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  1. I was trying to activate flaps in the LaGG-3. With my previous throttle (Saitek X-55) I could hold down a particular toggle switch and the flaps would lower until I reduced the pressure on the toggle switch - pushing it up raised the flaps for as long as I was exerting upward pressure on the switch. I would have thought that when my Virpil flap lever axis is in the 0% - 20% zone (or the 80% - 100% zone on the opposite end of the axis) - with (flap) buttons emulated/simulated on either end of the axis = the flaps would move and when it came out of that area the flaps wou
  2. I’ve created the emulated/simulated buttons on either end of the flaps lever axis (on the Virpil throttle) - the Virpil software “sees”” these, and I can bind them to the “flaps up” and “flaps down” buttons in IL-2 Sturmovik: Great Battles - but when I move the flaps lever (on the Virpil throttle), when I’m in the sim, the flaps don’t move!
  3. Is there anyone out there who has the Virpil CM3 throttle and who has got the (specific) 'flaps lever' axis to work in IL-2 : Great Battles? After finding that IL-2 : Great Battles' Key Mapping doesn't "see" the 'flaps lever' axis when moved backwards/forwards, I used the Virpil software to create a simulated button on either end of the 'flaps lever' axis - I still can't get it to "see" the simulated buttons (the Virpil software definitely shows the "simulated buttons" on either "end" of the 'flaps lever' axis).
  4. Great skin, ICDP - I hope that you'll make an historically-correct version available for us? Rob
  5. A big thank you from me (down here in South Africa!) for the manner in which you are continually improving/upgrading this sim!
  6. Always ready! Have just seen your excellent video, Tank Crew - Clash at Prokhorovka! Any more in the pipeline?
  7. I don't believe that I've noticed these white circles before (see attached screenshot). Can someone advise me as to what these are ... and how do I get rid of them? Many thanks.
  8. It looks great! Who is doing these textures? Nothing to do with Desert Wings, I presume?
  9. Nice work - what video editor is it?
  10. I must be rather "thick" - I can't work out how to download and install 'Desert Wings'. I bought Desert Wings through 1C and have an activation code from my account with 1C. I've attached my opening page in "Steam" (logged in as "mungee") - for the life of me, I cannot see "games" at the top of this page - it must be another page? I'd be grateful for any assistance on this. Many thanks.
  11. Excellent, Garensterz17! Btw, =HH=Pauk, have you got any movies in the works? I really appreciate your work!
  12. Dear Therion i am most embarrassed to tell you that: - the LaGG-3 machine gun only works when the aircraft’s engine is running - the cannon does not require that (that fixed me!); and - I’d forgotten that I’d taken the aircraft off complex engine management (in the Custom mode) and hence the fuel mixture and RPM levers would not respond to key depressions!! i feel such a bloody fool! Sorry about all that!
  13. Thanks, Therion. I will be trying what you suggested - I've just done a fresh download and install of "IL-2 Sturmovik : Great Battles" because the joystick attempts again screwed up the machine command in "IL-2 ….. " - the machine gun button (on the screen/in the sim) depresses (one can see that!) but no firing - on the other hand, the cannon fires 100%?! Will report back tomorrow - don't want to rush things at this late hour. Btw, when you said that you didn't use the X-55 profile software, does that mean that you simply plug the joystick and driver into th
  14. I tried the I-16 and LaGG-3 but both were working with the key depressions (combination of keys/single key) but not when I went to the joystick/throttle buttons/switches and the back to the actual keys.
  15. I’ve had a Saitek X-55 Rhino joystick/throttle HOTAS for some years now and, after some initial teething problems, it’s served me reasonably well. However, and I believe that since the most recent “IL-2 Sturmovik : Great Battles” update, I’ve had problems with my X-55 HOTAS which now APPEARS to have affected the flight sim itself!! Let me explain: - after having the problems, as described above, I decided to uninstall the software and driver for my X-55 HOTAS and ‘IL-2 Sturmovik : Great Battles’ - after downloading and reinstalling ‘IL-2 Sturmovi
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