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  1. Give it a go, it‘s more fun than you think. Yes the learning curve is steep at the beginning, but most importantly is not shooting but being able to manage your plane and energy without having to think about it too much. the shooting comes automatically. i only started MP 3 months ago and it really improves over time. I‘m at a total of less than 400hours in total of which MP is maybe 50%. good thing in MP is that the enemy does not always know you‘re there. In fact, shooting Ai is harder in my opinion as they see you at all times, no matter what. No sneaking up on them. But players... good feeling haha
  2. Same goes for german 30mm your 1944 mission has the g6 with mk108 and for some weird reason on the g14 it is locked. I call BS
  3. Thanks for the effort, really great stuff you guys are doing on CB. Looking forward to fly on it on sunday again
  4. Not when i am lower than him. Because i need to pitch slightly up to him, which is why i start firing when the crosshair is just below his tail. The crosshair and shots will move up as i gain altitude and thus the shots will be on target. Also accounted for his forward momentum, the bullets will go where he will be, not where he is now.
  5. That is actually the way to go (at least for me) with german cannons. i have convergence at 400m after testing it from 180-450m. I never actually shoot at 400m, especially with the 30mm. Mostly i shoot at 200-250m (i guess). And it works like a charm. A lot comes down on how you approach targets. Unsuspecting guys from a lower 6 approach i tend to aim just a bit lower, so that the center of the revi is below their tailsection. But of course, pulling deflection shots is more a gamble than actual aim. That‘s more shooting by feeling and observing your shot to correct accordingly. Which will get better the more you train it.
  6. I don‘t know how many reds it needs for more 262s. But a 2:1 can also be both sides having less than 10 players, in which case more than 1 262 would be pretty unfair, thus leading to reds leaving and the server staying empty
  7. @Haza Latest changes taken from CB discord: „**All maps updated:** Removed Me262 from Crimean Offensive and Operation Frantic. Reduced numbers of 262s on Battle for Kalinin, Operation Eisenhammer and Operation Paravane: Initially just one 262 is available, until enough opposing players join and more 262s open up. Even when enough opposing players are present, 262s are much more limited than previously.“ so i guess there were just not enough guys online to activate more 262s cheerio
  8. Set the throttle to a very high setting befor the mission starts, around 85% and it doesn‘t flame out. and if they do, hold the ignition for the engine to start them mid air. It works
  9. Aaand it‘s getting OT again... The render distance has been mentioned by many guys in loads of posts / complaints / technical issues etc. But this is not the place to bitch about it. The intention of this thread as @RedKestrel said, is to motivate guys to give the MP a try, not to bitch about spotting and discourage them from even playing. by the way „most players can barely see 5km“ is pure rubbish. There is other factors than render distance why you could possibly miss a target. Sunlight, reflection, time of day, heading relative to your heading or simply your eyes not catching it. Happens to all of us and is not a game issue. It‘s your very own issue for the most part. now let‘s stay on topic. Thank you
  10. What got me hooked to MP was to not fly alone. Solo sorties on MP all the time tend to get boring, especially if you don't see any action / get slapped out of the sky because you did not see the enemy sneaking up on ya. Reach out to other pilots. Coordinate. Find a wingman. Lots of guys are gladly flying with others. Even if you can't fly formations like a champ. Try to fly with a wingman -> yes you will lose sight very often at the beginning, spending time of simply trying to find your mate in the sky again. And yes, it gets better the more you fly with that person. Voice comms (TS / Discord, you name it) Suddenly you will notice that communication is becoming simple, more accurate and you will adapt to eachothers flying style. Resulting in spending less time searching your mate but more looking around for enemies. Another pair of eyes can help more than you think and probably saved me more often than I would like to admit... And after all, flying with a wingman is simply more fun.
  11. Can confirm, i got them all too. My 2 mates did see them too. Don‘t think it‘s an issue with missions.
  12. Damn those are big barrels 😄
  13. From what i understand it does not matter if you are on discord or not. It only matters that you score a point (at least). And a random guy with a score >0 will win.
  14. This. Solution to the problem until the next game update.
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