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  1. VonMarts

    Flying Circus server??

    Thank you for great WWI fun.
  2. This time put mirrors in planes (there are now in IL2) but you need to do it... I love WWI planes
  3. EEEEEAhhhhh WWI in Vr i want flying circus so Baaaaad...
  4. VonMarts

    Object Markers have Disappeared.. any ideas?

    Press the key "i"
  5. Yes please! I have got a high end computer...and like to use bombers ( need more draw distance). And thanks for your good work (and the team) on this sim
  6. Iam loving flying the Ju52 in paradrop missions in TAW. So fun.
  7. VonMarts

    Please Read - A Heads Up on Update 2.006

    guys! it is delayed to 20h
  8. VonMarts

    What do you guys believe...

    I would like" Il2 Battle forLeningrad" part1 then part 2 and then part 3
  9. me to...cant conect and i deleted some files...then the game updates but 10005 again
  10. Read my post again please... pe-2 35 is diferent of pe-2 87 or read
  11. Pe-2 35 rpm key is same as me109 not an error
  12. hit a run, then max speed ( wepon convergence 800 m) for 2 min and never turn (you lose speed) use boom and zoom and use all your bullets.