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  1. i use shif-t (if the binoculars move with your vr set your ok) in sherman i use shit-t and t. the order of keys you must see in tank (if with mouse the machine gun dont move your ok)
  2. Read somewhere on the forum that they are preparing something ...
  3. i only play multiplayer...😉
  4. Tank Crew we need smoke shells.
  5. In inside or outside of cupola Shift-t use it for see other tanks...(i use it on comander and driver)
  6. it was me! You need to press Shift+t.
  7. I already solve! When I switch to the commander position outside OR INSIDE the tank, I need to press shift-t to see all the objects beside and behind me.
  8. Friendly and enemy tanks disappear when I look sideways or back on my oculus rift cv1. Do game developers know about this bug? Have they answered? It's just that I love to play the tanks in VR but the other day online I passed an enemy tank beside me and I didn't even see it, I just heard it ... and destroying me was not pleasant after 15 minutes to reach that place. I really hope you get that part. I love the tanks but I'll have to take a break ...after trying the vr i can't go back to the track ir and 2d monitors. cheers. Please don´t spam this topic with sh....t
  9. compraste o BOMm em promoção na altura. (you buy BOM in promotion)
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