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  1. Finkeren

    A.I. in 3.008 patch

    Overall an improvement, but it’s still far too easy to bait especially 109s to give up a clear energy advantage. The AI still can’t fly the Fw 190 as a fighter, it just can’t. One really positive thing I noticed was, that in a situation where the AI forces an overshoot, and they don’t get to shoot back immediately, they will actually try to use this reversal to gain an energy advantage, where before they would just start turning into you.
  2. Finkeren

    AA effectiveness with 3.008

    Ok, just to make things perfectly clear: The damage dealt by AAA didn’t change in 3.008. The damage dealt by aircraft weapons didn’t change. What changed was the damage modeling of the aircraft themselves. Obviously this affects the results of damage by AAA just the same as aircraft-borne weapons.
  3. Finkeren

    AA effectiveness with 3.008

    Again, I’m afraid I don’t understand: Are you saying that based on your experience with 3.008 so far, that the damage from AAA is the same as before, different from before, or do you not have an oppinion formed and are you asking others what their experience is?
  4. Finkeren

    oxygen masks and goggles on and off - How?

    Honestly, it would be cool for like 10 minutes. Then it would just become a regular part of your pre-flight routine to put on the mask while still on the ground and then forget about it for the rest of the flight.
  5. Finkeren

    oxygen masks and goggles on and off - How?

    It does. Soviet pilots start using oxygen at lower altitude. I think it’s based on their pilot manuals.
  6. Finkeren

    New P-47 hipoxia

    When oxygen systems were first introduced (I think during BoM development) its supposed effects were described in some detail in either a DD or list of changes for an update. From memory it was something like reduced strength of the pilot leading to sluggish controls (similar to when wounded) followed by a gradual onset of blackout.
  7. Finkeren

    DD today?

    I really wanna see the Prokhorovka map from above.
  8. Finkeren

    How to takeoff in bombers??

    Yeah, that’ also an important point: With a full fuel load combined with some of the heavier bomb loads, some planes are actually overloaded (especially the He 111 which is only meant to cared the lightest bomb load with 100% fuel). They simply weren’t meant to carry those bombs for a long distance, and if you try, you might not be able to take off at all.
  9. Finkeren

    How to takeoff in bombers??

    Sounds to me like you are “pulling” the plane off the ground during lift off, instead of letting it “fly” off the runway on its own. That way you get caught in a situation, where you have to keep constant back pressure on the stick just to keep it in the air, this means you are constantly balancing on the edge of a stall at a very high angle of attack with your nose up in the air, but gaining neither altitude nor speed. Instead you need to get to a higher speed during the take off run. Drop a little flaps, rev up the engine(s) while holding down the brakes, so you start rolling at maximum thrust, release the brakes and get rolling, lift the tail as soon as possible, and once you are well beyond take off speed gently pull back on the stick, just a little, and let the plane fly itself off the ground. You’ll notice, that even though your nose is only pointed slightly upwards, you actually climb a lot faster, because your wings are generating more lift due to the higher airspeed even at a lower AoA. Hope this helps.
  10. Finkeren

    Dam Buster remake

    Also go and see “Go And See”, it is also excellent 😉
  11. Finkeren

    Should you ditch in water or go for land?

    Thing is, water is a strange medium to travel through. Because of its combination of properties (being fluid and at the same time having almost zero compressability) the velocity and angle at which you hit the water is absolutely critical Hit it too fast or too steep, you might as well have landed on solid rock for the initial impact, then your nose will dig in and flip the plane on its back, come in at minimum speed and a very shallow angle, it will slow you down to a quick but gentle stop. If you actually want or have to land on water, you should make sure, that you are going as slow as possible at minimum rate of descent, ideally you should hit the water in a three point landing attitude, with your nose raised high, so the tail hits the water first. that way you avoid the nose digging in. In game I would never advise landing on water, both because of the game mechanics where water is a death sentence (surely to be rectified, if we are going to the Pacific at some point) but also because the planes sink far, far too fast. In reality the density of an aircraft is very low (lower than many boats), and they will float beautifully for quite a while, before they take in enough water. Large aircraft have remained buoyant for hours, even days, after landing on water.
  12. Finkeren

    Cold start for career mode?

    Thing is: In most circumstances the engine would not be started on the runway (the exception being late in the war when the Luftwaffe was so ridiculously short on fuel, that they had to push planes out onto the runway) Often times, pilots wouldn’t even be involved in starting up the engine getting the temperature up. That was the job for the ground crew. The pilot would only get in the cockpit once the engine was running smoothly and the plane was ready for taxi. Arguably the most correct way to start a mission would be with engine running and heated in a parked position so you’d have to taxi to the runway. But as Luke said: Too many issues with AI and player taxiing together for that to be viable in career.
  13. Finkeren

    The cat just cost me £50...

    You could also look at it this way: You paid a 1000$ for a certifiable healthy cat, where you might have paid 1000$ for a dying cat.
  14. Finkeren

    The cat just cost me £50...

    Sorry for the loss of your Track Clip Pro... ...and your cat, I presume.
  15. Finkeren

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

    I’m thankful that despite our best efforts we have gone well over 70 years now without another World War. All things considered, it could have been a lot worse. A happy and peaceful thanksgiving to all.