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  1. @thenorm Hey No 7 looks to be ''Дорогому ...у от сестры" + signature "To my dear ... from (your) sister" Signature looks like "Вари" ("Варя" in genitive case) which is shortening for "Варвара", although your guess with "Вика" is not too much off, but 3rd letter is more close to cursive "р" than it is to cursive "к" No 10 2nd uncle's name seems to be something like "Грегор" writing of the 1st on is odd unless "ū" is a form of writing letter "п" in cursive, which I encountered sometimes but then it read like a nickname and not a real name No 11 "Вашъ отецъ "папуля" у своего фармашки после посадки у Оренбурга проверяетъ амортизацию" "Your father 'daddy' with his <hard to translate plane nickname> after landing near Orenburg is checking shock absorbers" the next part is hard to read, but the name looks to be "Морисъ" (which makes sense) and the rest is along the lines of "plane is a technical miracle ... takes bomb load to 3-4 km" Cool photos
  2. Doesn't seem to work for me for similar 'hold to increase/decrese' settings (tried to put spit's gunsight distance on it). Is there some trick?
  3. @Jade_Monkey Very useful, thanks! Have you considered adding flatter speeds?
  4. I believe that might help Upsides: it's original from archives Downsides: it's in russian Brief history and battle path of 503rd ShAP, 60 pages, link Combat logs link Location of 2nd Air Army on 18th of June, 1942 link
  5. Yes, the ACMI file for ~500 mb track is a little over 10 mb Oh, well, БЖСЭ™
  6. I find it impossible to record long sorties, because the track files stucks @ 500 mb limit and stops recording, so does the ACMI file and you have to restart it. Is it possible to record ACMI-file for TacView without ingame track?
  7. Yup, they turned it off around 10th of July, my tracks stopped generating *.acmi with them when flying on WoL.
  8. Hey everyone, I've recently acquired TacView, browsing through it's features I noticed that it can allow you to use custom terrain textures. And since most of the landscapes we have right now (before BoK is released) are plains I thought it would be cool to see some landmarks, so I started getting together the data needed to transfer BoX maps into TacView. Example of what it can look like: Although it's fun to work with maps and coordinates, I wonder if anybody has more info on that matter. Is there any information about plans to increase height maps resolution and probably add some terrain in the next IL2/TacView updates? Height maps seem a bit off, found it out while flying extremely low alt in Velikie Luki. Adding SRTM3 didn't change much, it seems exactly the same as TacView default data. Or maybe somebody already did something like that?
  9. For me it was added here: [KEY = track_record] fx_sound = 2 record_graphics_effect = 1 record_ground_vehicles = 1 tacviewrecord = 1
  10. You can view them as comparison and think that they are wrong/could be optimized/improved or you can think about them as an introduction to the plane, which they essentially are. Their main goal is not in providing a benchmark, but in giving somebody who flies the plane for the first (-ish) time the basic idea of what to expect. For that purpose they are very much ok.
  11. Guys, considering TacView support was added, is getting TacView worth it now for BoX?
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