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  1. Please read de taw rules https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kK8qYrBbCrMSyNt403SiyUWat7tfIJscRWds6Ufd9N8/edit#heading=h.ty9qhtqu5jzx Thank you
  2. A part do Zoom é mesmo assim agora! Como está escrito numa destas páginas. (comprimentos aqui do Caniço) The Zoom part is just like that now! As it is written on one of these pages.
  3. Guys iam lost! In video of g2 says (4320 x 2160)but in same page say and video is same page says (2160x2160) What to think? https://www8.hp.com/us/en/vr/reverb-g2-vr-headset.html?jumpid=va_vxbe6kzc5h https://www.connection.com/product/hp-reverb-g2-virtual-reality-headset/1g5u1aa-aba/41024161?cm_mmc=HP-_-Reverb-G2-_-VR-Headset-_-Pre-Order https://www.connection.com/product/hp-reverb-g2-virtual-reality-headset/1g5u1aa-aba/41024161?cm_mmc=HP-_-Reverb-G2-_-VR-Headset-_-Pre-Order
  4. i use shif-t (if the binoculars move with your vr set your ok) in sherman i use shit-t and t. the order of keys you must see in tank (if with mouse the machine gun dont move your ok)
  5. Read somewhere on the forum that they are preparing something ...
  6. i only play multiplayer...😉
  7. Tank Crew we need smoke shells.
  8. In inside or outside of cupola Shift-t use it for see other tanks...(i use it on comander and driver)
  9. it was me! You need to press Shift+t.
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