. I have never encountered it on any other server so far. Not on kota, not on CB, not on berloga or the CB training server.
  11. This. The original one affected usually only some planes that could not be seen, while others could be seen fine. the one one sometimes encounters on Finnish VP is affecting all planes. You dont see any planes at all unless you reconnect.
  12. Yeah i never had that on any other server, weird. It happens rarely, but annoying when it does.
  13. Yup, saw that too yesterday, hope it will get corrected at some point. I feel if you zoom out further, it seems to show correctly. But very close, it has this „bug“
  14. If you have an invisible plane bug, you wont find it in the in-game-recording either. It‘s just not there, until it shoots. this is an example:
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