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  1. Just a humble suggestion. It may be a good idea to update your IL-2 Project page (on your website) to reflect the aircraft of Bodenplatte and Normandy?
  2. One needs to download and install SteamVR - that, together with the Oculus software is what is required to get IL-2 Sturmovik : Great Battles to work.
  3. I’m afraid that I’m stuck. I’ve just installed Oculus Rift S on my PC and it appears to be working fine. my problem is: how do I get “IL-2 Sturmovik : a Great Battles” to come through to the Oculus headset - the sound is but the image is not. Does one have to disable the monitor? Does one have to download and use the Steam VR app (i’ve Purchased all my copies through the IL-2 Online Store and NOT through Steam. Your guidance will be grately appreciated.
  4. The normal map that I have for the Ju-52 is 10,6 MB in size - is this the correct 4K normal map for this aircraft (the other aircraft appear to have 21,3MB normal maps)?
  5. I see just the Ju-87's template etc, not the Ju-52's?
  6. I;m trying to locate the 4K normalmap file for the Ju-52 - I would be grateful if someone would point me in the right direction to get it. Many thanks.
  7. Many thanks, Spudkopf - really appreciate your hard work for the IL-2 community!
  8. I have had this same problem (failed to update) - which occurred when downloading the 3.201 "hotfix" today. I have tried deleting the "UPDATES" folder as well as substituting the 2 files suggested by Thad (above - 25 August 2019). The launcher "analyses", then "downloads" (539.08 MB), and then starts the install before bombing out and giving the error message "Failed to update". Has anyone else experienced this with the "hotfix" update? Any suggestions before I do a fresh download of the whole flight sim again? Thanks.
  9. I have just downloaded these default skins - many thanks, Spudkopf. What does one do with this skin? fw190d9_skin_09fw190d9_skin_10 Should be re-named? Many thanks.
  10. I've installed these Me 262 default skins (historically-correct) in the JSGME 'MODS' folder (by adding them to the already existing "4K Default Skin Replacement for BoBP" folder - by adding "Me262A" and "Textures" folders- and I still get the original default skins (historically-incorrect). The "me262a.dds" skin shows the historically-correct skin, but the other 10 do not! I must be doing something wrong!! Can anyone see what it is that I'm doing wrong - see screenshot of what I've done (below), Many thanks.
  11. I've just had exactly the same experience - TERRIFYING - Kaspersky deletes IL-2 launcher (and other files?) - did a system restore (Windows 10) and wait for further developments.
  12. Dear Spudkopf I'd really appreciate your help on this. I downloaded the default 11 dds files and have placed these into my 'textures' folder under 'planes' - I have also placed them into the textures folder of my MOD folder (under 'planes' - 'textures') BUT I still get default skins appearing without the hakenkreutz - I'm bewildered and confused!! I've installed skins (with the hakenkreuz) for other German aircraft and these work correctly. I'm sure that I must use the standard 4K normal map for the Fw190-A8 with these 'textures'? I'm obviously doing something wrong, but I just can't work it out!! Thanks in advance.
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