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  1. Probably because you've probably got them from 3rd party sites, and the keys were considered illegal and requested to be revoked by 777/1CGS. If you bought them from Steam, then you should contact support.
  2. Well, I'm waiting. I've also tried to contact Jason, both via a message in here and an email, but got no response yet. And I don't want support's "solution", ie having keys only for Steam, that wasn't what it was presented when we bought the products, we were always told that we'll have Steam keys in addition to the IL-2 keys.
  3. I am still to get any official response from 777 team... Anyone, please?
  4. My BoS base game, same as ALL the other related games/planes, were bought on the official IL-2 store, and NOT on Steam. Is not the same situation. That's something I've asked support, but they just ignored the question This is a mess, and I, the honest client, don't want to have nothing with it. I've bought everything in here, pre-ordered and collector editions on top of everything, I've linked my accounts, I just want the products to appear on my Steam page too (as partially some of them already are, redeemed by me on Steam using the provided associated Steam keys).
  5. I guess you are confused, sir. You are first saying that "I don't use non steam version so i don't really care" and then "I only play on steam". Yes, the game will still work on Steam even if they will pull it out, but NOT the multiplayer part. I repeat, I fail to see the reason to remove the IL-2 original keys once you are generating the equivalent Steam keys. Do not remove them if I have the accounts linked, or just close the damn IL-2 client if the Steam client tries to login using the paired keys if you are so concerned someone is trying to steal you and play "twice", but do not punish the legit customers which are not trying anything stupid.
  6. They can still get information of that account via the API. And they also have that Steam account linked with the IL-2 account. So they can control that, at least if the accounts are linked. And mine is. And they also have the IL-2 keys linked with the Steam ones (as they are the ones giving them). And they can even redeem them through the API to the damn Steam linked account (so no-one could "steal" them and use them for a separate account).
  7. I've read everything they said about the Steam integration. And I've already linked my accounts, the Steam and IL-2 ones. I just fail to understand why remove the IL-2 keys, and force my login/start the game through Steam only?!! because that's what I understand from what support said. There's nothing implying that in the and even if it would have been (after they will eventually add it), why do such a thing? That has nothing to do with Steam, or any kind of Steam limitation!
  8. Unfortunately, things are starting to get ridiculous: what was supposed to be a useful feature and a seamless integration, it seems to have actually been transformed into a hindrance. I've wrote to 1CGS Support Team about getting the promised Steam keys for all the IL-2 products I've bought, all of them from the official store, and all of them pre-orders and all of them collector editions (where they existed), and I've only got a response 1 week later. And a very confusing response at that. I've asked several questions at which they responded just repeating the fact that It seems that the support team doesn't really speak english, or at least that's what their response is making me believe is the situation. Can I get an official answer to my questions, please? Why do you have to remove my option to launch from he IL-2 launcher if I'm getting the associated Steam keys? It seems an arbitrary limitation which has nothing to do with Steam. What will happen if in the future you will decide you won't work with Steam anymore, and some future addons will only be sold via the official store, and not through Steam too?!! Or what happens if you/Valve decide to pull IL-2 from the Steam?!! My account can not log at the same time from both Steam and IL-2 launcher, so I can't run both of them at the same time - so then why do such thing and limit the products to either Steam or IL-2 store? I am a game developer myself, and I've implemented Steam SDK into games too, I know very well what's possible and what's not. You can have a hybrid authentication system using both Steam and your own auth server in any kind of combination, so why do this and enforce an either Steam or IL-2 policy?!! Wasn't this supposed to be a useful integration, and not a war between 777 and Valve?!! Because frankly, that's how it feels like. And I, one of your legit customer which bought all your products as collector edition pre-orders, feel like getting p(h)uked all over.
  9. I've filled up a customer support ticket at https://il2sturmovik.com/support/request/ on Thursday 19th July 2018, and I haven't received any ticket email, nor any response from them. I've tried again today, still no ticket email to confirm they've got my question. Can anyone help me contact customer support directly, please?
  10. Until now I've pre-ordered each and every single 777 IL2 product from the official site, all of the major games as premium version (BoS, BoM, BoK, BoP), not to mention I've also pre-ordered RoF and most of its planes (even though I don't have more than a couple of hours of flight in RoF). Yet, as this game is integrating the Steamworks SDK, I want to have it on Steam. I have close to 1500 games and 1500 addons in my Steam library, and it really bothers me to see IL2 BoS page with only a partial list of addons owned. Currently i only own BoS + premium planes and BoM + premium planes in there. What's wrong with having them all over at Steam? With all its fallacies, Steam is a great platform of games distribution. Currently I would have pre-ordered FCvI and TCCaP right away, but the fact that I would not get the attached steam keys is kind of a show stopper for me. As long as generating official Steam keys for products sold outside Steam platform wouldn't cut a % from the cost and put in in Valve's pockets, I don't see why aren't we to continue to receive the associated Steam keys for the products we're buying from the official 777 store. As we currently have our IL2 accounts linked with the Steam ones, and as long as we're pre-ordering from the official store, why shouldn't we have those associated Steam products automatically added to the linked Steam account? That would even persuade more people to actually buy from the official store! Can you Jason enlighten me regarding this, please?
  11. me too, I really expect to get those keys, which for me are mandatory. I would have not even considered buying from here if I wouldn't also get the account here linked with the Steam one, and all the keys present in there too.
  12. when would the pre-order be available, please?
  13. Thank you, Neeraj! what about 4k cockpit textures?
  14. I'm waiting for an announcement
  15. There can be no real Battle of Midway without Jonathan Parshall and Anthony Tully's "Shattered Sword" book, period!
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