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  1. I've done a 'search' on this subject and couldn't find anything, so my apologies if this has been raised elsewhere on the forum (I also didn't know what sub-forum to raise this on). With the 21-day lockdown that we're currently in (down here in South Africa), I've decided to try and get a handle on "complex engine management". I've done some research on the matter and, from what I can make out, one needs to deal with the following items: - fuel mixture controls - propeller pitch controls - supercharger controls - engine boost - oil radiators (and temperature) - water/coolant radiators (and temperature) Is that all? Many thanks in advance.
  2. I'm interested to see whether I'm in the minority who don't usually "fly" using 'complex engine management'.
  3. I have been told that when VR first came out, "IL-2 : Greatest Battles" would display activity as a single screen (and not as a split screen which is the default mode for VR headsets such as Oculus Rift S). For some reason this was changed and after the opening splash screen (as a single screen) one now gets the menu screen (and subsequent screens) as a split screen. Is there a way of getting the display activity to show as a single screen on the monitor (and not the split screen that it currently displays)?
  4. So, are we saying that there is no way to eliminate the split screen display (on the monitor) when using a VR headset?
  5. I'm pulling my hair out with frustration! I've watched a number of (instructional) YouTube videos explaining how to amend the (Oculus) Mirror to show Left, or Right, Eye Only but can't get it to happen. I've tried creating a desktop shortcut (run as Administrator) showing the following: Start in: "C:\Program Files\Oculus\Support\oculus-diagnostics" Target: "C:\Program Files\Oculus\Support\oculus-diagnostics\OculusMirror.exe" --LeftEyeOnly I open 'Oculus' I open the above shortcut I launch IL-2 :Great Battles Steam VR automatically opens and I see: - the opening screen as a single image/screen - the menu screed split into 2 halves Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? I'm wanting to (video) screen capture what I see in VR when "flying". Many thanks.
  6. I think that I've read up as much as I can on the Ju-52's linking of flaps to its horizontal stabilizer, but I'm obviously doing something wrong: I can adjust the horizontal stabilizer to - 70%. I then press the flaps down button and the on-screen message confirms that the flaps are now engaged. But that's where it ends - I can't increase the horizontal stabilizer to 0% (to get the flaps into the 25 degree position) - the key strokes are totally ignored. Any suggestions as to what I'm doing wrong? Thanks.
  7. Just a humble suggestion. It may be a good idea to update your IL-2 Project page (on your website) to reflect the aircraft of Bodenplatte and Normandy?
  8. One needs to download and install SteamVR - that, together with the Oculus software is what is required to get IL-2 Sturmovik : Great Battles to work.
  9. I’m afraid that I’m stuck. I’ve just installed Oculus Rift S on my PC and it appears to be working fine. my problem is: how do I get “IL-2 Sturmovik : a Great Battles” to come through to the Oculus headset - the sound is but the image is not. Does one have to disable the monitor? Does one have to download and use the Steam VR app (i’ve Purchased all my copies through the IL-2 Online Store and NOT through Steam. Your guidance will be grately appreciated.
  10. The normal map that I have for the Ju-52 is 10,6 MB in size - is this the correct 4K normal map for this aircraft (the other aircraft appear to have 21,3MB normal maps)?
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