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  1. Pretty sure it‘ll be the 4th when the razorback gets released although it‘s a saturday
  2. H_Stiglitz


    No, i‘m telling you to start thinking about your flying before you point fingers at others, calling them cheaters. becoming a better pilot starts in your head. It‘s a mindset, being willing to accept your own failure and grow from it. That‘s where winning starts. to get better, you have to get shot down. You will improve a lot if you get beaten by players better than you and learn from it.
  3. H_Stiglitz


    Reshade or not, if you do not see a guy 2km from you heading straight for you, you‘re sleeping or blind. not everyone you „don‘t see“ is a cheater. Some are actually really really good pilots out there. If you get shot down, you should ask yourself what you did wrong before pointing fingers that he was „probably“ cheating. you gotta really change your mindset. Being a better pilot starts in your head.
  4. 2 or 10 o'clock, fast approach from slightly above. hammer the cockpit and the tail and pull off before you cross his wing line to escape the gunners shooting angle. reset and repeat. it takes a lot of practice as you have shorter windows of fire due to the high closure. but at least you don't get sniped by the gunner. it's a relatively safe way to attack. watch him well, as some are cheeky trying to pull their nose up at you.
  5. H_Stiglitz


    Because it‘s a server side option to allow it or not to allow it. Every server admin can decide for himself
  6. would like to see that too. the game would only benefit from sliders to control contrast, saturation and sharpening. there would not be a "need" to use reshade or to change stuff in the nvidia control panel.
  7. Yep, either all or none. there‘s no selection to allow specific ones.
  8. go to the game folder \data\LuaScripts\snapviews\defaults and copy over the default snapview for that plane and paste it in here: \data\LuaScripts\snapviews this will overwrite any custom view for that plane that you once saved and replace it with the default one
  9. that is totally up to the server admins and still makes reshade viable for player who play SP if the servers in MP would decide to not allow any reshade and such.
  10. It works well with 3s fuses too. But any lower i would not go.
  11. You guys put out updates almost faster than i can download them 😄 looking forward to it! Great work!
  12. @CountZero you can see the active planeset and remaining time on the stats page: http://stats.virtualpilots.fi:8000/en/faq/
  13. Dont bother, for the simple minded, all that counts is logged sorties on CB. Not taking into consideration that they have a training server or that you can fly the 51 online elsewhere too from time to time. everytime somebody says the .50 is about right with it‘s damage they jump at you with „i dont see any logged sorties on CB“ as if the only place to prove your point is CB sorties. As i said, simple minded...
  14. Nah i kept 1440. after all, i prefer to sacrifice a bit of spotting for some eye candy. 25km consistent vis is enough for me
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