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  1. nah, they usually are K4DCs as it is overall better for air to air combat top 20 on CB, check all the Axis in that list. 1 single Dora, multiple K4, a single g14 and a G6 as favorite plane
  2. Here is another example... hope this can be fixed somewhat soon. MP mission on CombatBox. Saw the flak, followed it and could not see the plane until 1.8km out he just *poof* appears.
  3. IIRC there is initially 2 262s available at mission start. Fuel depot and train seems to only affect its resupply and additional jets. If the 2 initial ones always make it home safe, they will be able to take off again
  4. You'll have to read my comment in a week again
  5. My crystal ball says it's happening today 😄
  6. @=SA=Semz The temporary can be unlocked with a command „<p“ and then fly a supply plane to the airfield the chat command tells you. 1 per sector
  7. It is so sad that people flying the 262 now feel they have to clarify why and how they fly it. the disrespect against such players is a shame. Fly how you want to fly it (ofc respecting server rules). Use it to its absolute max potential. No justifications needed.
  8. Mig3 vs 109f2. Some of the closest and longest online fights i‘ve had.
  9. I dont think it‘s gonna be harder to bring them down. It‘s more like you‘re not gonna see too much on the exterior part of the aircraft (wings folding like origami), but inside, some flight systems might be damaged to an extent that the plane will likely not make it home or even go down shortly after.
  10. You go to your promo codes and copy one of them or write them both down somewhere. Then you go to the store, add any of the items that you want to the basket (except all preorder stuff and tank crew) and then go to the basket. Now you should see your items listed and the full price. On this site you see a field where the promo code can be entered. Once you enter a valid promo code, the price total will be adjusted. The original price will be crossed out and a new total appears to its right.
  11. Look, i don‘t want to be rude; i went through all your sorties in march, clicked on sortie log and checked what had happened during the sortie according to the list of what got damaged and by whom. It‘s a lot of time wasted, especially for this amount of sorties. I will not look through february, you can do that yourself if you really need to know. what i do suggest to you is: get familiar with how the stats page works, where you can see your sorties and where you can look into the sortie log of this sortie. This would solve a lot of your questions, save you some „harsh“ comments on here and it also takes workload off the admins, as they don‘t have to waste their time checking your sorties and answering your questions every day/week. tl;dr: check your stats more carefully
  12. You will need to check more carefully then: friendly plane kill: https://combatbox.net/en/sortie/log/422400/?tour=20 friendly ground objects kill: https://combatbox.net/en/sortie/log/422334/?tour=20
  13. I guess you could buy the product as gift and use the promo code to reduce the price. Then just gift it to your friend. All he needs to have is an account...
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