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  1. ... but before I do, this is yet another boring post with some appreciation. After some months diverted to XPlane to get some semi/real life instruction, fortunately, I made it here before the sale end and, while this is not the most expensive product (specially while on sale), and I'm certainly not the most complete collector, I'm having one of those moments in which I want to share how glad I am for having a new toy. I cannot go to my neighbor or to my wife, they will never understand, so here I am. That's it for my "hey guys! look at the new toy I just got!" moment and sorry for the interruption. I'm now gone to do some reconnaisance (and maybe to remap the controls that I have for sure outdated since my last flight).
  2. Yes I noticed this too. I may be wrong, but I think this didn't happen before the last patch of the rift. It's so obvious that I would have noticed it before. Now, IL-2 also has had an update since I last used the rift, so it may be both the rift or IL-2. I really thought it was a rift thing because I'd swear I noticed it in another game, but I don't remember which one, and the face that it also happens in the vive points to an IL-2 behavior... I tried to forget it, but now that it's not just me who sees this will not help. Once you start seeing it, it becomes really annoying. It's like planes pop in and pop out of the edge of your right eye...
  3. They are investing too much in their first battle in the Pacific to 'abandon' it after only one product. It makes sense to reuse whatever they come up with as a result of such investment, so I don't see why they wouldn't create two or three battes in the Pacific. With that in mind, I agree it would be wise to plan accordingly and offer these battles progressively instead of going somehow backwards as with BoM.
  4. Ok, you sold it to me. I got Bodenplatte today, as I had to decide which one would go first, and took it as it seemed the logical path, being FC more of a detour. But I can see why you suggest that WWI and VR make a good couple. Looking forward to save a little and get it.
  5. Nice book! I read that it last summer and enjoyed it a lot. I have recently come back to IL-2 and found campaign Sea Dragons included in Kuban, great news for me to emulate Vasily Emelianenko. I have only flown two missions, but I think it catches the feeling quite good. I thought like you: this book is great material for a scripted campaign, hopefully someone will attempt it.
  6. Yes sir, on BOM, German side. The Blue Squadron. 15.Span/JG27 - that is, if I didn't mispell anything.
  7. When your wife and the kids are out for some holidays while you stay at home for work, you tell them you'll miss them but secretly thinking of the WWII party you are giving to yourself. Off to enjoy my brand new Bodenplatte stuff!!!
  8. We are assuming the OP suggestion makes BOX more arcade, and I don't agree. The moment you see this external view like an aid that makes things easier and see it like an advantage, you are talking about BOX in terms of a game, not a sim. Is X-Plane or FSX any less of a simulator having this option? Of course not. You simulate what you want, and use aids where you want to achieve the kind of simulation you prefer, maybe for testing (a common simming scenario), learning, whatever. If anyone is afraid of BOX being less of a simulation just for having options, I honestly don't think you are really thinking of BOX as a simulation really, but as an arcade game. 'Arcade' and 'easy/simple' are not synonyms, and serious simulation is never decreased by having options.
  9. Well I don't see such an "arcade and unrealistic against the simulation paradigm" very different from having external views, the HUD, tags, flight aids, etc. I would only be against it in case it took big development resources from other more interesting developments, but if it is found to really have a good impact on increasing the player base, I actually see this like a cheap and good idea.
  10. Reading this thread confirms my feeling that, when you ask for reasons to buy something is because you already have plenty of them silently but steadily knocking on your brain. It's just a matter of time to pull the trigger (no horse pun intended ). In addition to all the reasons given, mine is usually the need to collect the series, even if I rarely have the time to use all of it. So I have my aim in bodenplatte now... Enjoy the awesome Kuban stuff!
  11. I found a problem with our 'VR club cookies': they often want to get out of your stomach, specially the first days. Personally I'm getting used to VR on this regard, and I do suggest to consider it as an immersive and much cheaper alternative to monitors. With the joystick between your legs, you'll surely believe you are there!
  12. Edit: I deleted my text because of spoiler, I am in my mobile and don't know how to Mark a text as spoiler nor delete it
  13. Just ordered my Oculus. Anyway I can't enjoy it until I arrive from my holidays. So in the meantime, this thread came in handy for that place you need to tell the world "hey I got it! I got it!"
  14. Please correct me anyone if I'm wrong, but I think it's Coconut server where if you fly over an enemy object (column, factory, etc) it will show up in the map after 5 minutes? That is a nice recon mechanic, at least something that can be used. Edit: I found this in Coconut info tab of his server web: "Map symbols appear on the map 5 minutes after flying nearby an enemy supply storage. The same spotting mechanism is used for anti-air defences. The map symbol identifies the target, and does not pinpoint the actual location of the planes."
  15. I have just purchased the current Oculus sale. Still waiting for it to arrive. Not sure if, once I try it, my opinion will change, but I think you should first have a trackIr (or any cheaper solution as I have). I say that because the world of simulation is wider than what VR currently supports. It's kind of buying contact lenses without the support of actual glasses.
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