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  1. =MANCOS=Rudullsky

    How to use the radio beacon?

    thank you very much everyone for the answers, now I have it clear hopefully the theme of the radio headlights will continue to be developed and we will be able to select the antennas to which we want to fly as well as the grinding in bad conditions, this is very inportent in the theater of the Pasifico
  2. =MANCOS=Rudullsky

    How to use the radio beacon?

    hello pilots, I like how to use the radio beacon in the BoX, in the old IL-2 1946 one was selecting which frequency (antenna) wanted to go with two keys, next beacon and previous beacon. this is possible as long as the editor of the mission has placed antennas. then what I would like to know is how to use it in the BoX since I see that several planes are equipped with the instrument. thank you to whom I coul d answer
  3. =MANCOS=Rudullsky

    Algun Colombiano?

    Hola, a mi también me gustan los simuladores de la IIWW y soy Colombiano, tengo el IL-2 1946 y el Cliff of Dover