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  1. Yes, this must get fixed. Maybe it can be done before we get to map #2. 🤔
  2. I'd also recommend this. 2080ti is basically the minimum requirement to power 2x2160x2160 at 90Hz, unless you want "Quest graphics". So go ahead with that, can't do much wrong. Compatibility: IL-2 is (still) incompatible to newer VR features like Dynamic Foveated Rendering, FFR, and isn't properly compatible to wide FOV headsets due to the zoom methods forgetting the canted display offset. The game itself knows about it, but the Devs either forgot Canted Displays or the approach is hard coded. Tinkering with Pimax: Their headsets require a lot of user tinkering and a Lighthouse setup as well. If you need competitive tracking (like playing Onward or Pavlov or Contractors, for example), yes, WMR will leave you behind in the dust compared to LH users. If you don't care about the cash, then a Pimax Vision headset is good - don't recommend the old ones with black housing, too many had cracks. These are two different housings. And if you go for a Pimax Vision, wait till they're sold on Amazon (January 2021). But the price is a bit consideration too. Use case and delivery time: If you're into flying Simulators or Racing only, by all means, the Reverb G2 will probably be good, if you can wait till late October (that's where they're at by now). Or a marketplace Reverb Pro v2 (G1) now. Screen "issues" with G2: The final G2 will have reduced colour saturation and brightness as the displays were basically overclocked by 30% on MRTV's advertisments, as the guy admitted himself, and produced some smearing users spotted in the through the lens videos. They can't maintain that though. They'll fix it down, and that's fine imo - I don't want IL-2 to look like a comic movie. That said: I have ordered both headsets.
  3. I totally agree, that's true. Of course the SteamVR API (its name is OpenVR) handles all this natively. Given from the fact that HMDs in IL-2 show differenting world scale, and other things that are off, what you mentioned is a reasonable thought. I have no further comment on this though, except to just to express my hopes that this will be regarded. You can use these to play Half Life Alyx or Boneworks without PP: https://www.reddit.com/r/Pimax/comments/hwwh7p/how_to_get_rid_of_shadow_culling_in_half_life/ https://www.reddit.com/r/Pimax/comments/hznx4j/release_a_mod_that_fixes_culling_in_boneworks_and/ What most Simulation Devs didn't get for a long time was that VR users are indeed the niche that plays Simulations. So a much higher percentage in the Simulator Genre than the casual gamer globally. I am glad the IL-2 developers have recognized this, and the Flight Simulator Devs now as well (after quite a s#!%storm) 😁
  4. Hmm why would it? It's a tool written by a random user (nothing against him, he is an incredibly nice guy), who admitted it has several bugs. Hence, I sure hope not. They should call the FOVs via API's repro matrices and geometry, or by headset manufacturers: Pimax is 170° horizontal, which means you'll need >180° to avoid pop-ins.
  5. As I said guys, the tool doesn't show the proper values. I took the effort to find the post by its creator risa2000 again. Here is the link Would you please consider that and stop posting wrong values (like 160° for Pimax headsets). You need to test it within the actual testroom in SteamVR, while you're in there in the headset. That's proper data, and only that. I didn't get the values while using the headsets that are shown by the tool either. Just imagine what this could cause please: For example, the Devs lowering frustrum culling for these headsets, and as a result Pimax users might get pop-ups in the periphery again. Thanks, and best regards 😉
  6. Please also remember to disable any AVX offset. Even if you overclock, if you haven't disabled the AVX offset the game will run with the handbrake pulled.
  7. Fully agree. I don't get why headset manufacturers still don't cover all IPD ranges. It's the same with me for the Rifts and the Reverb, I got 69mm for IPD and cannot properly use them. I didn't have cracks on the 5K+ but I wouldn't trust Pimax with buying non-rugged housed headsets anymore (non-"Vision" Headsets) with all the stories I have read. I also don't think the Artisan has a FOV that is worth that trouble over the Index. I'd never recommend that to anyone anyway, for its price plus the upgrades plus the hassle, it stands no chance against the Index. Or the HP Reverb Pro G1, which I still consider better for Simulators than the Index.
  8. Let me correct some things in the previous post: G1 had decent audio drivers, and you can fine tune them with APO EQ, the same tracking accuracy and speed, if you don't use controllers (IL 2 players) you won't notice any difference because it's the same algo, and has the same WMR/SteamVR integration - all you need is to start through the app "Windows mixed reality for SteamVR". The Reverb G2 is still a WMR headset.
  9. Hate to say, didn't recommend to get that Artisan. Even the Reverb Pro G1 is probably more applicable now for IL-2 at their reduced price (you can get them for 480 now in Germany on Amazon), if your IPD is within range. And the Reverb G2 is around the corner, I'd order that one instead if you can wait 2 months. Non-Vision Pimax indeed requires HTC's DAS and the Comfort Kit. Otherwise it's just nose-hurting imo. Or one of the Vision 8KX with proper MAS, which don't suffer from the comfort issue and need to get the additional items. I just put my Index in the box in the morning and will send it back in the afternoon when I get to the post office. It lacks both sharpness and FOV. That's constantly getting on my nerves.
  10. As far as I know it originally has been caused by a change in SteamVR in 2019 and will not be changed back by Valve. Now IL-2, as well as other games that have no dedicated room to place the player in while loading, have that engine limitation - which not easily fixed. It loads into the primary instance and doesn't pause rendering in the meantime, and doesn't have a secondary instance running (as in, a room specifically for the player to rest in while loading, like games like HLA have that have been devised with VR in mind from the start). The Developers are aware of the issue and have viewed and reviewed it, it's not trivial at all to fix. Valve itself keeps it like it is. So, I am afraid you need to get used to it and just pull the headset off or close your eyes.
  11. Never use SteamVR's beta, it's a true beta channel. It even throws errors with Index, their own headset, see complaints thread. I've had HLA locking up with it regularly, went back to release and voilà, smooth as silk.
  12. That might work too. I'm never certain with Pimax software 😁 I mean, sure, it's more feature rich than any other headset manufacturer would allow for. Which is probably the reason. Yeah try to kill the vrcompositor and restart steamvr then. You could write a .bat just for this, it'll ease things. 🧐
  13. The thing is, most headsets aren't 100% with parallel viewports. Many have slight deviations in the mounting, especially vertically, which they notice and transfer with the projection matrices. So one viewport might be 0.50° upwards, while the other is -0.80° downwards. The software should correct for that. If it is assumed by any developers that both viewports always look forward - you get anomalies. If they drop parameters of the matrices because they have been empty with RiftCV1 and HTC Vive 1 - in a false attempt to optimize performance - you get anomalies. Often people don't notice, but since risa2000 and others have started gathering info on that it's become clear that this is the case and most headsets of today include these parameters as well. Some carry native corrections for that, like the Index, which also has PP turnt on by default which cannot get turned off. Others dont.
  14. You guys need the GearVR LensMod. Picture quality beats the Index this way. Just saying..
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