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  1. Very often when i am at the start/briefing menu of a server (mostly Combat Box or Wings of Liberty) and then want to spawn my plane by pressing "Start", i see the circling symbol for a few seconds, then the "Start"-button is green again and nothig happens. At that time the briefing screen is partly functional (I can see the chat, can move the map or see the mission description), but as soon as i press "Start" again (or "Leave Server") all i see is the circling symbol forever or the game just freezes. The first times i waited, but nothing happend. I have to shut down the game by the task manager. This happens ONLY in Multiplayer. I tried repair the game via steam, every time it downloads 1 file. Dont´t know if that means anything. But the problem comes back, not every time, but very often. Thanks for any tips...
  2. Hi, now that the servers of RoF are quite empty (for casual players like me), i was full of hope that as soon as the new (old) planes are available in BoS Flying Circus, the people would move to there with new enthusiasm. I know there is the Sunday evening event (and Friday evening as well), and thats great. But the J5 Flugpark server is open all the other time too, but i have never seen anyone there, the server is always empty, and it seems to be the only one for Flying Circus at the moment. Is there a reason or really so little interest?
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