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  1. Thanks chili. These tests basically show that we may be much better off aiming for an RTX 3080 (instead of a 3090) and then probably to use the funds to upgrade to a well overclocking CPU/MB/Memory instead.
  2. Rift CV1 got me into VR. Honorable memories to it. The following headsets like Rift S were already not up to the competition, picture quality wise. With the Quest 2 not being sold in Germany, and it receiving a destructive review in Ars Technica, I am really wondering if it can compete to PC VR devices. Its single screen means a lot of that horizontal resolution gets lost due to the long IPD range. Allegedly it's more on the level of a Rift S than anywhere near the Reverb G2. The closest IPD setting is 1.5mm from mine. However, if they support "Air Link", as Carmack mentioned, there won't be much that could hold me back from purchasing it, even if that means importing it from France or Denmark.
  3. Very probable. Most new headsets have had this issue in IL-2, especially those with brandnew dimensions, until they were put in manually. Usually all information on a headset gets handed over automatically by SteamVR/OpenVR's API, and they wouldn't need to have the headsets in their Offices in Moscow bar one or two to find global bugs. The Reverb G2 has new dimensions. It depends on problematic implementation of IL-2 of the viewpoint matrices handed over by the API. I wish they went opensource with these sections. In best case, it works out of the box and you'll just use the ingame function to change IPD to adjust soft scaling issues. In the worst case, you'll get a funny feeling, no presence, a bit of a headache or eye-strain after a while, especially while zooming. But in any case, it will be kind of useable, even if not perfect. I got an HP Reverb G2 on day 1 pre-order as well and will report anything off with it to the bug sections as soon as it's here. I hope the Devs will revisit and fix the underlying issues behind it one day.
  4. You wear glasses. If you intend to keep the glasses, the Index is your headset of choice. It offers eye-relief, like the VivePro. It also has per-headset adjustment of distortion based on the individual inaccuracy (tolerance) during assembly. It's thus always a good bet and not a lottery like others. The HP Reverb G2 may be your pick if you plan on buying customized inserts or use contact lenses. I recommend getting used to contacts, and recommend against using glasses in VR HMDs without eye-relief.
  5. It's in the API. Pulling the proper transformation matrices for the viewports is required. Then you can build the viewports based on the dynamic real values handed over from OpenVR, and let their system do the rest...
  6. Yeah,... no. First: It has nothing to do with VR legs. Mine are 100ft long as well. Second: Motion Smoothing is inacceptable as soon as many objects move in different vectors at high velocity. In racing, it's all just one vector, with lower relative velocities. In a Flight Combat Simulator, Motion Smoothing can be highly disturbing, immersion breaking, as it creates double pictures of the leading wingtips, as well as strong ghosting of perpendicular moving objects, as well as sun flashes creating literal lightning into your pupils. That ghosting is not just the opposite of eye-candy, but it also makes identification during dogfights much harder. It would be great if all this did work properly, but it doesn't. There is a lot of room for improvement. I am certain the Devs are onto it, but it's a small team, will take time, and the engine hasn't been written with VR in mind. So it's a long, steady road of Kaizen.
  7. Please name headset model, software used (openVR or opencomposite), and type of IL-2 client (via Steam or standalone) ?
  8. The cover is for the Reverb, yes. The sun damage is possible to all headsets equally. I always keep them stored in a camera rucksack or stashed away.
  9. The idea that they'd redo the lenses 5 weeks before launch was ridiculous anyway. The article is garbage, just like you guys said. What is more likely is that the demand was driven so high on the pre-orders that they couldn't cover it. To avoid a Pimax-like debacle of people screaming hell and mephisto (πŸ˜‰) , they had to postpone the launch until a certain ratio of pre-orders is covered. People already gave their full part of the contract and expect their G2 to ship within the first week. If someone pre-ordered and had to wait until end of November to get it shipped - most people would get pissed rather quickly. 1st week patience, 2nd week anxious, 3rd week strolling to Reddit and then it goes on.
  10. I hope it does. I got Pimax' ET here already, but all I can do is put it on my nose in front of the mirror like glasses πŸ€“ and blubber engine sounds, imagening to myself how cool it would be. Because I'm still waiting for the damn Vision 8KX. Thank you Pimax! πŸ˜‘
  11. You have more time, our HP Reverb G2 was just delayed to 3rd week of October by HP. Went under the carpet in the hypestorm the new RTX-gen created.
  12. Yep. Pretty much. Except for those with two left hands, unable to properly set up a system. But such people always had problems finding fun in games. Playing a slideshow never was and never will be any fun. Similar to people buying high-end mobile phones and then only using them for calls and WhatsApp, and afterwards at lunch they tell their colleagues "I bought a new phone, but why I did I wouldn't know, all these fancy features aren't needed by anybody". In response, others just cringe and hope the conversation goes somewhere else soon. Like the kaputt hand of Veronica, ridden by Tendinitis due to working 9 hours per day with a $15 mouse.
  13. Oh it does not help you in some cases: They started sending out 8KX a month ago, but somehow my first-minutes order was edited by a support agent falsely in the end of 2019, which means they haven't even sent out my 8KX yet. It's absolutely ridiculous, they've had half of my money for the 8KX since the Kickstarter, the other half since 2019 (Upgrade Plan). I am still waiting for the Support Reply as to why my order hasn't been sent yet. What I can say already, don't buy there. Only buy Pimax through Amazon or from shops like Immersive Display (France).
  14. I bet you won't be disappointed @dburne I've checked out the current Oculus headset line-up a while ago. I can promise you, that you won't be disappointed, by what this next or even the current generation offers to you in comparison.
  15. ^ What @Alonzo said. It's extremely important to learn how to set up VR for IL-2, and then how to set up the Pimax headset for IL-2. If you skip the link Alonzo posted, you will indeed be running at half or two thirds of the pixel density or resolution. Pulling the SteamVR Video Resolution slider to the right won't change that. Quite a few people you'd think of as competent haven't worked through the tinkering part properly and really considered for example the Index to be sharper. From a person that has A/B tested them all with proper settings, let me tell you, it is not. Just work through the link, enjoy that tech-ride, and then afterwards enjoy the ride in VR itself! 😁 P.S.: Pimax is very average user-unfriendly at the moment. They are on the verge of releasing a new Software that should fix the accessibility issues, it's in closed beta-testing since yesterday. @Alonzo provided you with the best link there is to it, really, also recommend to make use of this ressource πŸ˜‰ πŸ‘
  16. It's kinda tricky. Logically sound is: + If you have 2 Lighthouses, and the Pimax detects 1, then the other LH is defect. + If you have 1 Lighthouse, and Pimax plus a Vive Wand or an Index Controller detects it, then the quirk is with the Pimax. - If you have 1 Lighthouse but no Lighthouse based Controller or other device, then the constellation doesn't allow ruling out this or that. Another idea may be to connect the Lighthouse station to your PC and have it run diagnostics / update through SteamVR. See here:
  17. I also have a pre-order on the G2, I share that interest. Thought to let you guys know the behind-the-scenes stuff so you can get a better overview and expectation. I am glad it was received well and you're looking at Tyriel Wood and Adam Savage's Tested's Reviews now as well. I've tested this generation by myself extensively. The bottom line is, they are all great as long as you put in 1-2 hours to set them up properly once (except for the Index - plug'n'play in SteamVR). Even the Cosmos Elite is fantastic and currently is #1 in clarity only with GearVR lenses. Anyway, entering into VR right now I'd recommend anyone to wait for the Reverb G2. There's no real benefit in transitioning from one piece of equipment to another between those four (Cosmos Elite, Index, Pimax 5K+, Reverb Pro G1) right now in the current gen, they all have their distinct strengths and weaknesses. In my honest opinion, that would be just a money sink. The next gen with 4K picture is around the corner, and this together with an acceptable FOV and proper lenses is incredibly important for Simulators.
  18. The timeline was: 1) Posted video as FOV comparison, claims as facts. Much lower than real FOV values on some headsets like Cosmos, Pimax, Oculus', but larger than real of HP's G1 2) Gets called out for posting wrong horizontal values by many users who couldn't replicate what he stated 3) Ignored the posts, by now many of these posts are gone 4) He keeps selling G2s as HP's affiliate (these vendors basically are HP here in Germany) in the meantime. Yes, I pre-ordered of Schenker before pre-order was public. Guess.. 5) He gets into a flamewar on OpenMR forums, responds all his findings are facts in an arrogant, condescending way 6) Then later renders up an excuse which he posts as a message on YT, "it's only personal impressions" - but does not correct the video itself You are of course free to make your own conclusion. My opinion: I've seen the use of influencers first hand from the company perspective too, on the frontend they remained impartial and unbiased of course. Sells best this way. No rules against that, it's done daily, that's business. So, forgive me for being so hypocritical now as well: When I realized what this does in a realm which is my hobby, I didn't like it. Embarassed? Maybe. Took the conclusion and un-subbed from the guy. I remain with Adam Savage's Tested and Tyriel Wood (the Italian with the terrible English but amazing lens comparisons), more than enough to fill out spare time.
  19. This BS video again. It's full of false measurements, he even admitted to that and later changed his narrative. I know you mean well, but please know he's an affiliate and selling the G2 headset (which is still going to be great, I am certain, and have pre-ordered it as well). But take the measurements of this particular video with a handfull of salt, half of them are false.
  20. This is the wrong forums for a real solution. We cannot code and recompile. You need to ask the Devs for this. It's literally one tag to change for them in the openVR plugin - I had asked but the response was that it had been asked before to cast two eyes instead of one big screen (it was one normal view before, but centered on left viewport too) - I to this day do not know who the hell would demand this. Unfathomable why. We only need the right hand side viewport and nothing else - to properly record VR, and make proper YouTube videos out of this. Which could draw in new players as well. The DCS community is very creative on that platform, ours less so.
  21. I am shocked that I agree to one of your posts fully. I haven't found a D'Armate statue though. Since Sir Isaac Newton was an old evil optical expert, they ought to remove this oppressive title of him and crush his statue in the British Library, including all prisms in schools for being the tools of oppression to lightrays, the whips and shackles to rainbows.
  22. It's false. He messed up a lot of the values. 1. Several things. Cosmos has larger FOV than Vive Pro. That's the first issue. 2. Then the Pimax issue - it's 160Β° horizontal. He didn't restart SteamVR after switching from normal to large FOV, there's a large discussion on the Pimax forums about him right now. Many users who have received their 8KX have run the same test - the one he linked to now - as well, and all got to at least 160Β° horizontal. I see you have taken part in that discussion as well @Alonzo, and figured he forgot to set the 8KX to wide FOV - which is what happened. Guys, think what you want about this. To me, his credibility is 0% now. Why is that? Because he doesn't admit to his mistakes publicly. He does not remove his videos from YouTube in order to redo them. Maybe he can't, because he depends on the scandal and exposure to generate clicks and sales for the HP Reverb G2, which he is selling as an affiliate. Even though he should take these videos down, because of the mistakes he made - he doesn't do that. He just winds his way out of it with arbitrary comments and now calls it "his personally usable" FOV now. But doesn't apply this to the Reverb G1, for example, but states its full FOV range. πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ He's getting into a shitstorm over his "approach" over here right now https://community.openmr.ai/t/mrtv-fov-comparison/29929/129. So far I was sitting aside eating popcorn. But it's kind of silly that he has so much influence by now, that he feeds his false information to the Sim community now too - and people readily believe it, and don't question what he says. Even if it was so blatantly obvious. It's a shame tbh. I thought this to be quite the funny analogy 😁
  23. Yes, this must get fixed. Maybe it can be done before we get to map #2. πŸ€”
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