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  1. Nope,wasn´t aware that one existed....ah well
  2. Perfect camouflage for the Russian white plains
  3. 100% historical......well,maybe not on the FW 190
  4. Get this one,its free and easy to make skins with. http://www.techspot.com/downloads/3689-adobe-photoshop-cs2.html Then download and install nvidia texture tool so you can save as dds. https://developer.nvidia.com/nvidia-texture-tools-adobe-photoshop Loosely tutorial. Open the psd , paint in the appropriate layers and save it as psd. When you want to check it out in the skinvviewer just go to layers and then flatten image. Then save as 109myskin as an example, choose D3D/DDS and then you choose DXT5 and hit save. Now you just put the dds file into the right skinfolder ,open skinviewer up and check out your masterpiece.
  5. Wouldn´t say kick ass but It´s my first for BOS
  6. "Unlike the Messerschmitt fighter, it had a single-piece sliding canopy, giving a first class all-around view from the cockpit, while the slightly nose-down level-flight attitude gave a good view forward. The seat was semireclining, with a high heel-line which gave the pilot good g-resistance." - Mike Spick page 96 "Luftwaffe Fighter Aces"
  7. Same key as the bombs. Combined for the moment I guess.
  8. I have a C2D E6850 3Ghz with 4 gig ram and a Nvidia 260 gtx. I run BOS on balanced settings in 1920*1080 and getting from lower 20-30 fps in cockpit view,30-49 outside view,but as this is a sim, the cockpit view fps matter more I guess ;-) I do get higher fps in ROF, like 30-40 cockpit view. I do need to get me a new computer ASAP. Six years old now and it getting quite long in the tooth :-)
  9. Seen it since day one,although I do have an old graphic card (GTX 260) But as said,it´s in the cockpit I see it.
  10. So,next week I do not have to make my own ratatatatatata sound Lovely!
  11. Wishing this goes very well,cause I want a P47 in the future
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