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  1. I gotta be honest raaaid, I never thought much of your work, but this might be your best attempt at a portrait yet. I actually really like the effects on the shoulders, chest and hair. I wish you'd applied it to the face as well. Your grasp on perspective when it comes to facial features still needs a lot of work, but I can see improvement from some of your earlier work. If drawing/painting gives you joy, please by all means keep it going. You are getting better.
  2. Haven't tried it online yet, but from what I can gather from the first few tries in QMB, using the Su-122 as a regular tank will just be an exercise in frustration. Because of the low muzzle velocity and high trajectory, you have to get your range estimate down to a tee or your shots will miss every single time, and the reload time simply doesn't allow for a second attempt. Once the HEAT connects it will generally hit the upper armor and thus be a one-shot-one-kill weapon against anything that moves. It is landing the shot that's the issue. I think the best use of the Su-122 is as an ambusher targeting a pre-sighted choke point like a bridge or a street corner, where you can count of your first shot landing. Also maybe to area bombard spawn- or rallying points. You could potentially lay down some seriously annoying barrages from afar, if you could get to a good elevated vantage point, but how deadly it would be, I don't know. However, the Su-122 is making me thirsty for an Su-85 (unfortunately the Kursk timeline doesn't quite allow for it) The low profile is great, and that part of the roof that lifts up to allow the commander a full 360 view is to die for - sorta like the raised commander's position on a Panther, where he's peeking out from underneath the raised hatch. Su-85 would be the perfect ambush predator.
  3. So more than 2½ years? Nah, that's too much.
  4. I would tend to agree, but you just know they're gonna up the ante on something else. I'm looking to summer/fall 2021 for the final release.
  5. Wheeee!!! Payday. I've finally got money in my bank account. Aaaaaaaaaand, they're gone.... Curse you, Great Batlles series!!!
  6. To be fair, I have seen plenty of human pilots do exactly that.
  7. Happy Thanksgiving. Plenty to be thankful for in the community these days 😁
  8. I always feel the need to point out one thing regarding the I-16: You need to be aware, that the Rata has THE SINGLE BEST power-to-weight ratio of any non-BoBP plane in the sim. It is incredibly powerful. This means that unless you are flying at near top speed, there is a good chance that the Rata will be able to catch you. It retains speed better in a turn, it accelerates faster and it climbs quite well too. And as you correctly state, once you are in the sights its 4 ShKAS pumping out 120 rounds per second will ensure, that at least a couple of those bullets hits something vital. Only advise I can give is: Stay fast at all cost and try to deny the Rata a shot at you.
  9. Holy crap!!!! I did NOT expect this today. This is beyond awesome. I can't believe the speed you guys are working at.
  10. Yeah, people who claim that it's 'unplayable' are definitely not trying very hard. The current system is far from ideal, but it is serviceable.
  11. As do these. Hurricane is a great fit for BoM and Yak-9 fits BoK and last part of BoS like a glove.
  12. Because the Eastern Front is the best setting for a combat flight sim. Really looking forward to both. Will they be worked into the existing career modes where appropriate?
  13. Could make for some interesting situations, with German fighters patrolling at low-medium altitude over the target to gun down the paras before they reach ground.
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