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  1. Really excited to see what this holds, and understand a big change like this can't be perfect. Thank you dev's for all your work! Jason, the balance you strike of improving the existing game while adding new content, all while keeping us well informed, is astounding. Thank you!
  2. I bounced Krupinski one time in a Tempy, high speed out of the sun, just as good as you can line it up. 1 second from going to guns, he rolls a flawless barrel roll around me which I can't match, and as I climb away to recover enegy, he snipes my pilot in one shot from like 500 yds in the vertical. As soon as I saw the read-out in chat who it was, it was like...yup, he's that good. It was honestly beautiful to see such skill up close. Double checked on the map again tonight. I can only find the one re-arm key binding, it says guns are reloaded in tech chat, and it works fine reloading guns if that's all you have. However, if you also carry bombs, it will only reload the bombs, and not the guns. Also, this is a really small issue and not even requesting a fix, but note on the stats the reading for number of shots fired for the sortie drops to 0 when you try to reload the guns, which yields a 0 accuracy as well: https://combatbox.net/en/sortie/509520/?tour=21 Just pointing it out in case it's somehow related to the reload bug.
  3. Loving both the latest maps, Mitchell's Men and Rhineland Campaign. On Rhineland, I was able to repair, refuel, and re-arm my Tempest a couple times, but it wouldn't reload the guns. I got new bombs, and the tech chat read out that the guns were rearmed too. Nasty surprise the first time I re-entered combat. Tried the re-arm a couple times, but no dice. Not sure if it's a Tempest issue, or an issue carrying bombs... Anyway, love the map, nice job!
  4. Crossing the Rhine also involves killing a couple bases that players can spawn at. I hope the airlift mechanic isn't next to go, it's also a fun one. In general, I just think different mechanics to enable allies to remove or limit 262's helps equalize things. They also make for intense engagements, as both sides fight desparately to preserve/defeat this asset. What maps have the full compliment of allied planes but no late axis stuff?
  5. I understand the decision to remove Scheldt, although I thought it was a good mechanic on the 262 base. We showed it can be done while obeying the server rule against hitting players on the ground. Hope you find another way red team can fight to deprive blue of the 262 menace, without vulching. On Battle over Eindhoven, does the jet fuel mechanic work still? We took out the jet fuel depot and the only train at the beginning of the map, yet a 262 was able to fly around killing everyone, land, and still get a new one up again: https://combatbox.net/en/mission/4564/ As always, appreciate all you do - server just gets better and better! Thanks!
  6. My squad and some friends utilized the new mechanic on Schedlt to destroy the 262 base for our first time tonight. Blue side was pitching a fit in chat about not being allowed to attack an active field. We were very careful and didn't shoot any players on the ground, just airborne foe and static stuff. https://combatbox.net/en/mission/4532/ The in-game map description seems to say players are fair game at this target too, but we didn't want to risk it. Would appreciate clarification of the rules on attacking players on the ground there. Great addition, it was a tough target and a fun fight with 2 262's who had taken off plus some 190's. Once we took it out, the map was ours.
  7. Thanks for adding this mechanic, we will definitely use it. Having no way to slow the 262 menace on Scheldt was frustrating. I'm also in the category of mainly red, mainly tolerate the 262's. If it keeps people flying blue, and thus helps keep the server popular and competitive, I have to grudgingly admit they are good to have. Still hate them, and think there's too many. You guys know best though, CB is my favorite server for a reason! Have to agree with BBQ, the prop fighters coordinating with 262's are more deadly than the 262's themselves. Just last night I was lighting up a 262 who overshot me, and his buddy snagged an easy kill: https://combatbox.net/en/sortie/log/481527/?tour=20 When we do occasionally manage to put one down, I feel like the 262 kill should be worth like 1000 points.
  8. If you're flying MP in a fighter-bomber like P-38, it's a fairly necessary practice to disarm bombs. You don't want to give yourself away by exploding ordinance if you encounter enemies on the way and decide to engage. Or just make a bad gamble like me and decide to engage and keep your bombs...
  9. I fly mainly Allied, but I am fine with the number of K-4's. Blues would usually be overwhelmed without it, and the server wouldn't be fun. The 262 argument has gone on ad nauseam, and the admins have been perfectly clear what they are doing and why. Just for the sake of historical argument though, on the few rare occasions there were 30+ 262's flying together that you point out, I think you also have to consider they were engaging 1300+ B-17's and 600-800 P-51's. In nothing like the tactical situations we fly on CB, or anywhere in this game. Basically, what I'm saying is the 262 numbers vs. adversaries you get now on CB are far more advantageous than any historical scenario.
  10. Not my place to judge, I wasn't there and I'm not an admin or anything. That said I note you hit a static parked plane as you were killing a player, albeit that one was in the air: https://combatbox.net/en/sortie/log/467536/?tour=20 I would just say, when you attack someone that close to parked planes at an active airfield, you are really asking to 'accidentally' kill someone on the ground, and thus break the rule. Far easier just to only shoot stuff in the air and off the base. This is not meant to be any kind of rule interpretation, just practical input. Your stats and revenge-satisfaction-factor should still be just fine following this advice, and as others have pointed out you do more harm to the other side if you give them a few seconds airborne before shooting them down. Also, as a prosecutor I would just note whenever a person faced with overwhelming evidence pivots from 'I didn't do it' to 'so what if i did, the rule is stupid', it's not a very effective defense strategy.
  11. In my tiny rural corner of the U.S., my wife (health dept.) and I (prosecutor) are part of the emergency operations center by day. Needless to say, it is extremely stressful. Evenings we worry over our toddlers. Flying BoX at night for a couple hours when the family is in bed is an absolute blessing for relief and respite. Stress levels have definitely affected my flying, but I can't express how much it helps to focus entirely on something else for a couple hours each night (or right now here on a lunch break). Advice to improve SA in multiplayer...I always remind myself to just be patient and sit on the taxiway and wait for someone to fly with, especially if they are on teamspeak with me. 4 eyes are so much more effective than 2, and the more the better. Otherwise, check six, check six, have I checked six in the last 10 seconds? Check six!
  12. For WoL, BoM since there are some early eastern front maps where you need it. Premium is worth it just for the P-40, which remains worthwhile into 1943 imo. Collector plane I'd go 109 G-6 if you fly any blue. That plane is good into 1945. LA-5FN if red - Limited availability on WoL, but always first choice when it is.
  13. Are you sure you read the rules? Because you killed someone before they took off: https://combatbox.net/en/sortie/log/467574/?tour=20 Ban = earned. Enjoy your vacay! When you come back, consider not vulching people on takeoff and strafing active fields, and it's totally easy to avoid this.
  14. I have experienced the same thing in the last week or two. Sudden CTD with not even an error message. Tried logging recently and CPU and GPU loads and temps all seem fine. Please post if you find a fix, as will I.
  15. It's the same engine as GB...you just unlock new planes and a map when you purchase FC. My guess is maybe it is because the map is significantly smaller, and there are a lot fewer shells flying around, etc. Less load on the CPU. I have only had a short amount of time in FC, but it is beautiful and an absolute joy to fly!
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