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  1. Awww....c'on guys! Leave those dev's alone....😎😛 Have a good new year everyone! Stay healthy y'all!!! yours v. Greiff
  2. Hi yall! I am not so much into flyin', timewise! But you f....n' rock!!!! Very much appreciated! yours v.Greiff
  3. RGRT, Sir! I can take this, thanks for information. yours v.Greiff
  4. Hi! I wonder why I was kicked all of a sudden from mission last night. I was flying in Rotte to Target, the "Rottenflieger" was kicked as well. Later on it was immpossible to reconnect again. Any ideas? yours v.Greiff
  5. This is so generous! I would apply for a P-40....Thabks yours v.Greiff
  6. Great move BlackRaven! BOBP would be soo cool! yours v.Greiff
  7. I would really love a copy of BoBP! yours v.Greiff
  8. ...it's those little things! I'm missing those telegraphmasts like in IL1946 as well, but as Jason said, it's a flight sim.... yours v.Greiff
  9. @Elbe_14: ....dieselbe Meldung taucht bei mir auch immer auf, schließ ich, klick nochmal auf Starten und es läuft! v.Greiff
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