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  1. Jason, the book you asked for is now available at my place. Concerning the airfields you are looking for it offers the airfield position (Lat/Long) and some additional information for the following airfields: Babenhausen (Y-77) Bad Lippspringe Bracht (Rauschenberg) Coesfeld Drope (B-105) Eudenbach/Asbach (Y-71) Fuerstenau (--> Lonner Tannen) Gotzenhain Gymnich Kirchhellen (Y-82) Krefeld Krefeld-Linn (Y-61) Limburg-Linter (Y-83) Moenchen-Gladbach (Y-56 Wengerohr For further investigation please note, that Fuerstenau was also named 'Lonner Tannen'. Additionally maps are available for the airfields: Krefeld Limburg-Linter (Y-83) Moenchen-Gladbach (Y-56) Important note: Krefeld is a civil Airport built 1927. The Luftwaffe airfield (Y-61) was Krefeld-Linn (6 Kilometers east of city of Krefeld at 511940N-063825E) If you are interested in this stuff, I could send a PM. Please let me know! Best regards Rango
  2. Jason, here http://www.ww2.dk/Airfields - Germany [1937 Borders].pdf is a document holding all the Luftwaffe airfields in Germany. Unfortunately no maps or pictures but a lot of information including sources where to find more details. May be that helps a little bit... Cheers! Rango
  3. Just found a problem when flying the new Fw190 D9. If I cut throttle to idle position it still runs (and indicates) 10% instead of 0%. If I try other planes without changing controller (Thrustmaster A- 10 HOTAS) settings throttle cut indicates 0% as usual. Hm, is the strange behaviour flying the Dora a bug or a feature? Horrido! Rango
  4. Got this crash back to desktop with same massage "Il-2.exe has stopped working"... several times when flying version 1.010 as well as version 1.0.11. But I can't believe it's a matter of RAM because I run 16GB RAM on my Mainboard (and 4GB VRAM on my Asus GTX 970). May be another reason?
  5. Concerning the Xmas-Update scheduled for next week: Dear Santa, I would like to get this skin for Bf109 showing a huge black eagle on the fuselage :-)
  6. Hallo an die deutsche Community! Bin zwar Founder, war aber längere Zeit nicht mehr in BOS unterwegs. Das Game ist jetzt wohl "fertig", aber gibt es irgendwo ein offizielles Manual, welches das Ganze Drum und Dran erklärt? Beispielsweise komme ich nicht mehr auf die BOS Multiplayer-Server. Ich habe zwar mitbekommen, dass man sich das erst offline freispielen muss, aber wie? Was muss man machen und mit welchen Flugzeugen? Etwa mit allen oder wird man mit einzelnen Typen (z.B. Fw 190) zum Multiplayer freigegeben? Blicke durch die Systematik nicht mehr durch! Das Forum ist zwar riesig geworden und hat Antworten auf tausend Detailfragen, aber ich habe leider noch keine Zusammenfassung hinsichtlich des grundsätzlichen Game-Setups für den Einsteiger/Wiedereinsteiger gefunden. Wäre Euch für ein paar entsprechende Hinweise wie ich am schnellsten wieder auf den Luftkampf-Multiplayer-Server komme wirklich dankbar. Horrido! Rango
  7. This huge smoke effects above Stalingrad are killing my frames. Normally I get an average of 45 frames (low above the city), now only 34 frames (flying through the smoke 27 for some seconds). May be showing this huge smoke randomly and only one or two columns of smoke at the same time would be a better idea. Instead of heavy smoke I would like to see trucks, tanks, ships (in spring/summer) and troops on the ground. So saving some graphical power for this stuff could be a good way to find a well balanced solution in the end of the development process. System: MSI Z77A-G41, Intel i5-3570 3.4 GHz, 8 GB RAM, Nvidia GTX 660 Ti 3GB GDDR5, Windows 7 64 Bit SP1
  8. The basic seat ist available here: http://www.speedmaster2.de/index_en.html (choose 'product' --> 'speedmaster flight') The costs are about 500,- to 600,- EURO (if not available in online shop, ask for personal offer by email). Rango
  9. Hi all I guess there are a lot of sim-pilots who built a special gear to enhance the flight simulation feeling. May be it's a fixed base system with a special seat (possibly with a selfmade cockpit?) or even a moving gear (up to a full-flight simulator system). Anyhow - if you use a special simulation gear I want you to make it public here. To contribute something to this topic by myself, here is my gear (even if it's only a modest affair): It's a Speedmaster Flightseat with some selfmade modifications: 1. additional mounting plate to get the monitor closer to the player 2. additional mounting rack to raise the Thrustmaster stick to a convenient position) Other used gaming devices: TrackIR 5, Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog, Saitek F-16 Pedals, Headset Sennheiser PC 323D Monitor: AOC 2795E (resolutuion 1920x1080) PC: MSI Z77A-G41, Intel i5-3570 3.4 GHz, 8GB RAM, Nvidia GTX 660 Ti 3GB GDDR5, Windows 7 64 Bit SP1 Okay, looking forward to see your posts to this topic. Rango
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