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  1. Provided the simulation remains already outstanding (in its own strengths, but that's a different discussion), the way to move forward and keep improving is exactly the items you left out. Outlining weak points is not whining, but pushing forward. The map (the main topic of the thread) is obviously a point where the sim can improve. Ignoring it or pointing players attention elsewhere makes no favor to the future of this series.
  2. It would be awesome to see Spanish civil war in a sim. I might be a bit biased there. But hey, who isn't biased in an poll?
  3. I'm no casual simmer at all, but for the CloD series, I definitely am. I cannot say if Tobruk has significantly improved the project or not. But it's a new theater with new planes for me to fly, and I'm having as much fun as with GB. I also have that feeling of witnessing the beginning of something that, in some years from now, I can look back and say "hey, remember when this new wave began with Tobruk?" So thanks from my end as well.
  4. From the first post we can alredy see that: - You kept tyring. - You Still wanted to get BoN despite unplugging. - You came back again. To me, this means that you simply like the sim, and you may not need any other reason. Since you were kinda curious of people's experience for first years, mine is quite close to yours. All my life playing flight sims (since the 80's), eventually I got to fly IRL (while it doesn't really mean anything in this context), and I still suck at IL-2. Now, suddenly I changed the sensitivity of my joystick back to almost zero around a week ago and I find
  5. While I have CloD (and Tobruk since on pre-sale), I have only gone online with BoX. But good news if you want a sitting duck to fire to, you can already add me to the player base. I'll be there as an example of the 'new toy' effect.
  6. The way *I* would do it if I wanted to be more precise than level-bombing sea level would be to check the elevation in Google Earth. It would make a good addition to the planning phase of your sortie. I'm myself not that concerned because of the actual difference it would make in my bombing would be next to none compared to my human precission, unless the target was in a high place in Kuban.
  7. Done with my part of the deal. Now, gimme my desert wings! I wish you guys the best of luck.
  8. I would have commented this awesomeness before, but I was busy starting my Razorback career... Thank you guys.
  9. Aaaarrrgh... those last minutes of the sale... You promised yourself you were OK with your last purchase, no need to come back. But... Those last minutes...
  10. Running out of forum reactions. Must be the hype...
  11. Lol I hope there's an ending scene that's up to the expectation... The hype is real!
  12. I do fly thd Ju on the Russian side in MP, so I'd personally be happy with such skin. Now, when you say 'official' skin, quoted, what do you exactly mean? I could see a mod for a server where the owner makes it available for all players in the server, which I don't know if can be done, besides all players in that server should have to download the skin to see it. If you mean an official skin, without quotes, part of the stock game, well... I see a number of reasons against it, and yet again, even if I'd benefit from it, I would vote against using resources j
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