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  1. Hello all, finally a few of mine... Have a nice weekend! yours v.Greiff
  2. Thank you for this valueable information, wishing you and your wife all the best as well, Sir! Thank you!
  3. All you brave aviators! Overwhelmed by now and out of words!!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Also my partner and her kids want to say "thank you", they are also very impressed from the reactions in this forum as well. This changed their attitude about us "never grew up flying nerds" already! ; ) yours v.Greiff PS: All your wishes and regards definetely already gives me more strength and let me go into the next "chemo" which is tomorrow. I'll take it like I'll take those hits of a "hispano" : )
  4. To all of you!!! This is a wave of empathy rollin' my way! Insteat of reacting to each one of you, I want to say a big "Thank you" to all of you especially to Kalle_Kalutz and Jaws! Those 2 know why and will be mentioned later, of course. Love and respect to all of you! I ever knew this forum is special, THANK YOU all from the bottom of my heart!!! I will fight this nasty devil called cancer, big promise. First of all for me, for my wonderfull partner (met again after 26 years!) and her kids and for all of you! yours (overwhelmed by now)
  5. Thanks for regards Andy! Still I'am alive and willin' to fight!
  6. ...is the coolest, most informable and empathic forum ever seen. I love it! If it comes to empathy, here's a short one. Couple of days I requested help for hardware. Story is: I knew since a couple of weeks that I got cancer (the bad one, uncureable), so I asked for a used Track IR, wich I could afford, because a lot of my money goes away for treatment, medi's and foodsupplements and so on...a frew days nothin', then Mirko came up (102nd-YU-cmirko), asked me if I found already a new Track IR and also told me that he bought 2 (Track IR 5! had 4!) by mistake and if I want one
  7. Brave aviators, dear forums, I haven't been online for a while for a reason. For a couple of weeks I know I got cancer, the bad one, means uncureable. Now to my question: Anyone got a used Track ir for sale? Mine went south after it did years of service. Most of my money is used now for medicamentation, cuz I willing to fight the beast. But if someone can sell me a used one for an affordable prize I'll buy it! Shipping adress will be Germany. Please pm me. Thx! Stay healty y'all Yours v. Greiff
  8. Awww....c'on guys! Leave those dev's alone....😎😛 Have a good new year everyone! Stay healthy y'all!!! yours v. Greiff
  9. Hi yall! I am not so much into flyin', timewise! But you f....n' rock!!!! Very much appreciated! yours v.Greiff
  10. RGRT, Sir! I can take this, thanks for information. yours v.Greiff
  11. Hi! I wonder why I was kicked all of a sudden from mission last night. I was flying in Rotte to Target, the "Rottenflieger" was kicked as well. Later on it was immpossible to reconnect again. Any ideas? yours v.Greiff
  12. This is so generous! I would apply for a P-40....Thabks yours v.Greiff
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