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  1. Does that mean i cant chase someone down back to his AF since he enters a „safe zone“?.. as i can understand and do support the „anti-vulch“ measures here, it is gonna be hard to differ at times. No one should be kicked for chasing a fleeing guy back to his base
  2. someone seems to be looking more for a duck hunt than a challenge 😉
  3. yeah not using HDR as well. been running the "older" DPX preset you made combined with around 0.60 adaptive sharpen (basically used your second to last preset and just lowered adaptive sharpen to 0.6 other than 0.8). i felt it gave me a good balance between nice looks and spotting. MSAA highly preferable since the distant flickering is just unbearable with FXAA. overall a really good preset and a really good game update. lots more fun flying now
  4. Been testing the 2 latest version of the preset. I felt the new dpx values to make the game bit too bright, definitely preferring the older one. (Might also highly depend on preference and monitor) Colorfullness not needed imo, toghether with the new dpx it makes my spotting more difficult. for adaptive sharpen it comes down to preference, new 0.3/0.4 values compared to the 0.8 of the older preset definitely remove some „film-grain“ looks, spotting is about the same plus the game surely looks better. for me its gonna be a mix - old preset with new sharpen values, no colorfulness thanks again for the great work!
  5. Yeah stuff is way clearer like that, using msaa gets rid of the flickering terrain and horizon, still can spot contacts at a distance of 20+km - even though you need to reeeeeeallly focus
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