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  1. You were right, it was alt visibility on berloga. Big improvement, nice work devs!
  2. It's a large and welcome improvement. I appreciate the effort! For me, it still renders a/c smaller in zoom than regular view, until they are about 1km away. It makes anything beyond that range already spotted kind of comically disappear when you zoom in. This was never my experience with zoom in 2D. It does help ID when you are in closer than ~1km, where a/c do enlarge when zoomed. This is s big step in the right direction, and I really appreciate the devs are moving this way.
  3. That is just not how the majority of your posts read. Even if true, it doesn't explain why you are so quick to chime in on every VR related post with some kind of anti-VR strawman argument or made up statistic, or just bashing VR in general. You have made your feelings about VR abundantly, nauseatingly clear.
  4. Off topic, but this build confuses me. The absolute top end ($1200) GPU with a low end ($150) CPU, in a setting where CPU is nearly or as important as GPU. I have been running a 2080 and an i5 9600k for a year and a half, and I kind of wish I had traded more GPU for CPU in my spending. Maybe you do other stuff with the computer, I don't know. On topic, I will be getting this headset unless something better comes along quickly. Not perfect, but the kind of incremental improvement that is worthwhile. I'm excited to upgrade to it! That is, of course, if VR zoom is fixed. If not, I'll buy a good power tool instead and work on my house or my garden. Other hobbies are getting more interesting quickly.
  5. I'm at 533 hours plus a little DCS time. I didn't have any significant change in my last eye exam about 5 months ago, but my eyes haven't changed much over my life I figure it can't be good for your eyes, but I'm banking on implants or some other technological change obviating my need for these eyeballs before VR wears them out. 🤞
  6. If it lands at those specs, or close, I am completely sold. Very exciting! With the Oculus Quest sales, I am really surprised they went in this direction and not an all-out push for a standalone version. Great for us though!
  7. I haven't had any issues in WMR since the first hour I took to set it up. I guess if you count having to remember to turn on an overhead light before I play at night, or close the blinds if I happen to play when the sun is beaming on me. TrackIR was much more fiddly. My O+ tracks better than TrackIR too.
  8. First, I fully appreciate the notion that not having effective zoom ruins the game. However, I merely suggested a server option, not a game-wide change. Hyperbole about ruining the game for 90% of players is baseless. I imagine with such an option there would still be plenty of servers which allow zoom, and perhaps a few that would prefer to offer a more equal playing field. Hardly takes anything away from you if they do. I find icons-on game ruining. So, I don't fly on servers with icons on. Easy. Doesn't take anything away from me.
  9. That way, if MP servers don't want 2d users to have a huge advantage over VR users, they can turn off all zoom and put everyone on an equal footing.
  10. To answer the OP, yes I think we all have this problem, and yes there WAS effectively a workaround, but now it is gone. Now all we have in VR is a broken, useless zoom. Which, if you care about multiplayer equates to a broken game. What a shame.
  11. Yes, please. The vitriol over 3dmigoto already slashed my desire to fly. Now with it under attack by the devs, I doubt I'll come back to il2 until this issue is addressed.
  12. I had this issue before, but Sketch made a video posted somewhere earlier in this thread that shows how to do it. Short version, after you restart your engine and all systems are on, hit the 'reload all guns' key that is found in Weapons Controls. This will cycle your guns. I sometimes have to hit it a couple times, and I always squeeze off a tiny burst before flying again after multiple instances of coming in right behind someone and squeezing the trigger only to hear that dreadful 'click'....
  13. Fairly certain you are talking about me here. It is unfair to mention this fact without also mentioning that most of the guys on 2D see things in the 2-5km band, and also in the blue, way before me and the others in VR. Spotting in this game is a huge problem. Devs give us in VR equal zoom to 2D, and I have no need for the mod. While we're at it, make axis planes as visible as allied. Take the mod away and make MP unfeasible, which is my sole interest in this game, well I am never going back to 2D from my VR, so bye bye. Lastly, this is exactly like reshade. You've all discussed how much it helps with spotting. I don't get to use it in VR. What's the difference?
  14. When you come calling something a cheat, and saying it gives VR users an unfair advantage while using only 2D evidence to support the claim, you're very much picking a fight and not merely being a messenger.
  15. First, the mod's zoom function is not restricted to VR, just mainly utilized by VR users. Anyone can use it. Second, the in-game zoom in VR is useless. 2D players get an in-game 5x zoom, while VR is 1.5x. It is nearly impossible to be competitive in MP without this mod. Lastly, you can only see allied planes that far away, because of their DayGlo paint jobs. This is an axis bias issue, not a mod issue.
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