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  1. Again, there is no definition, you're only applying your own.
  2. Early? I've wanted it since the start, irrespective of its opposition. And what's with 'superprop'? The word has no meaning. What will the difference be between the spit ix and the stang in terms of engine automation and pilot control?
  3. What's the definition of a superprop, and why doesn't the 1.98 ata k4 fall in to that category? The xiv absolutely suits this title, and it would be a shame if it doesn't come. The only option is for it to come as a collectors plane. As for the other two, they belong in another title (if at all). In the q and a on warbird Jason did joke about jet vs jet packages, would be cool to see them build on their high speed fm and jet engine modelling.
  4. But there really is no other game that is "that game". Personally I'd love one. But we've come this far, arguably the two best Piston engine planes that the luftwaffe fielded, and with all the very late modifications. If it had been one of the lineups you mentioned, I still would have been happy. That is balanced for sure, and still historical. Everyone wants the best performing bird and people would have definitely asked for the k4 and xiv regardless, but it would have been a very fun fight. Bust as I've said, we've come this far, probably going to have to go all the way. I know the p51 and p38 will satiate a lot of the American crowd, but the xiv is still Mia.
  5. I think some people are forgetting about all the strategic targets and the fact that they're not going to blow themselves up. There's a huge tonnage of bombs that need to be dropped for teams to win, and in this regard I see the Germans being on the defensive. In this scenario if ground pounders are escorted then they'll have a hard choice between either the attacker or the pursuit plane, potentially wiping out their advantage. Still, seeing an xiv in a beautiful, populated sim like this is a dream. I'm sure with all the possibilities that this late war scenario has opened that we'll get another couple collector planes. And if mission makers/server hosts want to restrict certain planes, the everyones going to have to lump it.
  6. Eh? Have you forgotten the 262? Will be the fastest thing going. And the k4 vs xiv will be a good fight.
  7. All this being said, I'm massively looking forward to the tempest and p38. Both fantastic looking planes with good performance in every area. What was the allowed bomb load for the p38j?
  8. The xiv feels a bit, under represented (still not sure that's the right term), not featuring in other sims that I can see. It was a part of the air war for a year or more and was a well respected craft. Its not balance its just a great plane from the time.
  9. One of the reasons myself and most likely others are a little disappointed that the xiv didn't come with the original planeset is that it would be an excellent fight. Two very fast, good climbing well armed fighters, the last of the 109's vs (almost) the last of the spitfires. But alas, I think we'd be in the same conundrum. "how can x combat y? If it can't then maybe it should be limited". Also disappointed as it will probably never come to the other game now that veao studios have pulled out for good. And as kurfurst says, has everyone forgotten the g14 and lf mk ix already? Being above is a huge advantage.
  10. Diving limit in the pilots manual of the LF mk ix below 20,000 ft is 450mph ias (720 kmh). That's not slower than the yaks or laggs. I've seen a Mach limit of 0.89 but don't know of its trustworthiness. As for in game I have no idea, with the 100kmh buffer that I've been told the devs give, it should break up at just over 800 kmh (512 mph).
  11. If its so inconsequential then why were you whinging so relentlessly for it?
  12. But they've already started, by giving the k4 an upgraded boost option. The start of it isn't giving one allied plane 150 octane, this is the start of it. Because you know, the 109 just has to have its best engine settings.
  13. I still would disagree with some people in this thread who have said it should come before other more long serving/important aircraft like the spitfire xiv or maybe even 190 a9. As for 'must', I think it depends how long the team want to stay with this scenario, I foresee it being a late addition if at all.
  14. Only mods I can think of are the removal of the reflector screen from the gunsight and having it reflect straight on to the windscreen. Sure someone else has already covered that in this thread or another.
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