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  1. Keep cowls open at takeoff and close them, when needed ( oil indicator on engine cover ), safe <100 max 130. Water temp you can control with ata and rpm:s, norm. 80 and max 110. Ofcourse cooling oil temp cool the whole engine, so if water temp get too high, opening cowls cooling water too, but it's better just to lower rpm:s and ata. If you just fly with Ju88 or just with anything specific, you can learn what throttle and rpm % settings are safe, but if you fly with other aircraft too, you better get to knowledges the safe engine settings ( takeoff, climb, cruise, combat, emerge
  2. Take note ; Cruise - Rpm 2250 ata 1.15 Climb - Rpm 2400 ata 1.25 ( 30 minutes) Takeoff - Rpm 2600 ata 1.42 (1 minute) So look at your Rpm:s, after you have airborne and lower them to climb Rpm:s asap.
  3. You do have check from difficulty options (realism), that there ain't engine auto controls on, as they could block some controls.
  4. If you want to drop bombs with safety / without them explode, you can set fuse off (there is key for bomb fuse on/off) and then drop them with "bomb drop" key. Remember to set fuse on, if you decide not to drop them in friendly territory, but keep them and head to enemy side.
  5. For me, about/around 10.02.1942 hurricanes show up in my Moscow career. I didn't have the hurri yet, but notice another squadron flying with them in one of my mission. So, I check from the map what aircraft every squadrons have and 3 or 4 had hurricanes. So they should show up for the last mouths of the career, I think it's about same with Stalingrad career. Now I may need to go to buy the hurricane...
  6. Ah, I still remember that first mission, flying first time with E7 in great battles. Panic when mig's came, burn my engine and crash land. Well anyway, you should be apply to end career missions, like you end scripted campaign and QMB missions - esc and select finish mission. Wait game end it, show the results and let you proceed to next mission or to next day. If you died or get captured, restart or your career is over. You do not need to be successful everytime and many times enemy ruin your day in this career. Oh and one tip - remember what is your mission and try to stay in and d
  7. Do you mean, do you have to had two throttles to use two engines ? Or anything double axes or buttons for engines ? If so, no, as much as I knowing. I only have one axes for throttle and one for rpm and singles up/down buttons for radiators. With multi engines, you choose which engine settings you want to change. If you want to change only one engine settings, you choose that engine, if want to change both engine settings you choose them both. So you have buttons to select engine which you want, keyboard 1, 2, 3... Keyboard button 1 - select / unselect engine 1, keyboard button 2
  8. Are you sure the game use the right profile, the one you have adjust. You could create a new profile or save one which you have been editing with a new name and point the game to use that. If it still ain't work, then game may not knowing what profile you want to use with it. Or you could download Requiem's profile for IL and use that as a base.
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