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  1. see the plane specs: u17 strike mod - U17 strike modification includes C3 additional fuel injection system. When engaged, it increases pressure to 1.65 ATA (10 minutes time limit). This system can be turned on by engine boost command only at 100% throttle, with automatic propeller pitch control enabled and at altitudes lower than 1 km.
  2. Because it will need a flight model too, i guess
  3. can confirm, happened to me too. closed the game, loaded back up, and it was gone. hope it stays that way
  4. Had a blast on red october last night. Jumped over my shadow and tried a yak1b for the first time, and i hate to admit it, i kinda like it... great fun!
  5. It is hardly an interest of the devs to make it competitive in late war, but rather sell BoBP i see your point and i would not complain getting the mod, but i don't expect it to happen at all
  6. oh yes, that's for sure, but even the G2 outmatches its opponents by a s**tload already if done right. even higher performance with a mod is definitely not **needed**. It'd be mostly cosmetic and locked anywhere online anyway. maybe for SP, but i have to admit i rarely if even play SP so i dunno how needed such a mod really is
  7. It still is one of the best performing 109s all around without 1.42 ata tbh. With the G4 in this sim i dont think we need this mod.
  8. What if it strikes surprisingly and my hype wasn‘t ready yet?
  9. the finnish virtual pilots server features some pretty "bad" weather conditions at times. Also varying time of day (dusk / dawn). for the most part the weather is pretty good tho. But always enjoyable joining and seeing it rain or being morning/evening. the lighting is just beautiful at that times and i tend to become a tourist just looking out the window
  10. either you are sarcastic or that is really the dumbest shit i‘ve EVER read. as if it would be in a Developers interest to make certain models better and more accurate than others😂 also that germans only fly if their bird is vastly superior is absolute dogshit. loads of the top scoring axis guys are preferring the G-14 even on 1945 maps and just as an example, i still got accused of cheating just today after wiping 2 p51 and damaging a 3rd in short succession. This plane is in no way competitive with boosted superprops and only piloting errors of allied pilots let you win the dogfights; or the usual blindness tourism the allied do at 3-4k straight from spawn to the target. maybe if you would actually think before flying straight and level, presenting yourself on silver plates, your planes would arrive at targets and the bombs would be delivered, resulting in more ground objects destroyed and eventually a mission win. But with 50% already dead within 5-10 min of takeoff, it’s not gonna help your side. But sure, blame blue planes. have a great day my man
  11. Found this to be the case too when i last played on i think it was battle over eindhoven(?) with 2 layers of clouds and noticed some micro stutters. I havent had any stutters on other maps even when the server is highly populated.
  12. I‘d consider it as very unhealthy that could lead you to be gone upwards before you are really gone down. (If you didnt bomb any hospital, that is)
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