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  1. I Went Through World War II Hell as the Crew Chief of a C-47
  2. I can bet you right now that actually DC3 will be a high priced collector's plane (see the Ju52)..
  3. Hello, I've accidentally made the pre-order for the IL2 Battle of Normandy on my secondary account instead of my main account, and I want to have this purchase moved to my main account, or cancelled. I've also filled in a request on https://il2sturmovik.com/support/request/ though I haven't received any email regarding this request. Who can help me with that, please? Thank you!
  4. I've bought all 3 new collector planes, even if I probably won't fly neither of the Yaks. Having Yak9s sold separately wasn't that nice though. Selling them separately must be a big turnoff for most of the potential customers.
  5. I'm playing IL2 in VR using a Clevo laptop with Valve Index (see signature for specifications). Thing is, the Clevo notebook has both processor and videocard in desktop variants (and that's why they are so expensive compared with the common notebooks)
  6. No word about the Hurricane Mk2 and Yak9 collector planes
  7. To have things working, you need to have at least the BoS base game on Steam. If you link your account, it won't matter if you brought plane A from Steam, and plane B from official IL2 store, you will have both of them available in your game.
  8. @JtD where have you seen it, I've also missed it and I would like to see it. We'll have Wales vs South Africa in 1 hour and a half
  9. I vote for Pacific! BoB second and France would be third
  10. I've just finally received my Valve Index set and I would need some advice regarding the SteamVR / IL2 settings for best graphics / performance, please. Thank you!
  11. For Steam you need steam keys. You can not activate IL2 store keys on steam. Same for IL2 store (steam bought games won't also activate IL2 store games). As far as I know, it is possible to have BoS bought on both your Steam and IL2 accounts, and have those accounts linked - which is stupid, and just a hack to go around the fact that 777 removed the possibility (which existed before) to have IL2 store bought items also activate the same items on Steam. 777 removed this because people abused it by playing the game from both IL2 launcher and steam at the same time. I've a
  12. You only need to buy BoS from steam, and that's it. After that just link the accounts, and all your content bought on the official IL2 store would be available in game.
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