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  1. Having looked into it, it seems to me, that my IL-2.exe is completely missing??!! It's simply not in the "game" folder. Any way to restore it without having to do a complete reinstall?
  2. Yes ofc, but I was talking about the Kwk 39 of the Panzer III.
  3. Definitely. Fully functional periscopes are a must.
  4. TBH comparing head-on shots with chasing shots has so many other variables, that it's not really comparable. The main reason head-ons are devastating is, that you mainly present your cockpit and your engine block as a target, where with a chase shot, you mainly present your, mostly empty, rear fuselage. AFAIK the relative velocity between the projectile and the target is used when calculating damage, so closing speed would affect the energy of the projectile. The thing is, that the energy of the projectile doesn't really matter in many situations, especially when shooting at aircraft, because most non-explosive/AP rounds will just pass straight through. It only really matters in terms of penetration to defeat armor, and as such it does play a role for tank-busting aircraft like the IL-2 and the Ju 87G. The odd 3-400km/h is not suddenly gonna make your rounds penetrate Tiger front armor, but it can help a bit on the marginals.
  5. I woke up to more or less the same issue today. Launcher opens fine enough, but at the moment I press "PLAY" I am presented with this message: The launcher then closes down and the game does not launch.
  6. I personally really enjoy the new T-34, as I feel it captures the historical tank nearly perfectly. I'm very much a fan of the T-34, but if it was modeled without its historical weaknesses, it would just feel wrong. It is fast, but due to the clutch-and-brake steering, it really only is agile at lower speeds. Its armor, while well laid out, is only of middling thickness by 1943 standards - the sloping will make even heavier rounds bounce of you at long distance, but at point blank, a Kwk 39 will still kill you. The awkward shift between unbuttoned "commander's view" and gunner's position captures the very real struggle of manning a two-man turret, though as you point out the automatic traversd towards 12 when unbuttoned is annoying as hell and needs to go immediately. Yeah, fighting only Tigers is pretty awful, but that is a problem with the way MP is set up, and to a certain degree with the player base (seriously, if you won't play for Blue if you can't get in a Tiger, there is something wrong with you) But it has nothing to do with the modeling of either the Tiger or the T-34, both of which now seem very good to me.
  7. I really hope we will get a proper artillery gunsight and a binocular range finder. The manual specifically states something to the effect of "if you are at a range, where you can't aim with the coaxial MG, just make a guesstimate, fire the gun, observe where the shot lands, make correction based on visual, rinse and repeat."
  8. It's stuck in a ditch somewhere on the steppe with water in its transmission.
  9. Honestly, having that kind of fidelity would be awesome - for both sides obviously.
  10. La-5 has bar none the worst sight picture of the entire sim. The Yaks and the MiG are sorta ok, the reflector glass is just very small. The Bf 109 is great, but even better are the Bf 110 and Me 262.
  11. Actually, right now I can kinda see one advantage of the drums in multiplayer. Having them blow up rarely seems to do much damage, and when they go of with a big explosion, it might create a false positive effect, where your attacker thinks, you are out of the fight, when in fact you are pretty much fine, sorta like it can happen in the air with the large explosion of German 20mm Minengeschoss, which can also make it seem like your plane is stricken.
  12. Trust me: Having played around quite a bit with the new T-34, the effect of the dual roles of gunner/commander is already felt. Unlike the earlier semi-modeled T-34, it takes several seconds to move between unbuttoned and gunsight view. The poor ergonomics for the loader also results in lower rate of fire for the 76.2mm than for the much heavier 88mm in the Tiger. The superiority of German doctrine will not really be felt at least until we have some form of infantry that we can coordinate with. Also: I'm pretty sure we are getting a late long-barreled Panzer IV, which will be about of par with the T-34 and be able to hurt the KV-1S just fine. All things considered, the Germans will have two tanks, that are clearly superior to anything the Soviets have, Tiger I and Panther D (with surface-hardened armor and without reliability issues), one that is generally on par, Panzer IV, as well as the ultimate sniper in form of the Ferdinand, which will not have to deal with its two main achilles heels: Enemy infantry and poor reliability. I don't buy the premise, that Soviet equipment will be superior.
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