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  1. Hey guys, the first Pimax Vision 8KX units are out and get sent to the Backers. It seems like the Pimax 8KX reaches 20/20 readability. Here is the link to the test procedure and the author's github as well: Pimax Vision 8KX Snellen Test eye exam chart - by mirage335 That's quite interesting. Testers, VR News and YouTubers consistently say that VR has finally reached Generation 2 with this device and are actually blown away. Now all we need is Nvidia to pull out their 3xxx series, AMD reinventing their GPUs, 1CGS to be careful with the deferred rendering experiment (and hopefully bring out a well sanded one), and the other VR HMD manufacturers to pull even. Index 2 HMD in 2020? Would certainly press the price down due to competition. Hoping for it.
  2. Well, in July I would have agreed with all 3, but nowadays I need to update you on lenses, and on performance. I agree on the high price. Lenses: I am 100% certain your issues were caused by the worse distortion profiles they had in July 2019. The lenses were not to blame. This has been fixed by distortion profiles, and by improved screens. Since October they have new displays in the 5K+, anything equal or newer than 5K+ SN204. In my opinion the Index lenses are a bit worse, as focus around and clarity is the same - while the Index lenses produce a too strong glare for my liking. I have good 20/20 vision, but am easily blinded by glare. Maybe that's a personal thing. Performance: A larger FOV needs more performance, yes. If we set the Pimax' FOV to "small" mode, we can compare performance. In general, performance req is higher for games that require Parallel Projection, slap on 20%. IL-2 has been adjusted and patched on rendering mask/object culling to recognize Pimax headsets, so Parallel Projection is not necessary anymore. The result is not just a sharper picture, but also much better performance, since you don't need PP anymore. Ironically, the Index has (soft) Parallel Projection turned on 24/7. And you cannot disable it. By the way, I have been test-flying 120Hz. Easy to keep on Berloga, and it's absolutely fantastic in IL-2. But on the other servers, it seems like the clouds (extreme) and trees hit the framerate like Myke Tyson would, bringing it down to 50Hz on KOTA/CB. Much higher delta than what I had expected (your excel was quite handy). Have you attempted testing that yet specifically?
  3. My BRD-F3 has inclination options and spring tension settings as well, with 2 different springs, and two different hook systems to mount them on.
  4. I have BRD F-3 pedals, which were made by the guy who's making Virpil's pedals now and have the same base. They are incredibly accurate and sturdy - even if you kick them, they'll live, and forgive. I think you cannot do much wrong with either of them, I've heard the MFG are great too.
  5. Usually at the forehead, where the Indian ladies have their point.
  6. True, yea, that shipping part may be a large part of where the hate is coming from, the other one being, that the top-of-the-line is simply not easy enough on the portemonnaie. It's a shame, as the more the more they sell and produce, the better economics of scale come into play, making the 8K+/8KX more affordable as well. I am neither brother nor cousin of Sweviver though 😁! I managed to setup the 5K+ properly, had almost every important headset at home, and compared them. Hence my opinion. This came to be the same way like these guys' opinions... by trying them: https://youtu.be/pvC0CyF-nIQ
  7. That solution is almost as awesome as that avatar which is almost as awesome as that signature. Kult. P.S. Go with @kissklas solution, it's better.
  8. https://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/pimax-8k-x-vr-headset-ces-2020-hands-on-price-photos-video-release-date/ https://www.tomshardware.com/news/pimax-vision-8k-x-vr-headset https://wccftech.com/hands-on-with-the-pimax-8k-x-an-eye-opener-for-virtual-reality/
  9. Ignorance was a bit harsh, maybe. "Not knowing is a bliss". Have a good day. It's your loss. Stubborn like a horse.
  10. Well, I said "you should try it". How would you call your response then?
  11. Well, you said it yourself: "We might have had less players or better bandwidth or yes, a different map," Just stating facts, there was no change in the game patch. Maybe tied to a new SteamVR version? 🤔
  12. You will need a 16:9 monitor to record VR. Start your game in 2D, setup a widescreen resolution, as high as possible, fullscreen off. Get software OBS studio, you can select IL-2 there for a scene, and crop the recording screen to the right half of the screen, then record it live. You can also add sound inputs (your microphone, the game, discord) by your own choice.
  13. Bullshit 😁. This is getting annoying now. There has been a fall-out and flamewar over it, as it's simply a lie. They misquoted deliberately. What neutral News outlet does that, tell me? I've heard Pimax even consults lawyers over this. Pimax had closed their British support office due to Brexit and the ensueing reorganization. They relocate the European one to Germany, open one in France, and reopen theirs in the US. They respond customers within days - I have had a better support experience with Pimax, than with Oculus' weeks of support-bot crunching. By the way, UploadVR didn't even mention that Pimax won the official CES2020 AV/VR award, and have so far always painted a negative picture of the former startup company. If you read that page, you'll believe that Oculus is publishing the best devices... not even Valve comes close to Oculus according to them. I've had the Rift S as well for a week. Even the older Pimax 5K+ is better in every single aspect, which I've kept over the Index because it offered the same image quality plus a wider FOV. Then, the 8KX is the first generation 2 device, and nothing comes even close. Even the 8K+ is without competition. They have such a good product being released soon with better picture quality than Reverb, higher FOV than Index, and better comfort than any other headset, hell even the sound drivers will be the best (HiFi grade) - the competition cannot help but throw shit / look for a news blackout among their influencers. I'm not getting anything out of promoting Pimax - I just feel that people miss out. They just quote influencer websites like UploadVR - like you just did @dburne, instead of actually trying the different devices. You don't even know what you're missing. That's the sad part. And the result is: You run a VW Golf on a Porsche 911's engine, if I'm looking at your hardware specs. My 2c of brutal German honesty. You'll thank me when you've tried it. P.S. @chiliwili69
  14. I'm glad I'm booking depreciations on most of my hardware. A 3080ti sure sounds sexy. But currently I have one of the best or the best model of the 2080ti series. So I wonder, how high the next horse will jump. Time will tell.
  15. If you have the cash lying around check out the new Pimaxes (Vision series: 8K+, 8KX with deluxe modular audio straps especially), the headset units are incredible and won the CES2020's AR/VR award, especially for flightsims, and even more comfy and lighter than the Index. As you already have lighthouses with your Vive - same eco systems - you can even get Index controllers along with it or keep using your good old wands. Even the 5K+ headsets (post SN203) are without distortions nowadays, but need the DMAS/Vive DAS. Pimax got decent support now, good built quality and ruggedized housings. Start-up company starting to mature. The 200° FOV (vs Index' 130° or Vive's 115°) help tremendously with checking your own six by the way. And IL-2 has recently been patched to support Pimaxes natively now.
  16. Ceteris paribus guys. CB may have updated their server, less loaded on bandwidth, or simply host a different mission. There is no change to the game in that regard. Unfortunately. We shall be patient.
  17. There is no change or improvement in that regard though. If you do tests, you will find the same performance as before.
  18. Ah, that is the function of "windows mixed reality". I remember, had the Odyssey. Solved it by putting a little tape sticker over the proximity sensor in the headset. It would never change on its own then. It's still available, but all in your control.
  19. I use a Logitech G513 keyboard, which allows me to disable buttons individually. Just out of curiousity, since WIN+Y has no function in my German Win10 Pro, what does it do for you?
  20. Read a lot of voices now on deferred rendering, especially in the jump from AC to AC Competezione, and the DCS transition, and I am more hesitant now. If VR performance had to suffer, this might not be received very well. Anyway, hoping for the best. They've pulled some amazing feats so far. 😶 If they can pull it off without the performance suffering, the world is theirs. 🙏
  21. I've read a lot of voices now on deferred rendering, especially in the jump from AC to ACC, and the DCS transition, and I don't know whether this is a good idea anymore. If VR performance had to suffer, this would not be received very well. 😶
  22. 9900KS, RTX2080ti, Pimax 8KX (fits your eco-system perfectly and you'll always be able to sell the Index easily).😎
  23. Judging from the data collection here which has been gathered by participants and collected by @chiliwili69 here I doubt that you'll be able to enjoy VR even close fluently with that Computer, sorry man. It is simply too old. For VR, you want a CPU with a high overclock potential of around 4.8GHz (maybe 4.7GHz for the Rift S' lower frametime requirement), with AVX offset=0, and at least a GTX1080 or RTX2070 for the Rift S. The better this is, the higher your potential for supersampling.
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