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  1. Finkeren

    DD today?

    Not half as bad as it used to be. The MiG is awesome, and I say that not just as a fangirl, it is really super fun and quite capable, while still feeling rewarding to fly.
  2. Finkeren

    Lagg-3 engine

    Rpm drop is more due to the pitch range of the constant speed prop being insufficient for extreme situations than the engine being “weak” (the engine is exactly the same as on the 3 different Yak fighters, I think even the supercharger is identical) You can also experience a sudden drop in engine power due to fuel starvation, when flying inverted for more than a few seconds. Even though the carbuerator is constructed to prevent cutout under negative-G maneuvers, it is still gravity fed and will be starved in inverted flight.
  3. Finkeren

    Yak-7b engine dies during takeoff run??

    The Yak-7b is indeed far more prone to prop strikes during take off on account of it being closer to the ground. Once you correct for it, it is no issue.
  4. Finkeren

    Il2 bos campaign - no opposing aircraft

    I wish that was the way my careers went. I’m tired of encountering opposition on virtually every single mission (except for ground cover missions, but we know those are bugged)
  5. Finkeren

    so rick and morty anyone?

    While we are on the topic of cartoons: People who haven’t yet watched Over The Garden Wall need to do so ASAP. I put it off for way too long, even though I knew, that it was likely brilliant. It’s not every day that you see a cartoon miniseries for children that tackles the subject of death in such a beautiful allegorical way. I almost can’t believe that such a rare gem emerged from, of all things, Cartoon Network.
  6. Finkeren

    Totally lost the plot

    Because of this thread I actually started watching GLOW last night with the missus. Two episodes in I really like it so far. It’s not really something you’ve seen before, and it touches upon some very interesting themes and topics. Most interesting so far is the issue of our main girl being type cast as the villain both in the wrestling show and in her personal life.
  7. Finkeren

    No Cockpit?

    I would take the lack of Wonder Woman-view as a blessing. More than almost anything else it will teach you horrible habits in dogfighting. You will rely on taking shots that you can never pull off with cockpit on and you will grow acustomed to looking through the bottom of your aircraft when trying to stay on top of the fight.
  8. The weight of an aircraft can’t really put more “strain” on the engine in any way.
  9. Finkeren

    The use of symbols from WW2

    Yep, has been posted. Most likely won’t change anything. Can we please move on from this topic already? Us discussing swastikas to no end is not going to change anything.
  10. Finkeren

    Why do I still have to deal with this?

    As I said, I understand the sentiment and agree with the proposed delay on first take off. What I was trying to get across was, that even if you think it’s annoying, it does not break the game in the way the OP seems to suggest.
  11. Finkeren

    Why do I still have to deal with this?

    I get your point, and your suggestion is pretty reasonable, but I think you are being overly dramatic about the impact this has on gameplay. I never have trouble rushing through my preflight settings, which at most amounts to 1. Mixture: auto rich 2. RPM: Max or take off power 3. Rudder and elevator trim 4. Radiators open (close the inlet flaps on A-20) 5. Release flaps This can be done in a handful of seconds (except in some cases for flaps, but those can be set while you are rolling) Even if you start as no. 2, you are not going to get left behind. That being said, I actually agree with your proposition.
  12. Finkeren

    DD today?

    Well, there are still all the early Emils, and of we ever dip into SCW-territory the Bs and Cs as well.
  13. Having different regional versions of the game is a problem in itself. It doesn’t matter how insignificant the differences are. It is still a logistical problem. An extremely small issue such as having full swastikas on German aircraft is simply not worth the hassle.
  14. That is not a solution. That’s a recipe for disaster. One of the main reasons that this game runs so smoothly is, that there exists one version of it and only one.
  15. Finkeren

    DD today?

    This got me thinking: I can’t wait to see Arianne Scharfi’s “Ace in a flight” video with the Po-2. You know she’s gonna do it.