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  1. Could make for some interesting situations, with German fighters patrolling at low-medium altitude over the target to gun down the paras before they reach ground.
  2. I mainly play SP and as I said, I love the new G-loc system. Regardless if I fight AI or other players I would like to fly my plane within the limits that actually applied in WW2 (or as close an approximation as we can get) Without the new system, planes like the Spit, and to a certain degree the Yaks, were able to pull sustained Gs beyond what would be tolerable for a human pilot, giving those planes a huge advantage that wasn't quite as large IRL.
  3. My opinion: It's great, and if the Spits seem unplayable to you now, it's because you've been used to flying them in ways that would've killed a man.
  4. Yeah the turbo is completely automated in the P-38. It's part of what makes it such a joy to fly. It's easy to forget, but the P-38 was one of the most technologically sophisticated piston-engine fighters of WW2. Which is also part of the reason why its use became more limited towards the end of the war. It was far more expensive to produce and operate than either the P-47 or the P-51.
  5. Damn. Well, we can't have everything, I suppose.
  6. Oooh interesting news. About the optimization of clouds: Does this mean, that you have found a way to fix the issue with jagged edges around objects when viewed up against clouds? If so, that would be a MAJOR achievement. The tanks look super nice - with and without skin. Can't wait to smoke a few of those big cats with a 122mm howitzer.
  7. Excellent and very simple recommendations. Flying the K4 against the late war allied fighters is all about stubbornly holding on to your advantage in any given situation.
  8. Tempest for the gaming experience, IRL I'd probably rather fly the P-51. I don't really like high altitude combat and down low there is just nothing that beats the Tempest. The awesome firepower, easy handling and wonderful gun sight just makes it a pure winner. I particularly like how effective the rudder is compared to other fighters. The only real problem with the Tempest is, that it is so powerful that it's very easy to get into situations, where you really can't maneuver much without blacking out.
  9. It does but the experience of actually sitting in a light, open cockpit plane is different than sitting behind a computer screen. You can sort of "feel" the engine running in a way that you can't experience on a PC.
  10. Problem is, that this would be massively exploitable in MP. Putting your own engine on mute was one of the most common exploits in the old Il2.
  11. Have you ever flown in an open cockpit? I have, and I tell you: The noise is deafening.
  12. Building the tank turrets on the same controls as the aircraft turrets was a mistake from the start IMHO, and even the true turrets on aircraft should have had a two-axis controls sceme as default with only free-mounted guns having mouse control, but be that as it may. What we have now is on its way to becoming a true tank sim, and we need controls that reflect the actual controls of a tank turret better (Ideally we'd all be sitting and turning two separate cranks, but two axis is the best approximation)
  13. Did I hear that right? You guys are actually considering more GPW titlens? YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! 🕺
  14. I don't even get why it's hard. One axis for elevation and one for traverse. It's so simple you gotta wonder, how they could screw it up. Once that was in place, you could work on a mouse-aim system for those who didn't have a joystick. Why on Earth did they do it the other way around?
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