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  1. I set up my default head position in the middle of the canopy and a bit higher up than default, which means i am not aligned with the gunsight. This just because it is easier for me to look around. To get a sight picture i have to lean a bit to the right and slightly forward. I‘m using an edited version of sheriffs TIR5 profile. And no „new center“ setting. The center view for TIR5 snaps me back to my default head position.
  2. @Haza It is worth a try, absolutely. Pulled off some crazy deflection shots just yesterday on Combat box. It helps a lot to lean that far forward as the enemy does not seem to disappear below the nose that quick (at least it feels like it). Although it is not very realistic...well, maybe in level flight, but G force does not apply to our gaming chair so it also works at high +/- G numbers cheers!
  3. I think that is a combination of leaning forward to the max and then zooming in (almost) fully. Looks pretty much the same on 109s too.
  4. Well i'm not saying that it is beneficial for spotting due to the lower resolution, but the possibility to put your head outside even when canopy is closed is pretty stupid. It can be very beneficial in a situation where you have an enemy in gun range on your 6 to see when he is about to shoot. You wont need to bank left and right just to look if he has a guns solution, thus making evasive maneuvers alot easier and you can keep your own energy better this way. That may sound very situational, but it is stupid in every way, giving an unfair and very unrealistic advantage. I cannot stick my head outside with TIR5, as it blocks me at the glass / headrest and so it should behave in VR aswell.
  5. that sounds like a nice bug that will be exploited / is probably being expolited by VR users to look "through" the headrest in flight to check 6 easier. or in extreme, clip through the airframe to look around you, giving an unfair advantage. however, getting out of the plane on the ground would be a nice feature, i agree on that
  6. JG4_Karaya is also a pretty good one. Mostly CLoD but also some BoX and some other games too.
  7. I don‘t like them in MP when flying solo due to the weight and drag they come with. when flying with 2 wingmen, it can be really handy for 1 or 2 to have gunpods. The one with pods attacks bombers and the other provides cover and goes for fighters. Can be fun
  8. When you sit in the car but cannot find the Compass on the instrument panel to check your heading
  9. Deflection shooting takes a lot of training. And honestly, some luck. With a 109, never commit to follow a bogey for a long time in a hard turn just to get the shot off at an almost impossible angle. I tend to turn into him for a short time (if it is too long, you‘ll hear the airframe shake) and try to get a shot in. If there is no chance to squeeze one on target, don‘t bother. Just don‘t turn. Go straight and go up in either a yo-yo or reset by getting back to altitude and set up for a new approach. The bogey loses energy by breaking hard to avoid your shots, while you maintain energy by not committing to his turn and instead pull up and stay high and/or fast. Eventually you bleed his energy enough to get a killshot. It worked like a charm yesterday night on kota. you can even maintain the initiative against multiple bogeys (we were 2v4 and never in danger at all) by being careful with your energy. let them play on your terms, don‘t ever play on their terms. some think it is „being a coward“ but no, you just play your cards. Keeping eyes on a target comes over time (and a wingman helps for that too, hats off to @=FC=Frakkas). sorry for the wall of text. Hope it helps you. cheers
  10. Well if you compare technical info about g models and the f4 you notice that g models perform better above 6k alt than the F4. However, as most mid war and early war fighting takes place below 6k you are fine in the f4. The difference there is not that big. On WOL, most fights are between deck and maybe 4k, rarely above that. but above 6k you will notice the better performance of the g-models alot. g-models are also the better BnZ planes than the f4, but not by a large margin. The 109 is an energy fighter with a great climb as his most valuable asset. Use it. Use High yo-yos and loops, but don‘t jerk too hard on the stick, be gentle and fluid in its handling. You‘ll see the potential a 109 can have if flown right. and yes, armament on the g6 upwards is amazing. Especially if you can use the mk108. I am training more with the g14 on kota lately and it never disappoints. Needs trigger discipline as you only have 65 rounds of 30mm tho.
  11. Not too much flaps, maybe 20% sometimes a bit more. But generally i avoid committing to the dogfight in the first place. I try to use the superior climb and speed to BnZ basically. If the pass was not successful just pull up and reset. Then rinse and repeat. i rarely if ever really come to the low level low speed situation that i would need flaps. But if you get there, the flaps can assist your turning performance. It‘s nice to know that. But just try to avoid getting to that point with a 109. this usually means you messed up something earlier on.
  12. Whenever you want to open the chat, press enter. Then type your message and to SEND TO ALLIES hold ctrl and press enter. To send to all, simply press enter after typing the message. ctrl+enter is not to open the chat for friendlies but to send the message to friendlies.
  13. At very low speeds with a bit of flaps out, the F4 can turn so well that it keeps up in turns with a yak and can even outturn it. But careful using this technique, flaps deploy slowly compared to basically any other plane.
  14. Wow unlucky. personally I don‘t waste ammo on planes that are out of combat in any way... smoking hard, engine out, damaged prop etc... he‘s done and busy enough to keep his box flying or to make a decent crash landing... i usually let them go, knowing it often ends up as a an assist when somebody else still thinks he needs to shoot at a critically damaged plane just for the stats
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