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  1. Air Marshall ...well, that's interesting. Has that been mentioned before?
  2. Yes. I can relate to everything you have described. Classic examples. And you tried to do something ...even with your right wrist tied tightly to your left ankle. What you need is a decent tool to work with so you've got everybody where you need them (SRS) and then some leadership skills.
  3. I do not expect everybody to miraculously become teamplayers with SRS or the wing commander idea - only that I expect teamplay will increase, and that it will do significantly. I don't think it is unrealistic at all to think that. I think with the possibility enabled and the inclusion of people with a drive to lead, that it could be more frequent than you think. It is important that SRS is implemented into the game though, at a keystroke, as I have said previously. p.s. I'm not suggesting new interfaces, or anything like that. How about wing commander says in his channel to the flight leaders "Let's attack the two westernmost targets. Group A go here, Group B go there. Group C & D cover them. Group E distract them". So simple. Flight leaders relay to this their prospective teams. Why can't this kind of thing happen any old time? One doesn't need an 'important server' or a flashy campaign or even a Euro/US timezone.
  4. So to summarise, I understand you are saying You like teamplay and you do that in Teamspeak with your buddies at organised events. You believe that those who aren't in Teamspeak during those events or any other times aren't team players and you don't see the point in putting any effort into trying to organise them, especially when you consider the server a run of the mill 'practise server'. Is that right, more or less? Well, that's fine. If you don't want to, then.... don't. As for me, I disagree with your conclusions about other players and I am not willing to write them all off because they are not in your Teamspeak channel, or the other one.
  5. I understand the developers may improve the way SRS functions within the game, if they believe there is enough interest in it. I worry a tiny fraction about whether every individual will be following orders and acres more about who will have the balls to step up and lead ...and do it well. 1. If there are 30 players on one team and 20 of them ignore the directions and efforts of the commander for whatever reason, so be it. Nevertheless, I'm certain those remaining 10 players are having an enhanced experience working together when perhaps otherwise they wouldn't have been. 2. The function of the wing commander is not to micro manage individuals - the WC task is to have strategic aims and set tasks to the flight leaders (leaders of groups of 5 or so) and enable them to better achieve their aims by coordinating other flights to complement them. 3. The WC's main asset and measure of success will be personality and leadership skills. 4. Fifteen people in one channel is too many. As soon as a combat scenario occurs - they can't effectively communicate. Fifteen people in one channel is purely social. I imagine varying SRS channels of flights of max 6 pilots. I am about enhancing teamwork and making it available for all players who want it all the time they play. I am not saying there is no teamwork, but I am saying I think it it is somewhat handicapped in the way it has evolved into different communication platforms and splinter groups. There is a distinct limitation to teamwork, in my view, with having one group in private Discord thunderbolts channel, others in Discord banana channel, and 3 or 4 others, and more in a Teamspeak server, and others in another Teamspeak server. The problem isn't that people can't be bothered with teamwork - it's because they are limited in being able to. Players are all over the place, unable to communicate, fragmented in little private groups of websites and timezones and squads. There are little groups doing their own thing and completely blind to the other 90% players on their team. SRS embedded into the game is the only way to ensure the whole team is on the same page. As a result of everybody being in the same place - there are more possibilities for players to coordinate with each other. I don't know anything about coding and writing software, but I will hazard a guess that the vast majority of work is already done.
  6. Yes. I'm sure SRS is not being used to full potential precisely because of habits of using Discord, Teamspeak. I'd put money on that. This is something that has bugged me for some time, and I have talked about that in the past. Various groups in various communication channels fragment a team into groups that are blind (deaf) to each other. Now I understand the attraction of talking to your buddies, of course. I do it myself. One has online gaming buddies, they get to know each other, learn habits and strategies together and fly well together. It's fun and you can talk shiz on the way. Awesome. Certainly I am not lonely, confused or isolated - I was putting myself in the position of a new player or one who has not found buddies or even a player whose buddies are none online. We are creatures of habit and old habits die hard. I am not suggesting people don't use their private discord/TS. What I am suggesting is that those private places are used for the chit chat, and SRS is used for tactical gameplay only. There would be channels for flight leaders and the wing commander and channels for the various flights/areas. Some of these channels would be able to doubled - so a flight leader can communicate with a wing commander and their flight. Here are some aspects I imagine a wing commander using SRS (and perhaps just SRS) may bring to the game. It: a) Enhances the gaming experience in that the game feels less like a 'do as you like' and more of a 'we're all doing this'. b) Directs players who would otherwise fly lone wolf to fly with others. c) Makes new players (and old hands) feel more 'involved'. New players may feel less inclined to walk away from the game due to this sense of involvement and possibly a better gaming experience because they flew in an awesome strike mission with 10 other planes as opposed to flying around solo for 40 minutes and not seeing a soul. d) Improves potential for massive battles when organised and opposing flights meet. I hope you're right - that SRS does grow on players. and the community At the same time I hope people will use SRS and consider others outside of their own groups by making an effort to use it for tactical comms and not restricting that to their chit chat channel. I think people are going to have to make an effort to use SRS, rather than wait for it to waft over them somehow.
  7. It would be the leadership and skill of the wing commander that would organise something like that. SRS is only the tool to enable him/her to do so. I see SRS as a communication tool that brings everybody together. Ideally SRS would come with the game package and doesn't require a player to add code.
  8. I was just reading feedback about SRS, and it got me thinking... It's early days yet and I look forward to becoming more accustomed to SRS and the fine tuning that will follow. One problem expressed was that it was difficult for the various groups to know what was going on with each other in the other channels. So fighter group 1, for example, might be oblivious to the fact that bomber group 2 are being attacked until too late. Gaining intel as to other groups would require an individual to go in and ask. Multiple pilots trying to achieve local and global situational awareness is predicted to be a busy, disorganised radio chatter chaos. This is not much different to the problem we already had - different groups in various different discord and teamspeak channels - all oblivious to each other, all doing their own thing, not working together. Certainly many are aware of the real life solution to this problem and this is the implementation of the 'communications operator'. The communications operator will monitor all channels and create cohesion between the groups by providing relevant intel to the relevant group. Nevermind the name 'communications operator' - I am merely describing the function. This would require a minor software modification so that this role and place holder can monitor all channels on their red or blue side. SRS is merely the tool and the sky's the limit. Imagine if the role was called 'wing commander' and the role is to not only monitor the channels, but to plan, organise and direct coordinated missions! That excites me. Imagine many players all taking off together, going to the same place, rendezvous with the bombers, etc. This kind of gameplay is only available offline with bots or to members of the largest squadclans and even then only at their organised events. With the wing commander role, this kind of gameplay is available anytime a player logs in, providing someone is man enough to step up and lead. In my opinion this would be a game changer. It would transform IL2 from what is for many a lonely, confusing and isolated experience into a very involved, stimulating experience that makes the plane simulator also a 'warfare simulator'. This kind of thing is in place in some 'realistic' warfare games/simulators and one might say it is an acquired taste among gamers. I think it fits in very well with IL2.
  9. Ah, I see now. The 3 *** refer only to the Quest. Makes sense now. Good news. Thank you both. Can you offer a quick word on how the S compares to the CV1? Amazing difference? Not much? I haven't been looking until now.
  10. Hi Detal I don't know how certain you are about the faulty cable, and I'm afraid I don't have one for you, but you may be interested to peruse this thread...
  11. Slightly off topic, but not too far off... Can a Rift S user tell me... Well, I read the fine print on the Rift S requirements page: "Set up requires an IPhone or Android mobile phone and Oculus App" Is this a must? If you don't have a private IPhone or Android, can you not get the Rift S working? And why on earth does one need to use a phone anyway? Curious.
  12. IMO, it's crucial that the pilot be able to separate missions for his stats when using the RRR.
  13. I'm more excited to see RRR than the new planes. Am i bad? Nice one devs! Looking forward to trying it all.
  14. No, they won't. There are so many who don't bother to land their aircraft either. More often than not they fly 'till they die. You're right, they won't use RRR much. But others will use it. The incentive will be the satisfaction they get from using the RRR. A satisfaction at keeping the same plane intact and for that to be an extension to the preservation of their own virtual life. You either have this mindset, or you don't. The other factor may well be, I predict, when a player wishes to retain possession of their high performing airframe, which perhaps has been crashed so many times by others that it is no longer spawnable. RRR should increase the incentive to safely land and RRR the same aircraft.
  15. Wow. I don't own Tank Crew or Flying Circus and yet my updater downloads a 2.14gb patch. Are all these games run from under the same bonnet (hood)?
  16. That could well be the case. I'm just explaining the design. But yeah, I think that's what Schwarz is trying to say - that he had a glitch with it. Though he has never said whether the landing was at a 'friendly field', which is a critical ingredient.
  17. No what? There have been changes to the way kills are awarded in multiplayer. Yes, your example here used to be a counted as a kill. Now, if that landing was at a friendly field, it is not. My examples are generic. Nothing to do with you specifically.
  18. OP was wanting to just display a non split screen view. I was unable to display the mirror and input to the game, so I could not see how the mirror helped as it became hidden when one wanted to play the game. The only way I could see this might work was if he perhaps had a 2nd monitor, I guessed. But yes, I'd like to use GeForce Experience (shadowplay) and record what's on the mirror, or whatever other thingamajig that can display a non split view full screen...and at the same time send input to the game. But, I don't know how to do that.
  19. Well, 'crashing to the ground' could include a crash in which the wings and fuselage remain intact, or they don't remain intact. If they remain intact and player lands at a friendly field a kill is not awarded. If the plane breaks apart (fuselage or wing roots) - it's a kill. Both examples involve 'crashing to the ground'. So no, 'crashing to the ground' does not guarantee a kill. I understand the definition of 'crumbled' to be stated in rule 12: ''fuselage or a wing at its base has been ruptured'. The following examples are presumed after your damage... example 1: Victim has holes in his wings and lands nicely at his friendly field = no kill. example 2: Victim fumbles the landing at his friendly field and rips the gear off, bends the prop back and the wing tip snaps = no kill. example 3: Victim's engine cuts out and the Victim makes a perfect wheels down landing on an iced over river in friendly territory but not at his friendly field = kill. example 4: Victim lands his damaged plane at his friendly field, but comes down so hard he rips one of the wings off = kill. At least that is my interpretation. In my experience, that seems to be how it is working.
  20. That was a change in update 3.007 Link to 3.007 notes I like it and think it's a realistic change. I know some will disagree.
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