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  1. It only is 10 minutes on 100% due to mw50. If you just go below 100% and still above 84% you have 3 minutes. The plane specs don‘t say that sadly.
  2. @Butherbird You have 1 minute of emergency on 109 g-4 up to the g-6. 85% is emergency. It breaks after that timer. On g-14 and k-4 it is 3 minutes at 85% and your engine takes damage. those timers are just how it‘s modeled in game
  3. Also you can be top 10 with a lot less kills than many others below you, just avoid getting killed and shoot loads of guys per hour. Score is based on amount of virtual lives and score per hour. A guy getting killed often will need to score a hell of a lot of points in his flights to still stay top 10. and you can‘t do that if you hunt planes only. so no, it‘s not the same as vulching an airfield. attacking an Obj is actually benefitting the team more than any vulcher does.
  4. Or in other words: your spotting and/or air to air skill is so bad that you need to go to the airfield to even see enemies and have a very enormous advantage against them to even shoot them down / strafe them. (not counting flak shooting at you).
  5. Voice lines for quick chat in war thunder. The pilots scream it over the radio just like they scream „i‘m wounded“ here. But it is player activated, not automatic.
  6. Given the fact that they even modeled the p51 gunport whistle, i am pretty sure such a detail is not left out either.
  7. This one is pure gold. 2 friends and I just recently engaged a formation in a 3v8 and within 20 seconds it was 3v4 and shortly after 3v0. What a cleanup. Communication and SA are key
  8. Have (at least) a beer before taking off. And have a cold one ready, hands need to stay steady
  9. It comes and goes, don‘t know why. Sometimes restarting the game gets rid of this skin bug, sometimes even multiple restarts of the game don‘t fix it. Weird.
  10. 1 on 1 in tight space the 190 has not much to offer. You can make him overshoot in a scissors maneuver but you cannot loop as in a 109. 190s are best flown in pairs where drag and bag can be used to great success
  11. @dog1https://combatbox.net/en/sortie/log/356879/?tour=19 it certainly got credited on the stats page. Dunno about in-game but those don‘t matter anyway
  12. The G2 is by far the best performing 109 in its timeframe, it outmatches the heavier G4 and at altitude also the F4. The acceleration and maneuverability are a mix between an F4 and G4, pretty nimble, really really fast. the engine limit means nothing, slam throttle to max for 30 minutes and forget about it. You‘ll be surprised how good the g2 is. i take the g2 over a g4 or g6 anytime if possible.
  13. People complained about the 10km „bubble“ too, so that‘s that. People are never happy with the current state, no matter what the state really is. one of lifes mysteries i guess
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