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  1. Brave aviators, dear forums, I haven't been online for a while for a reason. For a couple of weeks I know I got cancer, the bad one, means uncureable. Now to my question: Anyone got a used Track ir for sale? Mine went south after it did years of service. Most of my money is used now for medicamentation, cuz I willing to fight the beast. But if someone can sell me a used one for an affordable prize I'll buy it! Shipping adress will be Germany. Please pm me. Thx! Stay healty y'all Yours v. Greiff
  2. Awww....c'on guys! Leave those dev's alone....😎😛 Have a good new year everyone! Stay healthy y'all!!! yours v. Greiff
  3. Hi yall! I am not so much into flyin', timewise! But you f....n' rock!!!! Very much appreciated! yours v.Greiff
  4. RGRT, Sir! I can take this, thanks for information. yours v.Greiff
  5. Hi! I wonder why I was kicked all of a sudden from mission last night. I was flying in Rotte to Target, the "Rottenflieger" was kicked as well. Later on it was immpossible to reconnect again. Any ideas? yours v.Greiff
  6. This is so generous! I would apply for a P-40....Thabks yours v.Greiff
  7. Great move BlackRaven! BOBP would be soo cool! yours v.Greiff
  8. I would really love a copy of BoBP! yours v.Greiff
  9. ...it's those little things! I'm missing those telegraphmasts like in IL1946 as well, but as Jason said, it's a flight sim.... yours v.Greiff
  10. @Elbe_14: ....dieselbe Meldung taucht bei mir auch immer auf, schließ ich, klick nochmal auf Starten und es läuft! v.Greiff
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