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  1. Ah, I see now. The 3 *** refer only to the Quest. Makes sense now. Good news. Thank you both. Can you offer a quick word on how the S compares to the CV1? Amazing difference? Not much? I haven't been looking until now.
  2. Hi Detal I don't know how certain you are about the faulty cable, and I'm afraid I don't have one for you, but you may be interested to peruse this thread...
  3. Slightly off topic, but not too far off... Can a Rift S user tell me... Well, I read the fine print on the Rift S requirements page: "Set up requires an IPhone or Android mobile phone and Oculus App" Is this a must? If you don't have a private IPhone or Android, can you not get the Rift S working? And why on earth does one need to use a phone anyway? Curious.
  4. IMO, it's crucial that the pilot be able to separate missions for his stats when using the RRR.
  5. I'm more excited to see RRR than the new planes. Am i bad? Nice one devs! Looking forward to trying it all.
  6. No, they won't. There are so many who don't bother to land their aircraft either. More often than not they fly 'till they die. You're right, they won't use RRR much. But others will use it. The incentive will be the satisfaction they get from using the RRR. A satisfaction at keeping the same plane intact and for that to be an extension to the preservation of their own virtual life. You either have this mindset, or you don't. The other factor may well be, I predict, when a player wishes to retain possession of their high performing airframe, which perhaps has been crashed so many times by others that it is no longer spawnable. RRR should increase the incentive to safely land and RRR the same aircraft.
  7. Wow. I don't own Tank Crew or Flying Circus and yet my updater downloads a 2.14gb patch. Are all these games run from under the same bonnet (hood)?
  8. That could well be the case. I'm just explaining the design. But yeah, I think that's what Schwarz is trying to say - that he had a glitch with it. Though he has never said whether the landing was at a 'friendly field', which is a critical ingredient.
  9. No what? There have been changes to the way kills are awarded in multiplayer. Yes, your example here used to be a counted as a kill. Now, if that landing was at a friendly field, it is not. My examples are generic. Nothing to do with you specifically.
  10. OP was wanting to just display a non split screen view. I was unable to display the mirror and input to the game, so I could not see how the mirror helped as it became hidden when one wanted to play the game. The only way I could see this might work was if he perhaps had a 2nd monitor, I guessed. But yes, I'd like to use GeForce Experience (shadowplay) and record what's on the mirror, or whatever other thingamajig that can display a non split view full screen...and at the same time send input to the game. But, I don't know how to do that.
  11. Well, 'crashing to the ground' could include a crash in which the wings and fuselage remain intact, or they don't remain intact. If they remain intact and player lands at a friendly field a kill is not awarded. If the plane breaks apart (fuselage or wing roots) - it's a kill. Both examples involve 'crashing to the ground'. So no, 'crashing to the ground' does not guarantee a kill. I understand the definition of 'crumbled' to be stated in rule 12: ''fuselage or a wing at its base has been ruptured'. The following examples are presumed after your damage... example 1: Victim has holes in his wings and lands nicely at his friendly field = no kill. example 2: Victim fumbles the landing at his friendly field and rips the gear off, bends the prop back and the wing tip snaps = no kill. example 3: Victim's engine cuts out and the Victim makes a perfect wheels down landing on an iced over river in friendly territory but not at his friendly field = kill. example 4: Victim lands his damaged plane at his friendly field, but comes down so hard he rips one of the wings off = kill. At least that is my interpretation. In my experience, that seems to be how it is working.
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