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  1. I've attached my elite Voice Attack profile as it has some simple use of setting and checking small integers and keybinds which you may find useful. It helps with the voice pack I use to give me different responses depending on the state of the integer/feature (eg deploying landing gear/raising landing gear, lights on/lights off) When I start the game I issue a reset command that sets everything to 1 or 0 depending on the feature (eg gear up/down, lights on/off) then set and check the integer on each command to give me different responses. EDIT: Here's screenshot to better explain what I'm doing. In this case I am wanting to raise my landing gear but only if it is already down. Command: Raise Gear First I check if the LandingGear integer value is 1 (ie down) If it is then I execute the landing gear keybind Play the sound from the Voice Pack saying Raising gear Set the LandingGear integer value to 0 (up) Exit I set keybinds so I can use them in multiple commands, just helps keep it all neat and tidy. I also set up random acknowledgements so the voice pack doesn't always reply with the same wav. Elite - Heds-Profile.zip
  2. I watched Guy Martin's Spitfire on All 4 at the weekend then immediately bought BOK. Sucker for a Spitfire ;-)
  3. I spent a while last night setting up Voice Attack for game options like pause, menu up/down, enter/exit, cockpit view, external view, enemy view and start/stop track record and bail out. The rest (aircraft controls) I am mapping on to my stick and throttle.
  4. I struggle taking off in the 109 and end up, 90% of the time, spinning round in circles. If I practice it gets better and I can take off but if I don't play for a while then I'm back to pretending to be a spinning top. I know I just need to work on the locked tail wheel, toe brakes and rudder.
  5. My thoughts are wow. VR is a game changer. I can now hit things whereas before I was constantly missing. IL2 in VR is a totally different experience and like others have said, I will never be able to go back to a monitor again. It's also making me fly without he HUD which is a good thing and I'm enjoying using the dials. Even simple things are totz amazing, like leaning forward and looking through the flare tube, watching the 109 stabalizer wheel turn, buttons going in. Hell, just starting an engine is fun to watch. Love it It's taking some tweaking to get the settings right. Also I have had to send my 1070 back as it was faulty so I am back on my old 970 but I have managed to OC my i5-6600 up to 4.5 and sped up my Ram so hoping that when the card comes back the whole PC will be faster. And I'm also having a blast in Lucky's Tale ;-)
  6. Bit of a random thought but in Elite Dangerous (pre VR) I used a DMX controller which with a small app, reads the output of the ED log file and then changes an LED light/s according the rules you set up in the config. Ie, when hit it would go white, if under a certain % of shield it would go red, docking granted, it would go green etc. Really helped immersion. Obv no use in VR though. Last night in IL2 as I got bullet holes in my cockpit yet again, I thought how amazing it would be to be able to control a fan via DMX. Imagine opening the canopy or getting shot and having bullet holes in the canopy and the wind started howling in your face. Anyway. Totally random thought and would be a lot of work if at all possible but OMG, I'd probably wet myself ;-) Here's the link to the ED forum explaining the tech with a video to demonstrate. https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php/291415-Elite-DMX-Light-and-Effects-Control
  7. I'm here because: 1) It's cold and wet outside and I'm not riding my bike 4-5 evenings a week 2) The sale 3) VR IL2 BOX has been on my radar for about 6 months after I heard about it on the ED forums but I didn't buy it until I saw it on the Steam Sale. Bought BOS on Steam, then bought BOM & campaigns directly from the IL2 website. Then my Rift arrived the other day and now I spend my time with my jaw hanging open.
  8. I hadn't thought about the monitors. Right now I'm struggling to get them all detected without using VR and just a normal 2D desktop. Worked fine with my 960 card but this 1070 has been no end of trouble. Not sure if it is hardware or drivers. Might stick my 960 back in with the same driver and see what happens. If it works, I suppose it's the card. So in VR, should I turn them off or unplug them?
  9. Thanks everyone. @katdog5: I ran through your settings and that made a huge difference. @coconut: I already had the map off but I have now mapped it and the ID to joystick buttons. @TG-55Panthercules: Thanks, will lower it a bit tomorrow and see how I fare @CptJackSparrow: That's good to know, thanks. I will OC my CPU soon but I'm struggling with the card recognising my monitors reliably so there are lots of reboots, slow reboots and boots with no monitors at all so I'm loathed to add something else to the mix until I can reliably get all 3 monitors coming on. In other news. This game is insanely good in VR. I just spent ages moving my head closer to the bullet holes in the canopy and looking out of the flare tube. Ok it's harder to identify targets but it is so much easier to hit them. I've gone from taking multiple passes to decently hit an HE 111 to hitting two in one pass tonight and downing all 3 in my quick mission. Loving it.
  10. Hi, Firstly, despite my low FPS, IL2 is freaking awesome in VR. Jaw droppingly fun and my kill ratio has shot up (not difficult as I was dreadful) but... The low FPS. I've got the following: i5-6600K Win 10 8Gb DDR 4 Ram GTX 1070 but I'm only getting about 40-60 FPS in my Rift. I have done the following: BIOS XMP enabled Windows Enable "Maximum Performance" in Window's energy settings. Go into advanced settings, disable "Allow selective USB suspend". Checked energy setting on USB controllers Ingame Preset High. HDR off. SSAO off. Sharpen off. AA to 0x. Mirror to simple or one step higher. Shadows High. Terrain Detail 4x. Target FPS off. Fullscreen off Steam: Steam SS to 3.2 (this replaces ingame AA and Sharpen!) Advanced SuperSample Filtering off (removes blur and allows better IDing) Tracking space: Sit/standing place (smallest). I know I'm limited by the CPU but I was hoping for slightly more than what I'm getting. And if I have missed an obvious post on what to do, please feel free to point out my error... Thanks.
  11. Fired IL2 up last night after a couple of days playing Robot Recall and wow. Need to change a lot of config as it was running slowly, I've got a list from another thread and will run through that first before coming back here if I need to.
  12. Amazon have matched the Oculus price and they are available right now. Just bought mine. See you in the skies on Monday!
  13. Hi, I'm in the process of thinking about purchasing an Oculus Rift to play Elite Dangerous & IL2 BOS and while trawling the net for information, noticed that there is no mention of the game in Wikipedia on the Oculus Rift page and also the List of games with Oculus Rift support page. Might be worth someone adding it. Not sure if ILS BOS is a AAA game but it could def be added under the indie games. Sorry if this has been brought up before. I did search the forum for the subject but couldn't find any mention.
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