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  1. All this. The only real solution to AI not flying like real people is flying against real people. The only good practice for MP is MP.
  2. Have been wanting to dive into FC for a while. Wish I could have supported the team by buying at full price, but appreciate the reduction and I couldn't pass up this price. Hope you guys move a lot of copies with this sale!
  3. There's plenty of advice about how to fight you should take from real combat pilots (e.g., memoirs, dicta boelcke, aerial attack study, etc.), but one thing you can do that real pilots couldn't is debrief what went wrong when you get killed. I study my stats and sortie logs and replay the details of sorties. From that, I can almost always pick out one or several key mistakes I made along the way to getting shot down, write them down, and try to avoid making them again. Usually the key mistakes are bad decisions pre-engagement, sometimes they are bad decisions in maneuvering, and very rarely you can chalk it up to the other guy just being better despite you doing everything you could.
  4. Agreed on all of the above, and I don't think anyone has mentioned the amazing rear visibility as well. I am surprised how much I enjoy this airplane...and how hard it is to go back to bombing with a Pe-2 or A-20 after flying the P-38.
  5. I totally missed the sarcasm but I get it now, and I do apologize. Sarcasm font is a thing for a reason I guess. Gonna leave the prior post as is, the people I was really arguing against are unlikely to care anyway.
  6. I love the chances I get to fly blue. The planes are far easier to fly, and it is much easier to get kills. I agree it helps improve perspective to fly both sides. People are always salty in these discussions, because they really care. It's far better than apathy. I fully comprehended your post the first time, and in no way do I want disproportionate ratios of pilots on either side. My point is the amount of 262's is actually advantageous to blue, not the disadvantage you claimed.
  7. I'll point this out again, fewer than 300 262's saw combat, as against tens of thousands of allied fighters (using 150 octane fuel) in the historical time range this server simulates. You are really getting far too many 262's as it is, historically speaking. However, it's a good amount for balance and interesting gameplay reasons, so I don't mean that comment as any kind of complaint. Further, I think we should remember in these discussions that if history played out like this server, the Meteor would have been moved to the front, and more advanced Allied fighter designs would have received the green light for mass production. You're playing with an unrealistic and ahistorical advantage as it is. This is why it's called Luftwhining when you insist you should have even more.
  8. Personally I'd be happy to buy a Pacific edition with Japanese a/c built on some speculation, but I respect that goes against the team's principles and would never ask them to change. Every edition of GB's is fantastic already, and improving with each new release. I really appreciate Jason's explanation, and the difficulty of the choices the Devs have to make.
  9. I think overall the P-38 DM is good. Sometimes it feels fragile in the tail section, as it's fairly common to see either the entire elevator fly off or the booms collapse in. However, I've also nursed some P-38's home that had no business staying in the air. Keep flying her, and watch your G's if you've been hit. it'll even out.
  10. Most people buy considering some combination of budget (new gen will be more expensive), time constraints (e.g., how much the current rig needs an upgrade), compatability constraints (chipset, RAM, etc.), other uses for the machine (i.e., where AMD becomes a factor), and of course price vs. performance (paramount concern for most people/builds). If none of these concerns apply except the time issue (now vs. ~3 months from now), it's a close call but I guess I'd wait for the 10900. There's also something to be said for buying tech at the end of a generation though. It's well-tested and proven, coding and manufacturing kinks have mostly all been worked out. The 10900 will come with 6+ months of frustration in necessary firmware and bios updates, let alone problems with the new 10nm process. That said, it'll be new and shiny, and if your current rig already kicks butt and the price difference isn't an issue, then why not wait?
  11. 69th_Bazzer + BoN Thanks, good luck all!
  12. Yeah, I already cut down on ground attack a lot as I started to value my virtual lives and stats more. Introduce a death penalty and I would only want to fly high altitude CAP in my own territory. Appreciate there are servers that offer this, but much more appreciate the balance CB offers in rewarding aggressive but organized offense as well as defense.
  13. I counted 15 out of your 134 sorties in December were in the G-6, and in these you scored 16 of your 199 kills. In November it was 3 out of 126 sorties, for 1 out of your 198 kills. You look hampered in the G-6 to me, compared to your performance in your preferred K-4, although the amount of sorties is not statistically significant. I couldn't be bothered to look back further. In taking this rather tedious 10 minutes to review your performance as you requested, I also noted 0 allied sorties whatsoever in December, and 9 in P-51's in November for 8 kills. Again, well below your usual rate in your favored K-4/G-14. Edit: I only looked at Combat Box stats. I'm sure you were killing it in Yak's in WoL More to the point, the crux of your argument appears to be some nearly indecipherable triple negative logic ('can't say you're not disfavored'), together with basically, paraphrasing, 'I am a skilled pilot, and therefore you do not need 150 octane fuel.' No one is suggesting you are not a skilled pilot, Otto. However, your favorite plane appears to be the K-4, which as far as I know always has the MW 50 in this game. Barely a handful of these saw combat historically. Meanwhile, you argue red pilots shouldn't have 150 octane fuel, which powered tens of thousands of allied fighters for nearly a year. Basically, your position is absurd.
  14. Really like the changes to A Bridge Too Far. Also liking the Scheldt map, feels well balanced, although forcing me outside my comfort zone with no P38 and no bombs on the Tempie. Finally, I appreciate the stats update re: wins with 100+ players. Things are looking good. Regarding the rearm/refuel idea, are many people not desparately trying to nurse home damaged planes as it is? It's a fun idea, but even 5 mins is precious time for most of us. Re: airplane attrition as an objective, seems like a good idea in some contexts; killing off all the 262's feels like it should be an objective on every map they are available. It's a stretch to imagine it for any of the current allied planeset though...maybe high altitude AI B25's as a stand-in for strategic bombers. Would help push some combat up high, and see some of these fighters in their element.
  15. I apologize my prior comments had an over-negative tone and came across as whining. As I have said before, I really enjoy this server. They ask for specific suggestions rather than just complaints, so I tried to offer some regarding objective placement and plane loud-outs. We'll see how the rest of this month (and beyond) plays out. So far, blue is winning maps at greater than a 3:2 ratio, with fewer hours flying. I think the imbalance is objectively obvious, although recognize the sample size is relatively small. There is also an obvious disparity in target distance in many maps. I recognize airfield placement is limited by the map, but target placement and type is not. Again, I still greatly appreciate the work of the admin team and the server in general. I also appreciate flying against great pilots and good people like those who are arguing against me, Creep, Otto, etc., and certainly wouldn't want to see changes that would drive you away.
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