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  1. Thanks for sharing your work. I discovered this a little late since I was making an application that would do the same hahahaha it was too late 馃槄 however I have made a video in (Spanish) https://youtu.be/hMuPJhTZ_Jw so that it reaches more people. Thanks for the great work. Cheers,
  2. Tribute to all the pilots who participated in WWII and their families through this video that tells two stories that take place during Operation Bodenplatte. A Luftwaffe fighter pilot who on 01/01/1945 participates in the attacks on the allied base Y29 relives in his mind the moments lived with his great love whom he knows that he will most likely never see again. Two intertwined stories of love and eroticism like many that took place at that time. The images are taken from a multiplayer outing on the Combat BOX server in the IL-2 Sturmovik GB game. Small supporting images were also taken from the film Suite Fran莽aise to tell the love story.
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