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  1. As I mentioned in another post some time ago, the problem for me and for the group I have been playing IL2 with for many years is the lack of the ability to set up our own server and set the conditions we want to play. Not one member who owns this game is playing it now...and that's a shame since it is an outstanding effort.
  2. For over 10 years people have been playing IL2 coop. My group now has over 600 missions in our library and fly every night. This lack of coop in this game is a hugh loss for us and several have decided to drop BOS for that reason. Such a shame for a game with such great potential.
  3. Really enjoy how this game is moving along. Best investment I've made in a game.
  4. Das ist schön!...as some of my relatives from the old country would say.
  5. I try to keep up with the posts, but I may be missing one on trim. Based on the recent flying I've been doing the trim keys are not active...is this correct or is it that the planes just don't have trim available? Sorry if this is something already covered.
  6. At my age I have to take a nap during the download. So today I got to take two naps. Thank you.
  7. As always, great joy in the Casual Pilots Squadron tonight as we try out the PE2! Thanks Developers!!!
  8. Since I'm 75 (76 next month) I tend to get tired flying for long distances. It will be great now that I can climb on board a plane and sleep in one of the turrets.
  9. The great thing about IL2 for me has been the ability to set up a server for a group of "old guys" like I am and play against bots as a team while swaping tales all night. Really look forward when we can do that with this game.
  10. Really enjoyed the new plane. Still not sure if the trim controls should work or not (need to search the forums I know). As to the delay decision, I'm restired now for almost 11 years, but I can stil remember (almost) my days as the VP of Marketing Communications for a Fortune 500 company. Working with our IT people on major projects was always a grunt-and-go situation. But I will tell you that the people we served appreciated hearing from us telling them there would be a delay until we were sure our product would work than when (and it did happen) we launched to meet a deadline and fell on our faces. Bravo, developers, bravo!...you have been doing this job the way it should be done and you can be proud of the product. I look forward to next week and the MP test.
  11. Everything is running fine with the new patch except for some reason I can't get the gun to fire in the gunner's position. Is this just my poor setting of controls?
  12. Flew the IL-2 today and loved it!....keep it coming!
  13. Again, the sign of professionals who know how to roll out a winning product! S~
  14. Think about it for a minute. When was the last time you found the developer of a sim providing this much contact/information? I'm 75 years old and have been flying sims for a lonnnnnnnng time and I've never seen this much attention from home base. Thank you!
  15. I suggest you check the Facebook site for Casual Pilots Squadron. You can ask to join there I believe.
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