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  1. Another great campaign by TAW. I look forward to the next one! Thanks for all your hard work, guys. It's easy for us to just log in, have fun, and log out without further thought to what went into this. Thank you all so much for your dedication to this community, and without TAW, IL2 would just be another sandbox shooter to me. Salute!
  2. This solved an issue I was having tonight as well. Thanks a ton Thad!
  3. Hey Haash! All is well, have had no issues since you guys fixed it. I've been having a blast getting shredded by pilots far better than I, decorating the Russian countryside with the confetti that was once my plane
  4. This is why you do not let your kids access your account. I am so sorry to everyone in the community. -Vonjager
  5. Due to your responses here, how many people do you think are now keeping an eye over their shoulders for YOU, immature lil bastard.
  6. Those are customer support pilots. Nonexistant.
  7. I really hope you're right. It's why I am so angry and butthurt over it, because I love the game.
  8. Day Three with no response from Support. I will give it one more day then proceed with reporting the charges as fraudulent. You don't take people's money and give them nothing in return. This company has the WORST customer support I've ever seen. Even Steam gets back to you within a day or two. Guess they are too busy raking in people's money and coming up with more ways to charge. This will be addressed. Sorry for the delay.
  9. So, I have about 180 dollars of useless software. Every time I try to launch the game and log in, I get this error. My account at il2sturmovik.com CLEARLY shows all my keys, and that they are active. I have deleted and reinstalled five times now, even cleaned the registry of any keys related to the game. I have launched via launcher.exe and il2.exe as administrator. I do not have the Steam version, nor do I want the steam version. Before you say oh, contact support... HAHA funny joke! I've sent TWO tickets in now, with absolutely zero response. If you folks can't give me the product I paid for, then I'd like my money back. Don't have a problem taking my money, but god forbid I need some support! Surprised it didn't prompt me to pay more money. What a joke. And no, I have not cheated or modified the game files in ANY way. Super, super frustrated.
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