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  1. This time put mirrors in planes (there are now in IL2) but you need to do it... I love WWI planes
  2. Yes please! I have got a high end computer...and like to use bombers ( need more draw distance). And thanks for your good work (and the team) on this sim
  3. Iam loving flying the Ju52 in paradrop missions in TAW. So fun.
  4. I would like" Il2 Battle forLeningrad" part1 then part 2 and then part 3
  5. me to...cant conect and i deleted some files...then the game updates but 10005 again
  6. Read my post again please... pe-2 35 is diferent of pe-2 87 or read
  7. hit a run, then max speed ( wepon convergence 800 m) for 2 min and never turn (you lose speed) use boom and zoom and use all your bullets.
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